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March 7/00 9:25 am - Canadians in Visalia, Saturn USPro Schedule

Posted by Editor on 03/7/00

Sequoia Classic, California

We finally have results for the Rocky Hill road race (March 4) and Visalia criterium (March 5).

Men's Road Race

1 Horner, Chris Mercury
2 Moninger, Scott Mercury
3 Bratkowski, Jan Mercury
4 Fraser, Gord Mercury
5 Dionne, Charles Canada

6 Peters, Scott Mercury
7 Miller, Graeme Shaklee
8 Guay, Ryan 7 Up Colorado Cyclist
9 Pic, Chris Zaxbys Cycling Team
10 Monohan, Kevin 7 Up Colorado Cyclist

12 Faulkner, Nat Kissena
13 Barry, Michael Saturn
14 Beauchamp, Sylvain Shaklee
16 Lukaszewicz, Czeslaw Wustenrot-ZVVZ
19 Randell, Andrew Jet Fuel
28 Anand, Matt Wustenrot-ZVVZ
31 Wohlberg, Eric Shaklee
40 Walton, Brian Saturn
52 Wedge, Peter Shaklee
65 Hlady, Mark Alto Velo
69 Keefer, Jesse Nutri Fig

Women's Road Race

1 Reinhart, Nicole Saturn
2 Ferguson, Cynthia Alto Velo
3 Mayolo, Tina
4 Chapman, Annelie Team Jane Cosmetics
5 Bessette, Lyne Saturn
6 Schuster, Pamela
7 Berger, Katrina Harbour Lights/Velo Motion
8 Peters, Stacey
9 Van Gilder, Laura Charles Schwab
10 Hall, Gina Sycip

11 St. Jacques, Sophie Elita
20 Dorion, Melanie Elita
27 Hughes, Clara Saturn
30 Hobson, Leigh Charles Schwab
29 DiGuistini, Cybil Elita

Men's Criterium

1 Fraser, Gord Mercury
2 Cruz Antonio Saturn
3 McCormack, Mark Saturn
4 Horner, Chris Mercury
5 Klasna, Trent Saturn
6 Dionne, Charles Canada
7 Bowen, Bart Saturn
8 Barry, Michael Saturn
9 Monohan, Kevin Up Colorado Cyclist
10 Frischkorn, Will Mercury

42 Wedge, Peter Shaklee

Women's Criterium

1 Dunne, Karen Elita
2 Reinhart, Nicole Saturn
3 Eyerman, Jennifer Team Jane Cosmetics
4 Mayolo, Tina
5 Spore, Caren Davis Bike Club
6 Van Gilder, Laura Charles Schwab
7 Ferguson, Cynthia Alto Velo
8 Calle, Maria Louisa National Team Columbia
9 Cole, Heather Procter & Gamble
10 Marshall, Suzie Los Gatos Cienna

16 Hobson, Leigh Charles Schwab
19 Hughes, Clara Saturn
23 Goldstein, Leah
37 Bessette, Lyne Saturn
42 Dorian, Melanie Elita
43 Di Gustini, Cybil Elita

2000 Saturn USPro Cycling Tour Schedule

March 7-12 Redlands Bicycle Classic Redlands, Calif.
April 8 BMC Software Downtown Criterium Austin, Texas
April 29 Xcelerate Twilight Criterium Athens, Ga.
May 14 BMC Software Tour of Houston **Houston, Texas
May 18 Tour LeFleur Nat'l Time Trial Champ. Jackson, Miss.
May 28 U.S. Postal Service Clarendon Cup Arlington, Va.
May 30 First Union Invitational* Lancaster, Pa.
May 31 First Union Wilmington Classic* Wilmington, Del.
June 1 First Union Classic* Trenton, N.J.
June 4 First Union USPRO Championship (men) Philadelphia, Pa.
June 4 First Union Liberty Classic (women) Philadelphia, Pa.
June 24 BMC Software Tour*** Northern, California
June 29 - July 2 Fitchburg Longsjo Classic Fitchburg, Mass.
July 7-9 Dayton Pro/Am Cycling Series*** Dayton, Ohio
July 15 Zinger Bicycle Race **Boulder-Breckenridge, Colo.
July 25-30 Wendy's International Cycling Classic Columbus, Ohio
August 27 Chris Thater Memorial Binghamton, N.Y.
Sept. 17 BMC Software Tour of Boston*** Boston, Mass.

*men only
***new event on tour


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