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May 13/12 7:17 am - Nove Mesto MTB World Cup: Men's XC UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 05/13/12

Welcome to our coverage from Nove Mesto na Morave in the Czech Republic


The men's race is about to start with 156  entries


Canadians are: Geoff Kabush (Scott-3Roxracing), Max Plaxton (Team Canada), Derek Zandstra (Scott-3RoxRacing), Cameron Jette (Scott-3RoxRacing), Adam Morka, Tyson Wagler (Scott-3RoxRacing)


They will do a start loop (3.2 km) and 6 full laps of the 4.46 km circuit


It is a beautiful sunny day, but with a cool breeze blowing.  In the open feels like 8-9C, but in the woods warmer.  Ground is drying well after yesterday's rain.

Theft is once again a problem - thieves broke into locked storage room and stole all the British junior bikes, other teams have had wheels and stuff stolen, and SRAM had a bike stolen last night.  Teams worried about security at feedzone, tying stuff down.  Remember that Sam Schultz's bike stolen out of his room while he was in the shower last year (but recovered).

Should be big crowd - already pre-sold over 8,000 tickets for today.


Start loop


Nino Schurter (Scott - Swisspower MTB Racing Team) gets the holeshot but as they head up the first climb it is a large bunch

Another startline crash!!!


8:12 am

Hometown favourite Jaroslav Kulhavy (Specialized Racing) takes the lead on the climb


8:14 am

Nino Schurter (Scott - Swisspower MTB Racing Team) takes the lead with Kulhavy 2nd


Schurter is really ushing the pace, going full on the split the bunch up quickly


Lap 1


Lead group of 3 at front:  Kulhavy, Schurter and Burry Stander (Specialized Racing)

Marco Aurelio Fontana (Cannondale Factory Racing) and Florian Vogel (Scott - Swisspower MTB Racing Team) at 3 sec, Ralph Naef (Multivan Merida Biking Team) at 6 sec


Kabuh sitting 16th at 22 sec, Plaxton 36th at 51, Zandstra 39th at 52 sec


8:25 am

Fontana now leading Stander and Kulhavy, Schurter, Näf and Fumic


Kabush still 16th at 38 sec

Absalon sitting 27th at 53 sec back


Fontana now the pacesetter and is forcing Kulhavy and Stander to chase hard.  Schurter, Naf and Vogel on the rivet too. Fumic and Giger make up the front bunch


Lap 2


Kulhavy leads Fintanta, Schurter Naef, Stander, Vogel and Giger


8:36 am

Fontana sill driving the pace with Stander at 2 sec, Kulhavy 4sec, Schurter at 7 sec, Naf at 8 sec, Vogel at 9 sec, Fumic at 10 sec and Giger 8th now off the leaders pace at 14 sec


Kabush still 16th at 38 sec back


Absalon out.  He has been sick all wee.  Going to try and recuperate for LaBresse next weekend


8:42 am


Schurter takes the lead now with Fontana 2nd, Kulhavy 3rd, Stander 4th and Naf hanging on in 5th


Lap 3


Heading out onto the 3rd lap

Stander leading Schurter, Fontana, Kulhavy and Naf

Kabush 19th at 1:09, Schultz 21st at 1:15, Plaxton 22nd at s.t., Wells 39th at 2:23



8:51 am

Schurter, Kulhavy, Stander and Fontana have a bit of a gap on Naf

Vogel now well back at 35 sec, Giger at 38

Kabush 17th at 1:17

Absalon not likely to repeat his Houffalize win as he is sitting 28th at 2:03 back


Through the Rock and Roll on the fly - Schurter leading Kulhavy, Stander, Fontana and Naf


Lap 4

Heading out at the end of lap 3, The same 5 are still all together


Milatz leading a group of 3 sitting 6-9: Vogel, Giger, Fumic


Hermida 10th at 57 sec


Kabush 17th at 1:12

Plaxton 18th at 1:14



9:09 am

Kulhavy leading through the AC/DC.  Now the front groupis 4 as Naf does not seem to be able to hold the pace


Plxton now top Canuck, sitting 14th at 1:26 back

Kabush 18th at 1:46

Schultz 21st at 2:05


Lap 5

2 to go

Starting the 5th lap, the 5 are all together again at the front, with Kulhavy leading out

Milatz, Vogel and Giger at 40 sec

Fumic 9th at 51 sec, Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Wildwolf - Trek Pro Racing) 10th at 1:05


Plaxton 14th at 1:28

Kabush 18th at 1:43


9:16 am


Kulhavy now trying a bit of an attack on the climb to test the legs of the others. 


Now Schurter and Kulhavy have a gap on Fontana and Stander, but Naf is gone



Schurter leading Kulhavy, and Stander is closing the 2 sec gap. Fontana off at 10 sec and Naf trailing at 22 sec


9:20 am

On the descent, Stander takes the lead with Schurter on his wheel.  Kulhavy staring to trail a bit


Fontana misses a corner and comes off


LARGE crowds cheering on Kulhavy


9:22 am

Through the AC/DC and the Rock and Roll - Stander still leading


Lap 6 Last lap

Kulhavy, Schurter and Stadner all together

Fontana at 7 sec. Fontana at 17 sec

Naf at 21 sec

Milatz at 41 sec

Giger and Vogel at 1:01


Plaxton 14th at 1:47

Kabush 18th at 2:24


9:28 am

Schurter at the front attacking forcing Stander and Kulhavy to chase.  Stadner seems up to it, but Kulhavy is starting to look tired


9:30 am

1/2 way through the final lap

Schurter leading, Stander at 1 sec and Kulhavy at 5 sec

Fontana 31 sec, Naf 41 sec, Miltaz 54 sec

Plaxton 13th at 2:09



All 3 leaders together again.


9:34 am Schurter and Kulhavy leading with Stander struggling now and off the pace



Schurter now has a gap on the descent and through the AC/DC


9:36 am


Schurter still away as they head to the finish line


Schurter takes it!!!



1 Nino Schurter (Scott - Swisspower MTB Racing Team), 1:26:46

2 Jaroslav Kulhavy (Specialized Racing), at 0:06

3 Burry Stander (Specialized Racing), 0:17

4 Marco Aurelio Fontana (Cannondale Factory Racing), 0:46

5 Ralph Naef (Multivan Merida Biking Team), 0:47




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