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March 17/12 7:24 am - Pietermaritzburg MTB World Cup: Men XC LIVE Updates

Posted by Editoress on 03/17/12

Men are on the line about to take the start of their first race of the season.


After a rainy night, the skies have cleared and it has become very hot, humid and sunny - temperature is 30C in the sun.  The track is pretty much dried out after last nights rain,so the racing should be FAST.

US's top contender Todd Wells will not start because of left ankle injury from crash on Wednesday.  He hasn't trained since the injury.  Will definitely hurt the U.S. in nations ranking points hunt.


It is now clear that the wires seen running from a battery mounted on Catharine Pendrel's bike to her handlebars is for a fork lock put system that Fox is working on.


Start of the 6 lap race

Fast start and it is Nino Schurter (Scott - Swisspower MTB Racing Team) getting the holeshot.

Men are on course and it is Nino Schurter (Scott - Swisspower MTB Racing Team) and Jaroslav Kulhavy (Specialized Racing) well out front at the top of the first climb.


8:08 am    Schurter is really putting the pressure on


8:12 am EDT

Through the Shark's Playground and it is Shurter leading Kulhavy with Stander in 3rd, Hermida 4th, Vogel, Manuel Fumic (Cannondale Factory Racing), Marco Aurelio Fontana (Cannondale Factory Racing)


8:15 am EDT

Schurter now has a bit of a gap after the 2nd rock garden


Lap 2

15 min lap time

Starting the 2nd lap Schurter leading with Stander 2nd  at 2 sec and Kulhavy 3rd at 4 sec, Hermida 4th at 6 sec, Fumic 5th 7 sec, Fontana 6th, L. Fluckiger 7th at 19 sec, Absalon 8th at  21 sec

Plaxton 27th

40th Zandstra

41st Kabush


Lots of 29ers on course today, but Nino Schurter is running a 650b prototype


8:22 am

Kulhavy takes the lead through the first rock garden


Florian Vogel has had a mechanical and is out


8:26 am

Schurter has now taken the lead with Stander 2nd at 2 sec, Fumic 3rd at 3 sec.  Kulhavy 4th at 13 sec, Hermida 5th at 14 sec, Fontana 6th at 15 sec


8:27 am EDT

Group of 4 with Stander leading, getting LOTS of crowd support


8:31 am EDT

The sky has really clouded over, winds are up and it is threatening to rain.  That could really change the dynamic of the race.


Lap 3

Starting the 3rd lap

Schurter with Stander at the same time. Fumic 3rd at 1 sec, Hermida 4th at 8 sec, Kulhavy 5th at 18 sec, Fontana 6th at s.t., Absalon 7th at 23 sec, Fontana 8th, Fluckiger 9th at 38 sec, Giger 10th at 54 sec

Plaxton 28th, Schultz 32nd, Zandstra 38th, Kabush 42nd, Ettinger 54th


837 am

Through the feedzone - Fumic leading now with Stander following  and  Shurter sitting 3rd wheel

Hermida 4th at 5 sec, Absalon 5th at 18 sec


8:43 am

Schurter is putting the pressure on at the front and has opened abit of a gap on Fumic with Stander tailing off


8:45 am

All 3 leaders together again


Through the Tree House rocks, Schurter out front floating over the big rocks, barely on the edge of control.  Fumic 2nd, Stander tailed off. Stander crashed badly here last year and I am sure that is still on his mind


lap 3 ending

3 leaders all together

Chasers are Abslaon leading Hermida at 33 sec


Lap 4 start

Stander, Schurter, Fumic

Hermida and Absalon at 34 sec

Kulhavy 6th

Fontana 7th


Fontana drops his chain just after the end of hte lap and loses some spots


8:53 am

Through the first feedzone - no change at the front

Absalon has dropped Hermida

Kulhavy and Fluckiger are riding together


8:57 am

Stander and Schurter have dropped Fumic, now at 10 sec back

Absalon 4th at 33 sec, hermida at 42 sec


Through the Sharks Playground and Fumic has started to drop well off the pace being set by the leaders.  Absalon is moving up


The rain is holding off so far


Lap 5 start

Stander leads with Schurter on his wheel out as they head out for the 2nd last lap, Fumic is now well off the pace and Absalon continues to close

31 Zandstra, 34 Kabush, 35 Schultz, 38 Plaxton


9:08 am

Stander is attacking, forcing Schurter to chase

Fumic still 3rd, Absalon is 4th, Kulhavy 5th


9:13 am

Schurter and Stander

Fumic at 20 sec

Absalon at 43 sec,

Kulhavy, 1:03


9:15 am EDT

Schurter attacks through the rocks


Last Lap

Schurter has a gap of 5 second on Schurter

Fumic 3rd at 30 sec

Absalon 4th at 1:02


9:20 am EDT

Schurter looks to be opening the gap on Stander



1/2 a lap to go and Schurter is opening up a sizeable gap on Stander


9:26 am EDT

Schurter, w. Stander at 17 sec, Fumic at 58 sec,


Through the Sharks Playground and it has started to rain

Schurter's gap ~ 18 sec on Stander



1 Nino Schurter (Scott - Swisspower MTB Racing Team), 1:30:38

2 Burry Stander (Specialized Racing) at 11 sec

3 Manuel Fumic (Cannondale Factory Racing) 0:59






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