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March 27/00 12:03 pm - Photos from Napa

Posted by Editoress on 03/27/00

A selection of photos from Napa - World Cup #1

1. Jamie Douglas - fourth, junior men Jamie.

2. Grigson crosses the finish line Mary Grigson.

3. Alison Dunlap on her way to a 2nd place finish today Alison Dunlap.

4. Sydor, Pezzo & Redden Alison Sydor.

5. Chrissy Redden & Alison Sydor Chrissy Redden.

6. Left to right: Pezzo, Dunlap, Grigson, Sydor, ReddenWomen's Podium.

7. Bas Vandooren on his way to the top spot on the podium Bas Vandooren.

8. Rolli Roland Green.

9. left to right: Green, Martinez, VanDooren, Heller & Brentjens Men's Podium.

10. Shimano Disco Fly over Disco.


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