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May 26/97 21:42 pm - Camp Fortune, New Brunswick, Giro, Track World Cup

Posted by Editor on 05/26/97

Camp Fortune International Mountain Bike Race

Over 350 riders participated in this internationally sanctioned race in the Ottawa region over the past weekend. Neil Grover (Rocky Mountain) won the mens race ahead of former team mate Eric Tourville (Oryx), while Ritchey pro Chrissy Redden used her World Cup fitness to beat Melanie Dorion (Scott). Mathieu Darveau (Silent Sports) won the Junior Expert event. Chris Redden tells that the course was very good and technical. We are currently waiting for the organizer to supply complete results.

Canada Cup Starts Next Weekend

Registration for the first Canada cup of the season begins on Wednesday at Boler Mountain in London. Follow the Canada Cup link on our homepage for more information. The women‚s field should be particularly strong, with both Chrissy Redden and Melanie McQuaid (Rocky Mountain) scheduled to attend. Melanie is ranked 19th in the World Cup standings, and Chrissy is 20th.

BNS MTB Series Race #1, Greenwood Nova Scotia, May 18
(thanks to Randy Gray for these complete results)

Senior Expert Men
1. Terry Tomlin Volkswagon/Trek
2. Travis Field Framebreak
3. Mark Webster Slickrock
4. Mark Campbell Seagull Pewter
5. Pat Collins Slickrock
6. Andy MacCallum ind
7. Scott Bonnell Cyclesmith
8. Troy Baillie High Mountain Cycle
9. Matthew Little Bicycles Plus
10. Brent Horner Slickrock
11. Randy Gray Cyclesmith
12. Andrew Feenstra Cyclesmith
13. Graham Little ind
14. Glenn Peach Outback Jacks
15. Craig Layton Sportwheels
16. Brendon Lynds ind
17. Collin Gash Slickrock

Senior Expert Women
1. Lisa MacInnis Cyclesmith
2. Sherry Huybers Cycledelics
3. Carol Kowcun Singletrack Mudpack
4. Penny Hart Cycledelics
5. Sue Earle-Bishop Singletrack Mudpack

Junior Expert Men
1. Andrew Walker Slickrock
2. Craig Turner Slickrock

Senior Sport Men
1. Dave(Platform) Pierce Cyclesmith
2. Scott Langin Cyclesmith
3. Brett Hazel Outback Jacks

Senior Sport Women
1. Teresea Inacio Singletrack Mudpack
2. Julie Dort Cycledelics
3. Krista Koval Bicycles Plus
4. Sara Francis Singletrack Mudpack

Veteran Sport Men
1. Shawn Skelhorn Slickrock
2. Tom Kavanagh Cycledelics
3. Tony Lovett Cyclesmith

Junior Sport Men
1. Trevor MacNeil Cycledelics
2. Jeff Simms High Mountain Cycle
3. Nicholas Flemming Cyclesmith

Master Sport Men
1. Peter Campbell ind
2. Bernard Foster ind
3. Jim Peney ind

Novice Men
1. Steve Levesque ind

Cadet Men
1. Kevin Hagell ind
2. Colin Banks Framebreak
3. David Henniger ind

Novice Women
1. Nancy Austin Singletrack Mudpack
2. Annick Gagne ind
3. Michelle Harris Singletrack Mudpack
4. Carolyne Smith Singletrack Mudpack

Cadet Women
1. Margret Scallion ind
2. Julie Smith Cycledelics

Peewee and Minime Men
1. Mark Foster Cyclesmith
2. Dough Smith Cycledelics
3. Daniel Keith Sportwheels
4. Greg Ken ind
5. Tim Fletcher ind
6. Kevin Foy ind
7. Sebastion Lancelot Cyclesmith
8. Jesse Brand Slickrock

Giro d‚Italia, Italy

Stage 10, Castrovillari-Taranto, 189 kms:

1. Mario Cipollini (Italy) Saeco 5:10:06
2. Endrio Leoni (Italy) AKI
3. Fabio Baldato (Italy) Maglificio MG
4. Marcel Wust (Germany) Festina
5. Mario Traversoni (Italy) Mercatone Uno
6. Mario Manzoni (Italy) Roslotto
7. Gabriele Missaglia (Italy) Mapei
8. Enrico Cassani (Italy) Polti
9. Glenn Magnusson (Sweden) Amore and Vita
10. Angel Edo (Spain) Kelme all s.t.


1. Pavel Tonkov (Russia) Mapei 45:57:16
2. Luc Leblanc (France) Polti at 0:41
3. Ivan Gotti (Italy) Saeco 1:07
4. Roberto Petito (Italy) Saeco 1:09
5. Andrea Paluan (Italy) Cantina Tollo 1:39
6. Andrea Noe (Italy) Asics 1:43
7. Michele Coppolillo (Italy) Maglificio MG 1:49
8. Paolo Savoldelli (Italy) Roslotto 2:40
9. Leonardo Piepoli (Italy) Ceramiche Refin 2:49
10. Alexandre Shefer (Kazakhstan) Asics 3:05

Track World Cup #1, Cali, Colombia

500 M Time Trial Women:

1. Felicia Ballanger (Fra) 34:810
2. Galina Enioukhina (Rus) 35:737
3. Daniela Larreal (Ven) 36:200

Women Points Race:

1. Antonella Bellutti (Ita)
2. Madelin Jorge (Cuba)
3. Nathalie Lancien (Fra)

Olympic Pursuit Men:

1. Grecia
2. Desierto
3. Australia


1. Spain
2. Argentina
3. New Zealand


1. Marty Nothstein (USA)
2. Frederic Magne (Fra)
3. Jean Pierre Van Zyl (RSA)


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