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September 18/97 23:21 pm - World's Results and News, Hokkaido, Vuelta, Ontario

Posted by Editor on 09/18/97

Mountain Bike World Championships, Chateau D‚Oex, Switzerland Downhill Masters Women (30+) 1 QUINTENS Hilda BEL 09:20.14 2 CAVADINI Annamaria KAESTLE SUI 09:21.62 at 00:01.47 3 LEDGERWOOD Jane GBR 09:29.65 00:09.50 No Canadians Masters Men (30-39) 1 DOLA François VARIO RUN BIKE FRA 7:10.52 2 FRUEHWIRTH Erich AUT 7:10.71 at 00:00.18 3 LEE Kelly USA 7:20.42 00:09.89 WEBB Lance CAN DQ Masters Men (40+) 1 LOCCHI Giuseppe ITA 7:45.92 2 CAVADINI Emiliano KAESTLE-CAMPONOVO SUI 8:03.15 at 00:17.23 3 CLAES Lucien BEL 8:08.59 00:22.67 20 ROCKHILL Derrick CAN 9:55.44 2:09.51 YOUNIE Don CAN DNS More World‚s News (coutesy of Ed Schum) Ryder Hesjedal of Victoria, B.C., Canada's #1 Junior cross country rider, was injured late last week while riding in an elevator in Geneva, Switzerland. Apparently the injury is a hyper extended knee. Ryder is getting physiotherapy and has been able to ride his bike again yesterday (Monday, September 15th). According to his father it is uncertain at this time wether he will be able to compete in the junior World's cross country event scheduled for Friday, September 19 in Switzerland. Ryder, just coming off a 4th place World Cup finish in France was one of the better medal prospects for Canada. Good Luck Ryder and a speedy recovery. Tour de Hokkaido, Japan Stage 4, ITT in Takigawa - 3kms 1. Mauro Zinetti (ITA) Acom Ravanello 4:07 2. Riccardo Ferrari (ITA) Nippon Hodo at 0:01 3. Michele Colleoni (ITA) Acom Ravanello s.t. 4. Mat Anand (CAN) 0:04 5. Moris Sammassimo (ITA) Acom Ravanello s.t. 8. Czeslaw Lukaszewicz (CAN) 0:07 15. Yannick Cojan (CAN) 0:12 Stage 5, Criterium in Takigawa, 60 km: 1. Yannick Cojan (CAN) 1:27:21 2. Marco Cannone (ITA) Nippon Hodo 3. Czeslaw Lukaszewicz (CAN) 4. Mauro Zinetti (ITA) Acom Ravanello 5. Kirk O'Bee (USA) 18. Mat Anand (CAN) all s.t. GC 1. Makoto Iijima (JPN) Acom Ravanello 8:58:48 2. Michele Colleoni (ITA) Acom Ravanello at 0:15 3. Czeslaw Lukaszewicz (CAN) 0:16 4. Riccardo Ferrari (ITA) Nippon Hodo 0:18 5. Gordon McCauley (NZL) 0:30 10. Mat Anand (CAN) 1:56 Vuelta a Espana, Spain Stage 12, Leon to Alto De El Morredero - 142 kms 1. HERAS, Roberto ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA 3:23:25 2. JIMENEZ,José María ESP BANESTO at 0:29 3. RICHARD, Pascal SUI CASINO 0:35 4. TONKOV, Pavel RUS MAPEI - GB 0:40 5. ZÜLLE, Alex SUI ONCE 1:36 6. ESCARTIN, Fernando ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA 1:39 7. ZAINA, Enrico ITA ASICS - CGA 1:42 8. DUFAUX, Laurent SUI LOTUS s.t. 9. SERRANO, Marcos A. ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA 1:48 10. CLAVERO, Daniel ESP ESTEPONA - TOSCAF s.t. GC 1. ZÜLLE, Alex SUI ONCE 51:25:31 2. DUFAUX, Laurent SUI LOTUS at 0:36 3. ESCARTIN, Fernando ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA 2:17 4. LEDANOIS, Yvon FRA GAN 3:27 5. SERRANO, Marcos A. ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA 4:02 6. ZAINA, Enrico ITA ASICS - CGA s.t. 7. CLAVERO, Daniel ESP ESTEPONA - TOSCAF 4:22 8. HERAS, Roberto ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA 4:53 9. MOLLER, Claus M. DEN ESTEPONA - TOSCAF 5:21 10. RICHARD, Pascal SUI CASINO 6:02 Politics at the Ontario Cycling Association We were recently informed by Chuck Bonnaffon (editor of the Ontario road racing newsletter) that he had been fired, and there was much controversy going on in Ontario road racing. This sort of news enters a gray area for us: is it news, or is it internal politics within a provincial association? Those involved will be passionately interested in the goings on - the rest couldn‚t care. Therefore, we have decided not to air Mr Bonnaffon‚s concerns here (nor the responses of the Ontario Racing Committee). Instead, we will direct you to his website, and you can decide if this topic is of interest to you. The address is:


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