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January 13/12 18:35 pm - Cyclocross Masters World Championships: Day Two results

Posted by Editoress on 01/13/12

UCI Cyclocross Masters World Championships Day Two in Louisville, Kentucky

First 2012 Masters World Championship Won by Belgium's Sven Van Eyndt

The rain and mud gave way to snow, wind and frozen ruts today at the UCI Cyclocross Masters World Championships powered by Exergy.

The morning featured the final seeding heats prior to the start of Championship racing.  In the Men's 35-30 Race Grant Berry won heat one and Scott Frederick won heat 2.  Randall Root won heat one of the men's 55-59 race while Jeff Townsend took Heat took heat two.  They will contest their final races later this weekend.

Championship racing began when the 30-34 men kicked off the first race for the Rainbow Jersey.   In a race complicated by frozen muddy ruts, wind and frigid temperatures, Belgian Sven Van Eyndt took the hole shot and was never far off the front of the field for the duration of the race.   Behind him Americans Thomas Turner fought valiantly for the silver medal while Andy Reardon fought off a hard charging Spanish rider, Jose Dominguez to hold on to the Bronze medal.   All three riders top were plagued by mechanicals and crashes. 

On the last lap Van Eyndt accelerated away from Turner and opened up a 6 second gap that the American could not close down.  Behind Turner the battle for the final podium spot was heating up.   Reardon, who turned in the three fasted lap times of the day, had found himself on the front of the race before crashing and dropping 20 spots.  After riding back up through the field Reardon was caught by Dominguez.  The Spaniard went down in the sand and Reardon rode away clean to claim the final step on the podium.

Racing resumes Saturday morning at 9:30am when the women make their first appearance of this World Championships as the 30-34 age group kick off the day's competitions. 

Saturday night there will be an evening podium ceremony and party at 4th Street Live! beginning at 7pm in the street in front of the Sport & Social Club.  All medals and Rainbow Jerseys that have been won through close of racing on Saturday will be awarded then.  The medal ceremonies will be followed by a party hosted by SRAM in the Sport & Social Club.

Full Results

Men 30-34 Final, 15.5km
1 Sven Van Eyndt (Bel) Independant 0:45:35
2 Thomas Turner (USA) Jamis Factory Team at 0:03
3 Andrew Reardon (USA) Bob'S Red Mill Cyclocross 0:31
4 Jose Dominguez (Esp) Independant 1:05
5 Stephen Cummings (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes 20/20 1:09
6 Andy Waterman (GBr) Vicious Velo 1:27
7 Michael Hemme (USA) Chicago.Cx 1:56
8 Michael Mihalik (USA) Freddie Fu Cycling Team 2:00
9 Christopher Larsen (USA) Industry Nine/Youngblood Bicycles 2:38
10 Doug Schuler (USA) Boulder Cycle Sport / Apikol 3:13
11 Joshua Prater (USA) Speedway Wheelmen 3:31
12 Andrew Coe (USA) Ethos Racing 3:52
13 Micheal Jernigan (USA) Justin'S Nut Butters 5:46
14 Christopher Fisher (USA) Crossniacs 6:46
15 Stefan Rothe (Ger) Austin Bikes 6:56
16 John Eisinger (USA) Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team 7:18
17 Adam Rodkey (USA) Speedway Wheelmen 7:44
18 Marten Beels (USA) Lamprey Systems 7:49
19 Tom Burke (USA) Specialized Michigan 8:09
20 Scott Peipert (USA) Team Seagal 9:14
21 Ryan Gamm (USA) Revolution 10:21
22 Jason Monk (USA) Main Street Velo 10:56
23 Andrew Hager (USA) Industry Nine / Highland Brewing -1 Lap
24 Eric White (USA) Chainheat Cycling Studio -1 Lap
25 Tim Collins (USA) Queen City Wheels - 2 Laps
26 Richard Bate (USA) Joe'S Cycles/Cardinal Bicycle Co. - 2 Laps
27 Justin Sheppard (USA) Bicycles Outback - 3 Laps
28 Joshua D. Schuler (USA) Guitar Lab - 3 Laps
DNF Brad Cole (USA) Kccx/Fuji P/B Challenge Tires
Men 35-39, 6.2km
Heat 1
1 Grant Berry (USA) Cycleution/Stevens Bikes 0:20:59
2 Aaron Bouplon (USA) Rocky Mounts / Izze at 0:57
3 Paul Bonds (USA) OKC Velo Club 1:06
4 Travis Donn (USA) Ethos Racing 1:16
5 Eric Anderson (USA) Nuvo/Cultural Trail 1:24
6 Justin Robinson (USA) California Giant/Specialized 2:02
7 Christopher Case (USA) Feedback Sports 2:24
8 Peter Mogg (Can) Stevens Racing 2:30
9 Craig Faulkner (USA) Crossniacs 2:43
10 Joshua Roeser (USA) Crossniacs/Bicycle Fit Guru 2:51
11 Brad Hunter (Can) Lapierre Canada 3:15
12 Matthew Morrison (USA) South Mountain Cycles 3:43
13 Donald Galligher (USA) Drt Consulting 4:13
14 Christopher Harshman (USA) Sportif Coaching Group/Bpb 4:55
15 Daniel Rapp (USA) Fast Forward Racing /Myfam 5:05
16 Rolando Roman (USA) Austinbikes Cyclocross Team 6:12
17 Joshua Stevens (USA) Garneau Custom 6:39
18 William T. Holland (USA) Atlantic Velo 7:10
19 James Billiter (USA) Biowheels/Reece-Campbell Racing 8:05
20 Rick Mellendick (USA) JBV Coaching 9:02
21 Gregory Ahnert (USA) Lamprey Systems 11:17
22 Fred Mitchell (USA) Cycletherapy 12:44
23 Christopher Garges (USA) Lamprey Systems -1 Lap
24 Scott Henry (USA) Hammerheadbikes.Com / State Wheels -1 Lap
DNS Timothy Cook (USA) Tbi/Drt
DNS Christopher Jensen (USA) Robots
DNS Jason Scislowicz (USA) Apex Auto Works Presented By Trek
DNS David Sheek (USA) Sdg/Felt P.B. Irt
DNS Andrew Weir (USA) Two Wheel Tango
DNS Regan Pringle (Can) Pro City Racing
Heat 2
1 Scott Frederick (USA) Inland Construction 0:21:16
2 Andrew Messer (USA) Drt Racing Pb Revolution Bike & Bean at 0:07
3 Ryan Padilla (USA) Van Dessel 0:10
4 Gary Yates (USA) Cartecay Bike Shop, Ellijay Georgia 1:44
5 Todd Schoeni (USA) Pro Bikes 2:32
6 Garren Watkins (USA) Independant s.t.
7 Michael Gallagher (USA) Corsa Concepts / Ira Ryan 2:56
8 Ian Moore (USA) Bicycles Outback 3:02
9 Taylor Carrington (USA) Turin Bicycles - Cts 3:06
10 Darryn Biggerstaff (USA) Unattached 3:15
11 James Harmon (USA) Benidorm/Createx 3:34
12 Joshua Whitmore (USA) Globalbike Presented By Catoma AdventurUe 4:02
13 Marco Antonio Prieto (Esp) Spain 4:11
14 Ben Bostrom (USA) Sho-Air/Specia;Ized 4:19
15 Joshua Johnson (USA) Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing Team 4:38
16 Matthew Davidson (USA) Mich Ultra Big Shark Racing 5:47
17 Ryan Bosio (USA) Marx-Bensdorf Cycling Team 6:22
18 Jeffrey Schlaudecker (USA) Queen City Wheels 7:10
19 Josh Holland (USA) Independant 10:50
20 William Sorg (USA) Drt Consulting/ Drt Racing 12:07
21 Doug Carraway (USA) Team Six One Four -1 Lap
DNS Ronald Bridal (USA) Wheelfast
DNS Chad Dean (USA) 5Nines Cycling Team
DNS Daniel Larino (USA) Pete'S Bike/Century Road Club Of AmericaUSA
DNS Jay Moncel (USA) Wolverine/Acfstores.Com
DNS Kervin Quinones (USA) Velonews/Rotor Bike Components
DNS Jesse Rients (USA) Kuhl/Bicycle Fit Guru/Penn Cycle
DNS Hayes Sanborn (USA) Spidermonkey Cycling
DNS Oliver Vrambout (USA) The Bikery Du Nord
Men 55-59, 6,2 km
Heat 1
1 Randall Root (USA) Evolution Cycling Club P/B Long & Foster 0:25:05
2 Henry Kramer (USA) Cal Giant Strawberry at 0:18
3 Jim Gentes (USA) Giro 1:24
4 Rudy Sroka (USA) Lake Effect Racing 2:03
5 Glen Jones (USA) Brazen Dropouts 2:11
6 Barry Doubleday (USA) Cycle Lodge 2:30
7 Anthony (Tony) Bilotta (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team 3:02
8 Joel Roth (USA) Team Tati 3:57
9 Jerry White (USA) Blue Steel Cyclery 4:40
10 Steven Kane (USA) East End Cycling Team/Kreb Cycle 4:57
11 Kevin Breckenmaker (USA) Era Cycling 5:15
12 Steven Vorderman (USA) Drt Racing 5:51
13 Randy Shields (USA) Carolina Masters 7:06
14 Geoffrey Chandler (USA) Mission Berry Farms Cycling 7:11
15 Colin Kernan (USA) Cycle Lodge 9:09
16 Chris Black (USA) Morgan Stanley/Specialized 9:40
17 Jeff Tripp (USA) Blue Steel Cyclery 10:30
18 David Conrad (USA) Localcycling.Com 11:38
19 Thomas Wilson (USA) Independant 13:32
20 Bill Ratcliff (USA) Independant -1 Lap
21 Chris Canfield (USA) Blue Sky Velo -1 Lap
DNS Corvin Alstot (USA) Toyota / Cycling Team P/B Gcca
DNS Richard Bauch (USA) Colavita Racing, Inc.
Heat 2
1 Jeff Townsend (USA) Plus 3 Network 0:24:14
2 Norman Kreiss (USA) Cal Giant Berry at 0:23
3 Ned Overend (USA) Specialized 0:28
4 Jeffrey Craft (USA) Lake Effect Racing 1:17
5 Benny Andersson (Swe) Trek Sweden Racing 1:23
6 George Smith (USA) Webcor/Alto Velo 1:56
7 Robin Kinney (USA) Pure Energy Pro Air Hfa 2:01
8 Robert Downs (USA) Planet Bike 2:51
9 Arthur White (USA) Team Campmor 3:04
10 Brad Demott (USA) Gray Goat Sports 4:49
11 Peter Crowley (USA) Ncc/Northampton Cycle Club 5:12
12 David Goodwin (USA) Northampton Cycling Club 5:22
13 Andrew Ammon (USA) Carolina Masters Cycling 5:48
14 Robert Willcox (USA) Uc Cyclery/Jw Flooring 6:14
15 Mark Wolowiec (USA) Flying Rhino Cycling Club 6:16
16 Steve Noble (USA) Infinity Bike Of Melbourne, Fl 6:34
17 Joseph King (USA) Brazen Dropouts 6:41
18 John Reimbold (USA) Heckawee 9:20
19 Ron Swenson (USA) Independant 10:55
20 Richard Mauney (USA) Toyota Forklifts - Ffcc Masters 11:47
21 Doug Hamilton (USA) Biowheels/Reece-Campbell Racing 12:01
22 James White (USA) C.E./Idaho Kidney Institute -1 Lap
DNS Perry Seltz (USA) Team Headstrong



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