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May 4/12 10:13 am - Blizzard Bike Club News

Posted by Editoress on 05/4/12

News for the week of April 29 to May 5 from the Blizzard Bike club in Fort St John, BC

May 2nd, Baldonnel time trial

Twelve riders came out in the pouring cold rain and the ‘Hammer’ ran over a muskrat’s tail. Just another evening with the Blizzards!

Kevin Shaw was the winner of the Baldonnel event with a time of 27:56 minutes. Roger St. Jean was second at 28:59 and Gord ‘The Hammer’ Harris was third at 29:06. Pat Ferris was 4th at 29:40 and Davide Loro 5th at 31:44.

Norma Webster was 6th at 33:07, Tate and Nikki Haugan 33:33, Hilda Bilodeau 33:42 and Dian Loro 42:10. Sarah and Tom Webster had 22:15 for the 8 km distance.

Thanks to Jolea Bilodeau for timing!

Sunday is the annual King of Spring and Queen of Spring road race starting on the Montney highway at the Shendoah road intersection at 10 am.

The Blizzard Bike Club's Annual General meeting was called to order Wednesday night, with President Patricia Emery congratulating the club on the 30th year of a job well done.

The 30th year Anniversary festivities will be commencing June 9-10 in Baldonnel.

In club elections:
• President: Patricia Emery
• Vice Presidents: Pat Ferris and Adam Currie
• Treasurer: Hilda Bilodeau
• Secretary:Lois Harris and Gord Harris to share it.
• Directors: Kevin Shaw, George Gamble, Wim Kok, Sandy McDonald, Barb Polehoykie, Ken Nix, Roger St. Jean, Richard Wood.

Sunday April 29th time trial

Irvin ‘The Missile’ Tang won the 15 Mile Blizzard time trial trophy, Sunday, on the Montney road circuit with a time of 39:50 minutes. Sandy McDonald had the second fastest time and top Women’s time of 45:50 to win the Phoenix Trophy. Third place time was Richard Wood at 46:07, 4th was Gord ‘The Hammer’ Harris at 46:42 and 5th Roger St. Jean at 47:03.

Davide Loro was 6th at 52:20, Richard Moody 52:58, Clayton Kurstiener 56:09 and Dian Loro 1:09:51.

Thanks Jolea Bilodeau for timing!


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