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September 17/97 18:09 pm - Hokkaido, MTB World's, 'Cross, Survey, Ontario News

Posted by Editor on 09/17/97

Tour of Hokkaido, Japan Canadian squad 1 YANNICK, Cojan 2 LUKASZEWICZ, Czeslaw 3 DE FRANCESCHI, Daniele 4 ERNSTING, Mark 5 ANAND, Mat Prologue, Asahikawa - 2km 1. Mat Anand (CAN) 2:44 2. Mauro Zinetti (ITA) Acom Ravanello 2:45 3. Morgan Fox (IRL) 2:46 4. Czeslaw Lukaszewics (CAN) 5. Riccardo Ferrari (ITA) Nippon Hodo s.t. 7. Mark Ernsting (CAN) 2:48 Stage 1, Asahikawa to Monbetsu - 130km 1. Makoto Iijima (JPN) Acom Ravanello 3:16:07 2. Czeslaw Lukaszewicz (CAN) at 0:18 3. Michele Colleoni (ITA) Acom Ravanello 4. Gordon McCauley (NZL) 5. Riccardo Ferrari (ITA) Nippon Hodo all s.t. 11. Mat Anand (CAN) 1:55 Stage 2, Omu-Wakkanai, 180km 1. Cory Dominiques (USA) 4.08.08 (43,5kph) 2. Marco Cannone (ITA) Nippon Hodo 3. Morgan Fox (IRL) 4. Takehiro Mizutani (JPN) Bridgestone 5. Yannick Cojan (CAN) 13. Mat Anand (CAN) 14. Czeslaw Lukaszewics (CAN) 16. Daniele De Franceschi (CAN) all s.t. GC 1. Makoto Iijima (JPN) Acom Ravanello 7:26:54 2. Czeslaw Lukaszewics (CAN) at 0:17 3. Riccardo Ferrari (ITA) Nippon Hodo 0:22 4. Michele Colleoni (ITA) Acom Ravanello 0:24 5. Cory Dominiques (USA) 0:26 12. Mat Anand (CAN) 2:00 Czeslaw Lukaszewicz is third in the points standings and Mat Anand is third in the Climbers category. Today‚s stage was cancelled, due to a typhoon! Mountain Bike World‚s - Chateau D‚Oex, Switzerland Cross-country Masters Womens (30+) - 21.5 km 1 QUICK Rhonda USA 1:31:38 2 STREB Marla USA at 0:50 3 STEINER Anita JORDI / WHEELER SUI 1:11 No Canadian women Masters Men (30-39) - 41.3 km 1 HEGEMAN Leonard NED 2:35:21 2 NEFF Markus SUI at 0:41 3 LACKNER Josef AUT 1:12 ? Reece Rendall CAN ? Ted Ingram CAN Masters Men (40-49) - 31.4 km 1 LUETHI Georges SUI 1:57:59 2 ABRAM Luciano ITA at 6:17 3 PARPAN Ruedi SUI 7:02 ? Francois Amyot CAN ? Robert Anderson CAN Masters Men (50+) - 21.5 km 1 JUPILLAT Christian FRA 1:26:16 2 BRECHBUEHL Urs SUI at 2:19 3 HOWARD John USA 4:41 ŒCross is Coming! (thanks to Val Davidge) Fall is upon us heralding the start of the cyclo cross season. This year the National Championships will be held at Centennial Park, Etobicoke, Ontario, a City in the Greater Toronto Area quite close to Lester Pearson Airport. The date is Sunday November 30th, a little later than usual but organizers are trusting that the Toronto weather remains warmer at this time of the year than most other parts of Canada - especially those that have held the Championships in recent years. Full details will be released shortly to all Provincial Associations. For the immediate information of riders etc., a CCA Mountain Bike License will not be accepted but One Day Licenses will be sold to all competitors who do not hold Road and Track Licenses for a $10 fee. Updates will be provided as appropriate. At the moment the organizational committee is recruiting assistance. Volunteers for the day to Marshall and attend to a myriad of duties are sought as well as assistance prior to the event. We would like to hear from anyone who would be willing to billet riders for the event which would save them considerable hotel fees and, quite possibly, make the difference between them coming to the event or not. Also invited is corporate support for the event in return for advertising on the course, in promotional material etc. For more details you can contact the Chair of the Committee, Valerie Davidge at 905-824-8906, fax 905-824-8329 or E-mail Please do not call after 9p.m. Toronto time! Ontario is already preparing for the Championships with a full season of local events in both the Capital City and Golden Horseshoe areas. We hope other provinces follow suit and publish their calendars on the Canadian Cyclist page. Mountain Bike Survey Extreme Mountain Bike People is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver. They sent us a copy of a survey that they are hoping Vancouver area trail users will complete and return to them. If you do live there, please copy it and fill it out. If you do NOT live there, you should still ask yourself these questions and see how well you rate as a responsible trail user. Remember, it is up to all of us to keep the trails open. So it's autumn again (or so it seems) and so EMP's thoughts turn to the sad state of some of our local riding trails. As everyone should know, winter is a time of serious erosion on mountain slopes. It's times like this that prove our destructive capacities to the anti-mountain bikers. If you are still an active mountain biker, here's a small survey we'd appreciate you completing. Please pass this on to any other off-road riders you know who have e-mail. The prize for completion of this survey may be new and improved trails on the North Shore. High stakes! Low odds! You gotta like it! 1. Have you ridden on the North Shore? Yes No If yes, where: 2. How do you find the riding there: 3. I have been riding the North Shore since: 4. Has the riding changed since you began riding there? ____________ 5. I believe every mountain biker should do trial work or contribute to trail improvement in some way. True False 6. I have contributed to trail development by: 7. I would volunteer to help restore North Shore riding trails, through labour or donation. True False 8. The best time for me to volunteer is: 9. If I can't volunteer I would donate: 10. The best way to contact me is: If you answered True to Question 7, you are who we think you are. If you answered False, please get off the trails. EMP is a non-profit organization, formed in 1992 to actively promote healthy lifestyles through mountain biking and to preserve, restore and develop places to ride mountain bikes. Please send surveys to: EMP: Fax: 324-5051 Looking For a Bauer Bike? (thanks to Peter McCaffrey) For those looking for new Steve Bauer bikes, try contacting Larry Hopkins at Lakeshore Cycles. When Niagara Bicycle Corporation went out of business, most of the inventory was acquired by Larry, who had a financial interest in the corporation. He sent a lot of the bikes to Trinidad but still has a variety of models including the Levante, a very nice racing machine. Try contacting him at 416 259-3425 THE LEAGUE SERIES FINAL RESULTS This year's midweek criteriums in Mississauga have proved to be a resounding success. Support for the popular series has been unprecedented and more than 130 riders have ridden in one or more races since the first competition in early June. The many sponsors have been gratified by the publicity and all have committed to supporting the series next year, in many cases promising to increase their support. The city of Mississauga has also undertaken to provide a storage building in the start area for the 1998 seasson. One exciting addition to the '98 activities will be a series of Monday evening novice clinics in the same location. One of our sponsors is considering providing a number of bicycles for the 9 to 12 yea-old participants and some of the licensed riders have already offered their help as coaches for this important activity in return for free entry to the Wednesday races. It is my sincere hope that the midweek races in Mississauga will prove to be a catalyst in the drive towards building a track in the area in the next two years. Finally, thanks to the sponsors and to the volunteers who made this series possible: Pavan Cycles, North American Bici, Veltec, La Bicicletta, Racer Sportif, Re-My Sports, Al Lago Ristorante, Al Forno Pizza, Co Sign, Magnotta Wineries, Bio-Phys, Cyclepath Port Credit, the city of Mississauga, Kit McCaffery, Dan Thompson, Mike Barry, Keith Davidge, Joe Halliday and anyone else I've forgotten. SERIES FINAL RESULTS Final, 80 km: 1 Heath Cockburn Optiped 2 Bruce Kripp Woodbridge Italia 3 Don Zuck Pavan 4 Dean Peddle Ziggy's C.C. 5 Gregor Konacki Polonius Consolation 40k 1 Chris Paton Mississauga C.C. 2 Don Hunter Mississauga C.C. 3 Augusto Goncalvez Independent 4 Dan Thompson Madonna Wheelers 5 Jeff Archibald Mississauga C.C. Series Category Winners: Sen 1 Heath Cockburn Sen 2 Bruce Kripp Sen 3 Tommas Ciurlino Cyclosport/Bodywise Women Amy Jarvis Racer Sportif Jun/Cad Peter Mazur D'Ornellas Vet A Tony Abramavicius Schwinn Canada Vet B Don Zuck Pavan Vet C Peter Morresse Hamilton C.C. Georg Slawmovic Independent MIN Ryan De Boer Mississauga C.C. Top Ten: 1 Heath Cockburn 110 pts(11 / 16 events) 2 Tony Ab. 72 12 3 Peter Mazur 48 6 Dave McIsaac,Woodbridge 48 5 5 Jeff Hansen,Silent Sp. 44 5 6 Scott Buschlen,Ind. 39 9 7 Brent Arthurs,Woodbridge 38 4 Malcolm Munro,Racer Sptf.38 6 9 Roy Zucchetto,Jet Fuel 37 8 10 Andrew Pinfold,Neworld 36 4 Major Draw Prizes: Pinarello Aluminum Frame, Pavan Cycles Dan Thompson Gipiemme Aero Wheels, North American Bici Ryan De Boer Peter McCaffery, Organizer. Today is a rest day for the Vuelta


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