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April 18/12 6:02 am - Clarence-Rockland Classic: report, results and photos

Posted by Editoress on 04/18/12

Clarence-Rockland Classic, held in Rockland Ontario on Sunday April 15th

Mike Woods (Stevens), Julie Lafrenière (Stevens), and Johan Patry (Rocky Mountain) won their respective categories in the 3rd annual Clarence-Rockland Classic hosted by Ride with Rendall this past Sunday.

Almost 150 bike racers from Ontario and Quebec were greeted with nicer-than-expected weather and rougher-than-anticipated gravel this weekend at the Clarence-Rockland Classic. The field included such standouts as national team members Evan McNeely and Yohan Patry. The Clarence-Rockland Race sees racers tackle a challenging 85km loop, nearly 50% of which is on unpaved roads. Construction had left two short sections especially rough this year and there was much pre-race discussion of tire choice. Much as with the cobbled classics that the race pays homage to, fate was to be a deciding factor on the day.

Duncan Beard (Nine2Five Pro) and Chris Reid (Ride with Rendall) attacked from the gun taking Jamie Pold of Tall Tree Cycles and rider David May with them. Beard and Reid dropped the other two coming over the first gravel climb of the day and continued to ride out in front of the field for the first 30km; carving out a lead of slightly over a minute.

Reid flatted at the first super rough gravel section, leaving Beard to soldier on alone into the cross winds. A flurry of flats in the same section took early favourite and national cyclo-cross champion Evan McNeely out of contention along with a host of others.

Meanwhile, attacks began in earnest as riders tried to press the advantage as the peloton entered the gravel section known as 'The Gauntlet' where Beard was engulfed by the front group. While there were several attempts to crack the field and form the winning move, most of the attrition occurred as riders fell off the pace and slipped out the back.

It was Master C category standout, John Gee, of Ride with Rendall who attacked solo to finally take the race into his own hands with 25km to go. Relatively unknown Mike Woods of Stevens took off shortly thereafter in hot pursuit. Gee seemed to be on his way to the win (and a third consecutive title for the host club) when he too fell victim to a puncture. Woods swept past the faltering Gee to take the win, while the master rider hung on to hold off the hard charging remnants of the field.



Mike Woods crossing the finish



While the win was the first of Wood’s short career as a cyclist, he was a laurelled runner in the mile and 3km distances until a persistent foot injury led him to cycling. His past achievements on the track include five national titles, three national records, and a victory in the 2005 Pam Am Junior Championships.

Tall Tree Cycles rider Matt Surch rounded out the podium in third while reigning junior national cyclocross champion Johan Patry (Rocky Mountain) took out the bunch sprint for 4th overall and a convincing margin of victory in the junior men’s category. Julie Lafrenière made it a Stevens sweep of the senior categories, narrowly outsprinting Heather Shearer (Infinit Nutrition) for the win. Heather Gray (Angry Johnny’s) was third.

Ride with Rendall would like to give a huge thank you to the City of Clarence-Rockland as well as the 50 volunteers who gave up their Sunday to come out and help with registration, course marshalling, and race logistics. Without you, it simply wouldn’t be possible to put on a single loop race such as this.

For more Photos by Camille Ansar go HERE

Report courtesy Chris Reid, Ride with Rendall


Women 19+, 85km
1 Julie Lafrenière (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) 2:37:00
2 Heather Shearer (Infinit Nutrition/Cyclepower) at s.t.
3 Heather Gray (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's CC) 2:27
4 Michelle Gauthier (Ind) 4:34
5 Emily Flynn (Tommy and Lefebvre Cycling) 7:33
6 Marie-Noel Labrecque (4CX) 8:13
7 Alicia Berthiaume (Gearheads) 8:38
8 Audrey Bernard (Powerwatts- FITTIME) 15:05
9 Courtnay Romkey (Infinit Nutrition/Cyclepower) 15:57
10 Tanya Hanham (Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles) 15:58
11 Vicki Thomas (The Cyclery) 18:33
12 Robyn Angeles (Ind) 26:05
13 Ingrid Coney (Ind) 28:36
14 Tammy McKenna (Euro-Sports) 44:22
15 Kayla Horvat (Reynold Cycle) 49:20
DNF Sonia Tessier (
Men 19+, 85km
1 Michael Woods (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) 2:25:04
2 Jon Gee (Ride With Rendall) at 1:21
3 Matt Surch (Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles) 1:23
4 Charles B. Ostiguy (Archibald Genetik Sole) 1:26
5 Shawn Clarke (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) 1:26
6 Glen Rendall (Ride With Rendall) 1:28
7 Mitchell Bailey (Trek Canada) 1:28
8 Stephane Deshaies (Ind) 1:31
9 Steve Proulx (The Cyclery) 1:33
10 David Stachon (Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles) 1:33
11 John Fee (The Cyclery) 1:35
12 Robert Orange (Ride With Rendall) 1:36
13 Peter Meier (Ind) 1:37
14 Aaron Kyle (Kunstadt Sports Cycling Club) 1:39
15 Alistair Scott (Cyclelogik Racing) 1:40
16 Jay Heins (The Cyclery) 1:45
17 Neil Schiemann (Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles) 1:51
18 Richard Grieve (Kunstadt Sports Cycling Club) 1:58
19 Jason Cheney (Ride With Rendall) 2:02
20 Mike Abraham (Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles) 2:02
21 Rodd Heino (Kunstadt Sports Cycling Club) 2:06
22 David Sugden (Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais) 2:10
23 Colin Funk (First Capital Cycling, Kingston) 2:15
24 Peter Schuck (Ind) 2:33
25 Graeme Peppler (West Of Québec Wheelers) 3:17
26 Yariv Wolfe (Euro-Sports) 3:35
27 David Bilenkey (Euro-Sports) 3:46
28 Norman Cowan (Kunstadt Sports Cycling Club) 3:48
29 Andrew Kruger (Team IFG by Cylcelogik) 5:03
30 Ghislain Marcoux (Ride With Rendall) 5:23
31 Douglas Van Den Ham ( Cycling Team) 5:36
32 Derrick St. John (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) 5:45
33 Evan McNeely (Specialized-Mazda-SGC) 5:48
34 Pascal Bussieres (Ind) 5:56
35 James Young (Ind) 6:00
36 Jamie Pold (Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles) 6:54
37 Braydon Bourne (The Cyclery) 6:56
38 Hans Loeffelholz ( Cycling Team) 9:09
39 Martin Zollinger (Ind) 10:26
40 David Desjardins (Ind) 11:07
41 Mathieu Bardier-Remat (Suarez- ACQ) 11:35
42 Gilles Cordier (Kunstadt Sports Cycling Club) 12:10
43 Dave Rudnicki (West Of Québec Wheelers) 12:25
44 Richard Jonschy ( Cycling Team) 12:36
45 Jake Cleofas ( Cycling Team) 12:37
46 Erik Lyman (Team Spirit presented by Euro Sport) 12:39
47 Marc Brazeau (Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais) 12:41
48 Robert Parniak (Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles) 12:42
49 Dany Belley (Sakura Mango Mathieu Perforram) 12:42
50 Warren MacDonald ( Cycling Team) 13:00
51 John Clare (Ind) 14:09
52 Bernard Perreault (Ind) 14:17
53 Ryan Phelps ( Cycling Team) 15:15
54 Marc Hunt (Ind) 15:21
55 Jean-Christophe Vialaret (Euro-Sports) 15:23
56 David Charles (Kunstadt Sports Cycling Club) 15:25
57 David May ( 15:36
58 Stephen Bursey (Gearheads) 15:41
59 Logan Cornel (Real Deal Racing/La Bicicletta) 16:30
60 Felix Coté Bouvette (Prud'Homme-IGA) 17:20
61 Imad El-Ghazal (Ind) 17:24
62 Jeff Faulds (The Cyclery) 17:25
63 Ian Stewart (Ind) 17:25
64 James McGuire (Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles) 18:20
65 Chris Dodson (The Cyclery) 18:47
66 Ratna Rueban Balasubramaniam (Ottawa Bicycle Club) 18:47
67 Doug Corner (Bike Race Ottawa) 19:23
68 John-Christophe Reid (Ride With Rendall) 19:23
69 Marc Beaulieu (Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais) 19:29
70 William Thompson (Ottawa Bicycle Club) 19:44
71 Martin Charron (Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais) 19:53
72 Nicholas Vipond (The Cyclery) 20:56
73 Thomas Leroux (Ind) 21:05
74 Christian Girard (Ind) 21:16
75 Danny Houde (Ind) 21:27
76 Craig Burge (The Cyclery) 21:53
77 Mike Leach (Ind) 22:15
78 Andrew Lees ( Cycling Team) 23:29
79 Cameron Dube (Gearheads) 24:45
80 Chris Mullington (Ind) 25:52
81 Michel Brazeau (Team Spirit presented by Euro Sport) 26:13
82 Marco Penna (Ind) 27:00
83 Darrin Grace (Euro-Sports) 27:00
84 Werner Visser (West Of Québec Wheelers) 27:29
85 Duncan Beard ( Cycling Team) 27:51
86 Pierre LeBlanc (Cornwall Cycle Club) 30:29
87 Erich Zappe (Ride With Rendall) 30:29
88 Allen Cameron (Ride With Rendall) 31:04
89 Andrew Brown (Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles) 31:21
90 Martin Kellen (Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles) 32:31
91 Mathieu Lafontaine (Ind) 32:32
92 Alexandre Michel (Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles) 32:32
93 Jacques Galarneau (Ind) 33:37
94 Michael Asselstine (Euro-Sports) 33:41
95 Daniel Barriault (Ind) 33:49
96 Drew Edwards (Euro-Sports) 34:43
97 Robert Paul Bell (Euro-Sports) 34:44
98 Ugo Garneau (Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais) 34:59
99 Eric Kotlarsky (Ind) 34:59
100 Patrick Murphy (Ind) 35:00
101 Ronald Faltus (Ride With Rendall) 35:00
102 Etienne Moreau (XPREZO-BORSAO) 37:12
103 Peter Schattmann (Ottawa Bicycle Club) 39:00
104 David Bunner (Ind) 41:42
105 Paul Young (Ind) 42:06
106 Andrew McWhirter ( 44:00
107 Alexander Fulton (The Cyclery) 44:05
108 Marc Champagne (Ind) 46:37
109 Ian Austen (Ottawa Bicycle Club) 46:44
110 Christian Yeon (Ind) 47:52
111 Pat Kelly (Euro-Sports) 49:18
112 Eric Larson (Ride With Rendall) 49:33
113 Dominic Fontaine (Euro-Sports) 49:45
114 Cliff Quain (Ind) 51:46
115 Robert Cooper (Prud'Homme-IGA) 51:58
116 Stephen Riby (Ind) 52:41
117 Carl Wilkins (Euro-Sports) 54:44
118 Joey Slobodian (Ottawa Bicycle Club) 56:18
DNF Steve Bouvette (Prud'Homme-IGA)
DNF Peter Conn (Ride With Rendall)
DNF Michel Gauvin (Suarez- ACQ)
DNF Bruno Lafontaine (Ind)
DNF Julius Liptak (West Of Québec Wheelers)
DNF Fred McGuire (Ind)
DNF Steven Morris (Euro-Sports)
DNF Conor O`Brien (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery)
DNF Giacomo Panico (Ind)
DNF Sean Wakefield (Ride With Rendall)
DNS Gregoire Crevier (West Of Québec Wheelers)
DNS Daniel Diotte (DMD Velocity)
DNS David Eves (Ind)
DNS Kiernan Orange (Ride With Rendall)
Under 19Men, 85km
1 Yohan Patry (Ind) 2:26:30
2 Ryan Beck (Prud'Homme-IGA) at 32:27
3 Ben Shillington (Ind) 1:24:07


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