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February 12/12 9:41 am - Para-Cycling Track World Championships: Day Three results, photos and report, Third Medal for Canada

Posted by Editoress on 02/12/12

Third Medal for Canada at Para Track Worlds

Canada’s Marie-Claude Molnar, of Sainte-Adèle, Quebec, claimed the bronze medal in the 3000 metre Individual Pursuit on Saturday at the 2012 UCI Para-cycling Track World Championships in Los Angeles, her second medal of the event.

Molnar, who set the current World Record (4:05.403) in the Individual Pursuit while competing at the 2011 Parapan-American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, posted the third fastest time of 4:16.448 in the opening qualification round to advance in the bronze medal round, where she faced Jianping Ruan of China, gold medallist and World champion in the 500 metre TT earlier this week.



Marie-Claude Molnar - Photo Casey Gibson


In the bronze medal race, Molnar opted for a steady pace, while the Chinese rocketed out of the start gate almost catching Molnar in the first two laps. But Molnar hung on, and continued to execute her race plan. The Chinese suddenly lost her steam, running out of energy. Molnar took the opportunity of her opponent slowing down, and a few laps later, with five laps to go in the 12-lap race, she reached her opponent and ended the race to capture the bronze.

“I stayed calm. I knew the Chinese girl would jet off right from the block. It was very clear before the race what was to be done, what might happen. I was always in control, and it was a good race,” said Molnar, minutes after stepping off the podium with her medal around her neck.

“Mission accomplished. I got a beautiful bronze medal in the 500m Time Trial race. With the new Cervélo T3 bike and the new Giro helmet, I was able to make a time very close to the one I had done in Guadalajara, Mexico [in altitude], which was my personal best time. Comparing last year's Worlds to this year, I was able to reduce my time in the individual pursuit by eight seconds.”

“To sum up, it was a good race, with good preparations, good equipment, excellent coaches, and a great support team.”



Brayden McDougall - photo Casey Gibson


In the Men’s C1 1000m Time Trial, Calgary’s Brayden McDougall posted the fourth fastest time of the group, narrowly missing the podium with a time of 1:22.844. McDougall managed to lower his time from last year, where he also finished fourth. Jaye Milley, also of Calgary, rode to the eighth place in a race in which he won the bronze medal last season.

In the C4 category, Eric Bourgault of Orford, Quebec, placed 12th with a time of 1:15.484, while Matthieu Parent of Bromont, Quebec was 13th in the C2 category (1:24.652).

The third medal won by Canada at the 2012 UCI Para-cycling Track World Championships surpasses the total of two medals won last year at this same event.

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Photo gallery


Morning Session
Women's C4 3km Pursuit
1 Alexandra Green (Australia) 4:10.331
2 Susan Powell (Australia) 4:14.885
3 Marie-Claude Molnar (Canada) 4:16.448
4 Jianping Ruan (China) 4:26.172
5 Roxy Burns (South Africa) 4:43.324
Women's C5 3km Pursuit
1 Sarah Storey (Bailey) (Great Britain) 3:40.118
2 Greta Neimanas (USA) 3:56.979
3 Fiona Southorn (New Zealand) 3:58.517
4 Jennifer Schuble (USA) 3:58.745
5 Claire Mclean (Australia) 4:04.092
6 Kerstin Brachtendorf (Germany) 4:11.039
7 Sara Tretola (Switzerland) 4:20.078
8 Ju Fang Zhou (China) 4:21.925
Women's C2 3km Pursuit
1 Alijda Norbruis (Netherlands) 4:26.720
2 Sini Zeng (China) 4:27.589
3 Allison Jones (USA) 4:28.718
4 Raquel Acinas Poncelas (Spain) 4:31.462
5 Bianbian Sun (China) 4:41.634
6 Laura Sobchik (USA) 4:44.324
7 Yvonne Marzinke (Germany) 4:47.720
8 Tereza Diepoldova (Czech Republic) 4:56.796
9 Olga Murashova (Russia) 5:11.796
Men's C1 1km Time Trial
1 Rodrigo Fernand Lopez (Argentina) 1:19.102
2 Mark Lee Colbourne (Great Britain) 1:19.380
3 Zhangyu Li (China) 1:20.597
4 Brayden McDougall (Canada) 1:22.844
5 Juan Jose Mendez Fernandez (Spain) 1:24.772
6 Michael Teuber (Germany) 1:25.426
7 Erich Winkler (Germany) 1:26.775
8 Jaye Milley (Canada) 1:27.423
9 Andreas Zirkl (Austria) 1:29.659
10 Matthew Bigos (USA) 1:30.976
11 Anthony Zahn (USA) 1:35.073
12 Wojciech Frankow (Poland) 2:12.534
Men's C2 1km Time Trial
1 Hao Xie (China) 1:17.642
2 Gui Hua Liang (China) 1:17.987
3 Tobias Graf (Germany) 1:18.391
4 Colin Lynch (Ireland) 1:19.245
5 Jaco Nel (South Africa) 1:19.775
6 Fabrizio Macchi (Italy) 1:20.920
7 Ivo Koblasa (Czech Republic) 1:20.926
8 Alvaro Galvis Becerra (Colombia) 1:20.998
9 Stephane Bahier (France) 1:21.310
10 Arslan Gilmutdinov (Russia) 1:23.561
11 Michal Stark (Czech Republic) 1:24.142
12 Stephen Hills (New Zealand) 1:24.176
13 Matthieu Parent (Canada) 1:24.652
14 Maurice Far Eckhard Tio (Spain) 1:24.763
15 Tetsuya Tanaka (Japan) 1:28.211
DNS Roger Bolliger (Switzerland)
Afternoon/Evening Session
Men's C3 1km Time Trial
1 Darren Kenny (Great Britain) 1:12.496
2 David Nicholas (Australia) 1:13.912
3 Shaun Mc Keown (Great Britain) 1:14.347
4 Alexey Obydennov (Russia) 1:14.571
5 Amador Granados Alkorta (Spain) 1:14.754
6 Masaki Fujita (Japan) 1:14.909
7 Enda Smyth (Ireland) 1:15.593
8 Kris Bosmans (Belgium) 1:15.637
9 Steffen Warias (Germany) 1:16.392
10 William Chesebro (USA) 1:16.498
11 Yong Sik Jin (Korea) 1:16.973
12 Carmelo Sànchez (Colombia) 1:17.579
13 Paolo Vigano' (Italy) 1:17.708
14 Michael Lincoln Farrell (USA) 1:17.739
15 Miroslav Dongres (Czech Republic) 1:18.006
16 Nathan Smith (New Zealand) 1:18.237
17 Esneider Munoz Marin (Colombia) 1:18.240
18 Glenn Johansen (Norway) 1:20.425
19 Jefferson Spimpolo (Brazil) 1:22.551
20 Damien Brou (France) 1:24.963
DNS Juan Emilio Gutierrez Berenguel (Spain)
Men's C4 1km Time Trial
1 Jody Cundy (Great Britain) 1:06.001
2 Jiri Bouska (Czech Republic) 1:09.025
3 Carol-Eduard Novak (Romania) 1:09.316
4 Xiaofei Ji (China) 1:10.399
5 Masashi Ishii (Japan) 1:11.278
6 Aaron Trent (USA) 1:11.335
7 Jiri Jezek (Czech Republic) 1:11.511
8 Guoping Wei (China) 1:11.823
9 Samuel Kavanagh (USA) 1:11.899
10 Michele Pittacolo (Italy) 1:11.982
11 Diégo German Duenas Gomez (Colombia) 1:13.087
12 Thomas Schafer (Germany) 1:14.301
13 Eric Bourgault (Canada) 1:15.484
14 Stephan Herholdt (South Africa) 1:15.688
15 Damian Lopez Alfonso (Cuba) 1:17.188
16 Morten Jahr (Norway)
17 Roberto Alcaide Garcia (Spain)
18 Leonel Solis (Costa Rica)
19 Janos Plekker (South Africa)
20 Sergey Pudov (Russia)
Men's C5 1km Time Trial
1 Jon-Allan Butterworth (Great Britain) 1:07.212
2 Xinyang Liu (China) 1:07.582
3 Alfonso Cabello Llamas (Spain) 1:07.876
4 Vincent Juarez (USA) 1:10.265
5 Christopher Ross (New Zealand) 1:10.555
6 Cathal Miller (Ireland) 1:10.670
7 Pablo Jaramillo Gallardo (Spain) 1:10.677
8 Yehor Dementyev (Ukraine) 1:10.713
9 Andrea Tarlao (Italy) 1:10.877
10 Wolfgang Sacher (Germany) 1:11.775
11 Edwin Fabian Matiz Ruiz (Colombia) 1:12.342
12 Mark Gyulafia (USA) 1:12.833
13 Wolfgang Eibeck (Austria) 1:13.035
14 Benjamin Landier (France) 1:13.168
15 Dane Wilson (South Africa) 1:14.310
16 Soelito Gohr (Brazil) 1:14.377
17 Takahiro Abe (Japan) 1:15.904
18 Pavel Komotskiy (Russia) 1:18.151
19 Alexander Miranda (Costa Rica) 1:23.498
Women's C1 3km Pursuit
1 Jayme Paris (Australia) 4:52.423
Women's C2 3km Pursuit
Ride for Gold and Silver
1 Sini Zeng (China)
2 Alijda Norbruis (Netherlands)
Ride for Bronze
3 Allison Jones (USA)
4 Raquel Acinas Poncelas (Spain)
Women's C3 3km Pursuit
1 Simone Kennedy (Australia) 4:29.387
2 Denise Schindler (Germany) 4:31.506
Women's C4 3km Pursuit
Ride for Gold and Silver
1 Alexandra Green (Australia) 4:09.112
2 Susan Powell (Australia) 4:13.191
Ride for Bronze
3 Marie-Claude Molnar (Canada) 4:16.448
4 Jianping Ruan (China) caught
Women's C5 3km Pursuit
Ride for Gold and Silver
1 Sarah Storey (Bailey) (Great Britain) 3:40.118
2 Greta Neimanas (USA) caught
Ride for Bronze
3 Fiona Southorn (New Zealand) 3:57.825
4 Jennifer Schuble (USA) 4:03.274


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