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May 18/12 14:50 pm - Tour of Belgium: ParaCycling Weldon and Bessette tops

Posted by Editoress on 05/18/12

Robbi Weldon and her pilot Lyne Bessette stood out during the first day of the Tour of Belgium, for paracyclists, Thursday. The two Canadians were the fastest in the women's road race and finished second in the time trial, allowing them to finish first overall in the women's category.

"It has been good, despite Robbi's cold," said Lyne Bessette, of Brome Lake, of her first paracycling tour. "The 80 km course was difficult, with a number of false-flats and a headwind. "

Although the men and women are ranked separately at the Tour de Belgique, they do however start together. "This is an advantage for us to race with the guys. It allows us to push our limits."

"The men started a lap ahead, and when they caught us, we managed to draft them, which allowed us to drop the other women's teams," said Bessette.

Fifth in the time trial and sixth in the road race, Genevieve Ouellet of Amos, and her pilot Emilie Roy, of St. Cuthbert, are currently sixth in the women's overall standings.

Chalifour and Cloutier second in time trial

In men's race, Daniel Chalifour of Mont-Laurier and his pilot Alexandre Cloutier of St-Antoine-de-Tilly, took second place in the time trial. Their time of 6 min 34.631, put the two Quebecers second only to Timon and Alfred Stelleman (Fra), whose time was six minutes 8.827 for the 5.030 km distance.

"Other than for the Défi Sportif, we haven't ridden much together this year, so we didn't expect much confessed Alexandre Cloutier. But when we compare ourselves against the teams we know, it's a nice performance.

In the road race, the duo finished tenth. "I am pleased with the effort, but as we had not ridden much together, It worked my muscles. After the climbs, I had sore arms, just keeping the tandem steady, "he added.

The newly formed duo of Alberta's William Stanley and his pilot Pierre-Olivier Boily of Sherbrooke, participated in their first international race together. "It was a bit of the unknown," admitted Boily who finished ninth in the road race with his teammate. "We were conservative to be sure not to go 'bankrupt' after 20 kilometres. "

"We have been patient and I think it paid off. I think we proved that we belong on the international stage. We also had a good sprint finish. It shows that our tandem has qualities that should simply continue to grow, "he said.

Earlier in the day, Boily and Stanley finished seventh in the time trial. In the overall standings they also sit seventh.

Friday, an 80 km road race.

Translated from Sportcom press release (with assistance from Claire Bonin)

Results Day One

1 Timo Fransen/Alfred Stelleman (Ned) m 6.288
2 Daniel Chalifour/Alexandre Cloutier (Can) m 6.346
3 Dave Swanson/Clark Rachfal (USA) m 6.448
4 Patrick Bos/Rinne Oost (Ned) m 6.449
5 Dariusz Wojciechowski/Marcin Polak (Pol) m 6.493
6 Maarten Nijland/Richard Bonhof (Ned) m 6.525
7 Pierre-Olivier Boily/William Stanley (Can) m 6.537
8 Arkadiusz Garczarek/Przemyslaw Wegner (Pol) m 6.586
9 Julien Hervio/Arnaud Grandjean (Fra) m 7.059
10 Aldo Klomp/Bjorn Demas (Ned) m 7.127
11 Eric De Decker/Marc Eymard (Bel) m 7.173
12 Kim van Dijk/Kathrin Goeken (Ned) f 7.203
13 Ernest Kurowski/Adrian Juszczyk (Pol) m 7.252
14 Robbi Weldon/Lyne Besette (Can) f 7.266
15 Alexander Obert/Ralf Arnold (Den) m 7.28
16 Alena Drazdova/Iryna Fiadotava (Blr) f 7.375
17 Francine Meehan/Cathrine Walsh (Irl) f 7.435
18 Geneviève Ouellet/Emilie Roy (Can) f 7.477
19 Cyrille Santerre/Raphaël Beaugillet (Fra) m 7.521
20 Alena Azarkevich/Iryna Parkhamovich (Blr) f 7.557
21 Samantha van Steenis/Joleen Hakker (Ned) f 7.575
22 Aleksandra Wnuczek/Iwona Podkoscielna (Pol) f 7.586
23 Botond Töke/Arnold Butu (Rou) m 8.049
24 Romy Adegeest/Anouk van Bommel (Ned) f 8.512
Road Race, 80 km
1 Timo Fransen/Alfred Stelleman (Ned) m 1.53.39
2 Julien Hervio/Arnaud Grandjean (Fra) m 1.55.29
3 Dave Swanson/Clark Rachfal (USA) m 1.55.29
4 Dariusz Wojciechowski/Marcin Polak (Pol) m 1.55.29
5 Ernest Kurowski/Adrian Juszczyk (Pol) m 1.57.19
6 Patrick Bos/Rinne Oost (Ned) m 1.57.34
7 Alexander Obert/Ralf Arnold (Den) m 1.57.34
8 Arkadiusz Garczarek/Przemyslaw Wegner (Pol) m 1.57.34
9 Pierre-Olivier Boily/William Stanley (Can) m 1.57.34
10 Daniel Chalifour/Alexandre Cloutier (Can) m 1.57.38
11 Eric De Decker/Marc Eymard (Bel) m 1.57.38
12 Aldo Klomp/Bjorn Demas (Ned) m 1.57.38
13 Maarten Nijland/Richard Bonhof (Ned) m 2.12.46
14 Robbi Weldon/Lyne Besette (Can) f 2.15.27
15 Alena Drazdova/Iryna Fiadotava (Blr) f 2.15.43
16 Kim van Dijk/Kathrin Goeken (Ned) f 2.17.44
17 Aleksandra Wnuczek/Iwona Podkoscielna (Pol) f 2.19.05
18 Francine Meehan/Cathrine Walsh (Irl) f 2.19.43
19 Geneviève Ouellet/Emilie Roy (Can) f 2.29.50
20 Alena Azarkevich/Iryna Parkhamovich (Blr) f 2.30.06
21 Cyrille Santerre/Raphaël Beaugillet (Fra) m 2.30.22
22 Botond Töke/Arnold Butu (Rou) m 2.35.57
23 Samantha van Steenis/Joleen Hakker (Ned) f 2.37.29
24 Romy Adegeest/Anouk van Bommel (Ned) f 12.30.03


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