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April 1/00 7:50 am - Fraser Leaves Mercury?, Pro MTB Union, CCA News

Posted by Editor on 04/1/00

Fraser To Leave Mercury?

Gord Fraser, the super sprinter at the heart of the Mercury Cycling Team has confirmed that he has received an offer from Mario Cippollini's Saeco Macchine Per Caffe team. "I was bowled over when I received word that they wanted to talk to me", said Gord. "I guess Mario was impressed with my results, and wants me to be his lead out guy."

Cippollini lost his main lead-out rider, Gian Matteo Fagnini, to Erik Zabel's Deutsche Telekom team at the end of last season, and has made no secret of the fact that he is not happy with the quality of the lead-outs he has received this year.

Fraser would not reveal whether or not he has accepted a position with the Saeco squad yet. "It is a great honour to be asked, but I have to decide whether or not I want to go to Europe." Fraser said that he will announce his decision "By the end of the weekend."

Should Gord go? We have set up a poll where you can register your vote. Click on the Vote! button at the top of the screen to register your vote, and see the current standings.

New Riders Union Formed

After preliminary discussions last weekend at the Napa World Cup, it looks like a pro mountain bike riders union will be formed shortly. The new union will represent riders at the UCI level, and will demand a portion of the lucrative sponsorship and television income that the UCI earns from the World Cup.

"We are the ones out there riding our hearts out, and bringing in the fans", said a surprisingly strident Chrissy Redden. "It is only right that we share some of the proceeds."

Redden would not comment on rumours of the possibility of a rider strike if the UCI ignored their demands, but was heard humming the tune to "We Shall Overcome".

CCA Development Program

The CCA Development Committee, meeting this weekend in Ottawa, will shortly unveil an extremely ambitious program to ensure Canada's dominance in cycling for the next generation.

Elite cyclists, carded under the federal athlete assistance program, will receive incentives to form relationships with other elite cyclists which result in children. The theory is that this pooling of superior 'cycling genes' will lead to a race of 'super cyclists'.

While the program has not been fully worked out, it has apparently received the blessing of the Heritage Ministry's Department of Eugenics. One high ranking CCA administrator was quoted as having said "give us your first born..."

Seamus Uncovered

Well, the word is finally out. That luxurious head of blond dreadlocks pro mountain biker Seamus McGrath (Haro-Lee Dungarees) is so well known for? It's a wig! That's right, the so-called 'White Rasta' is actually a crew cut brunette.


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