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March 17/12 4:47 am - Pietermaritzburg MTB World Cup: Women XC LIVE Updates

Posted by Editoress on 03/17/12

Good morning and welcome to the first  World Cup of the 2012 season from Pietermaritzburg South Africa


After a rainy night, the skies have cleared and it has become very hot, humid and sunny - temperature is approaching 30C in the sun.  In the trees the track is still slippery in sections, which will cause some difficulty.

It is almost a certainty that Todd Wells will not start because of left ankle injury from crash on Wednesday.  He hasn't trained since the injury.  Will definitely hurt the U.S. in nations ranking points hunt.

There is a bunch of local fans going around with t-shirts that say 'Emily drives me BATTY' - there was a local contest by a blog to come up with best t-shirt slogan.  Winners got t-shirts and free entry to event.

Women will do 5 laps -  no start loop


Riders are being introduced, with Catharine Pendrel getting the first chance to race a World Cup in her World Championship kit.



Lap 1 start


They are off... FAST. 

Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team) has the lead up the first rise with Eva Lechner (Colnago Sudtirol) on her wheel


5:34 am EST -   As they hit the first climb, Elisabeth Osl (Ghost Factory Racing Team) has moverd to the front followed by Annie Last (Milka Brentjens MTB Racing Team), Eva Lechner (Colnago Sudtirol), Emily Batty (Subaru - Trek) and Julie Bresset (BH - SR Suntour - Peisey Vallandry)


5:35 am EST - The 5 riders are now establishing a small gap as they head down a short descent.


5:38 am EST - Now through Rapids Rocks and into the first feed zone.  Annie Last (Milka Brentjens MTB Racing Team) now leadding with Eva Lechner (Colnago Sudtirol). They have a small gap on Elisabeth Osl (Ghost Factory Racing Team) and Emily Batty (Subaru - Trek).  Then Julie Bresset (BH - SR Suntour - Peisey Vallandry).


Pendrel sitting ~ 10th


5:42 am - Last still leading with Karen Hanlen in 2nd folowed by Batty, Lechner, Bresset, Olsl and Pendrel


5:46 through the Sharks Playground:  Last, Hanlon, Bresset, Pendrel and Batty


5:49 am and they are about to hit the end of lap 1


Lap 2 start

5:50 am 

1 Annie Last (Milka Brentjens MTB Racing Team)  18:32

2 Karen Hanlen (NZl), 13 sec

3 Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team), 13 sec

4 Julie Bresset (BH - SR Suntour - Peisey Vallandry) at 14 sec

5 Emily Batty (Subaru - Trek), 14 sec

6 Katerina Nash (Luna Pro Team) 16 sec

7 Blaza Klemencic (Felt Oetztal X - Bionic Team), 34 sec

13th Marie-Helene Premont (Rocky Mountain), Sinn 46th at 2:31, Rockwell 50th at 2:46



Through the first feedzone, and Last has opened the gap. Bresset, Pendrel, Batty chasing

Next are Nash, Maja Wloszczowska (CCC Polkowice), Klemencic and Hanlan


6:00 am EST - Pendrel now out front looking smoth with Last 2nd


6:05 am  Through the Tree HousePendrel with Last at ~ 8 sec, Bresset, Batty, Nash, Wloszczowskaa and Blaza Klemencic (Felt Oetztal X - Bionic Team)


Lap 3 start

Pendrel, Last at 5 sec, Bresset 3rd at 16 sec, Batty 4th, Nash 5th all at s.t., Wloszczowska 6th at 17 sec and Klemencic s.t.

Heather Irmiger (Subaru - Trek) 17th, Premont 18th, Lea Davison (Specialized Racing) 19th,



6:13 am

Bunch (7) is now all together at the front



6:16 am - halfway through the 3rd lap.  Wloszczowska leading  Pendrel, Last 3rd, Batty 4th, Bresset, Nash and Klemencic.



6:20 am

Wloszczowska leading  Pendrel, Batty 3rd at 2 sec.  Bresset  4th at 14 sec, Last 5th at 15 sec , Nash 6th at 16 sec


6:26 am

Wloszczowska attacks as they head to the end of the lap


Lap 4 start

All together as they head out for the 4th Lap - Wloszczowska leading  Pendrel, Batty 3rd, Bresset 4th

Nash sitting 5th, Last now 6th


6:29 am

Up the first climb and the 3 leaders are still all together,  Bresset 4th at 10 sec, Nash 5th


6:35 am - Batty leading Pendrel and they have a small gap on Wloszczowska as they head to the start of the final lap


Lap  5

Pendrel, Batty,  Wloszczowska go through together

Nash now 4th at 34 sec

Bresset 5th, 35 sec

Davison 14th

Irmiger 15th

Premont 20th


6:41 am

Wloszczowska has opened a small gap through the first technical area, followed by Batty and Pendrel


6:44 am


Through the rocks at Tree House with Wloszczowska out front followed by Pendrel and Batty taking the safer route is dropping off the back


Final Lap starting


Maja Wloszczowska (CCC Polkowice) at the front folowed by Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team) and Emily Batty (Subaru - Trek)

Bresset 4th

Nash 5th

Suss 6th

Spitz 7th

Hanlen 8th

Last 9th

Davison 14th

Irmiger 15th

Premont 20th



6:49 am EST

Up the first climb, Wloszczowska leading Batty with Pendrel on her wheel


6:53 am EST

Wloszczowska is attacking

1/2 way through the final lap and 3 leaders still together

Bresset 3rd at 48 sec followed by Nash at another 2 sec


6:58 am EST

Wloszczowska still at the front with Batty on her wheel and Pendrel 3rd


7am EST

Batty moves to the front and ups the pace, Wloszczowska responds and Pendrel is lagging a bit



Batty and Wloszczowska are battling at the front and they have opened a gap on Pendrel


7:03 am

Tree House and Wloszczowska passes Batty on the outside line and takes the lead back




1 Maja Wloszczowska (CCC Polkowice)

2 Emily Batty (Subaru - Trek)

3 Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team)

4 Esther Süss (Wheeler - Ixs Team)

5 Julie Bresset (BH - SR Suntour - Peisey Vallandry)


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