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July 6/12 13:24 pm - DH Nationals this Weekend at Monte-Ste-Anne: Preliminary Start List

Posted by Editoress on 07/6/12

The top mountain bike downhillers will race for the ultimate Canadian prize, the red and white Maple Leaf jersey awarded to the Canadian Champion, this weekend at Mont-Sainte-Anne. cycling+canada

Over 150 riders are registered for this important domestic event for the downhillers, in all categories. A total of 49 riders will race in the Elite Men, while 9 women will go for the Women’s Elite title. With both defending Canadian champions missing the event (Clare Buchar and Andrew Mitchell are injured), two new Elite Canadian Champions will be crowned.

The defending Junior champion and 2010 Junior World Champion Lauren Rosser will be racing in the Elite race for the first time this year, as well as defending Men’s Junior champion Kyle Sangers. With these two riders moving up to the Elite category, the door is wide open for the crowning of two new Canadian Junior champions.

Saturday will be the official seeding runs for the event, while Sunday will be the Championships races.

The event is being run by Gestev, the same organizers from the UCI World Cup, which was held two weeks ago at Mont-Sainte-Anne.


Cycling Canada press release


Preliminary Start List


Senior Elite Women   
   Kristen Courtney (AdrenalineRacer/ToWheels)
    Micayla Gatto (Commencal PerformX Young Guns)
    Jaime Hill (CCN, Troy Lee Designs, Santa Cruz Bikes, Summit Sport Whistler, Marzocchi Suspension)
    Miranda Miller (Cycling BC/SRAM/SantaCruz)
    Claudia Paquin (Ind)
    Lauren Rosser (Mojo wheeles north/ Team Squamish)
    Lindsay Trimble (Bryson Racing Clan)
    Danice Uyesugi (CCN/Intense)
    Audrée Vaillancourt (Ind)
Senior Elite Men   
    Tyler Allison (Shimano/GoPro/Trek)
    Matthew Beer (Intense Cycles, Fox Shox, Easton, Troy Lee Designs)
    James Biluk (Rocky Mountain /ProCycle /BONDtraining)
    David Charbonneau (Sports aux Puces)
    Philippe Cyrenne Blanchard (Sports aux Puces /Norco / Équipe du Québec)
    Justin Dale (Dunbar Cycles)
    Aaron Dobie (Dunbar Cycles)
    Charles-Alexandre Dubé (On The Edge Canada)
    Ken Faubert (Dunbar/Intense/Spy)
    Maxime Fortin Faubert (Indépendant)
    Rob Fraser (Lapierre-POC)
    Nathan Friesen (AFD gravity racing)
    James Frost (Primary Sweet Pete's SRAM Trek)
    Steve Gauci (CYCLE-SOLUTIONS)
    Remi Gauvin (Cycling BC/PerformX Young Guns/Commencal/Shimano)
    Yann Gauvin (Kona/Race Face)
    Nicholas Geddes (Norco Factory Team/Cycling BC)
    Alexandre Iachetta (Ind)
    James Jeannet (Fox Intense)
    Joey Jenkins (Sweet Pete's Primary)
    Nicolas Konow (Lama Cycles)
    Guillaume Lafleur-Smith (Trek - Bontrager)
    Mathieu Lagrange (Rocky Mountain /ProCycle)
    Hans Lambert (XPREZO-BORSAO)
    Félix-Antoine Lessard (Sports aux Puces)
    Kirk McDowall (Cyclepath)
    Devlin Montana (Ind)
    Michael Oosterveld (Ind)
    Marc Poirier (Sports aux Puces)
    Simon Poirier Giroux (s4 suspension)
    Vincent Poliseno (Sports aux Puces)
    Ben Porteous (DUNBAR CYCLES)
    Cody Ratte (Bryson Racing Clan)
    Bryden Rigets (CCN/Intense)
    Benoit Rioux (XPREZO-BORSAO)
    Kyle Sangers (Pivot Cycles/ Kenda)
    Luke Stevens (Ind)
    Riley Suhan (Specialized/Derailed)
    Dean Tennant (Dunbar/Transition)
    Samuel Thibault (Cycles Performance/Niquet)
    Andy Thibodeau (Cycles Performance/Niquet)
    Colin Thomson (Adrenaline Racer)
    Samuel Vallée (Devinci/ Lessard Bicycles/ Silverwax)
    Ryan Vanderham (Rocky Mountain Factory Team)
    Robert Venables (Dunbar Cycles)
    Matthew Woods (Ind)
    Harold Woolnough (Cove/ Loaded/ Race Face)
Junior Expert Men   
    Simon Chapdelaine (Cycles Performance/Niquet)
    Deven Chilton (adrenaline/towheels)
    Benjamin Després-Morin (Ind)
    Graeme Duff (primary/Trek)
    Mark Fagnan (Privateer Phat Moose Racing)
    carter faulkner (Cycling BC)
    Patrick Gauci (Adrenalineracer/Towheels)
    Alexander Geddes (C4 Racing/Cycling BC/POC)
    Jordan Hodder (Indépendant
    Hugo Langevin (Cycles Performance/Niquet)
    Pierre-Luc Lévesque 260
    Mitchell OKeefe (Team Alberta)
    Cédrick Poulson (Ind)
    Philippe Ricard (
    Forrest Riesco (Cycling BC,Trident/Banshee, Race Face, POC)
    Kip Shortreed (cycling BC, Trident sports/Banshee factory, mark bunyan training)
    Graham Taylor (Ind)
    Jamie Tice (Dunbar Cycles / Gatorade)
    Anton Urtan (Silent Norco Racing)
    Bas van Steenbergen (Transition, Deity, Profile, Cyclepath)
    Mckay Vezina (pivot Cycles/Newbury Park Bike Shop/Jett Clothing)
    Mark Wallace (Devinci)
Cadet Men   
    Mathieu Bernier (Ind)
    Hayden Genoud (Derailed/Santa Cruz)
    Jack Hickey (Ind)
    Jack Iles (Ind)
    Wyatt Kelln (AFDracing)
    Léo Lamy-Laliberté (Ind)
    félix leclerc (Cycles Performance/Niquet)
    Christopher Magee Sommerville (CC Mont-Sainte-Anne)
    Benjamin Marois (ubac)
    Carter Paschinski (AFD racing)
    Francis Perron (Ind)
    Nic Rodgers (Ind)
    Tom van Steenbergen (Transition, Deity, Profile, Cyclepath)
Master Expert 30+ Women   
    Genevieve Gagnon (Indépendant)
    Jennifer Leblanc (team BTG)
    Monika Luebke (Silent Norco Racing)
    Tifenn Vialatte (Impala-Steamwhistle)
Master Expert 30-39 Men   
    Derek Abraham (Adrenalineracer/To Wheels)
    Brandon Cassell (Adrenalineracer/ To Wheels)
    Marc Fontaine (Ind)
    Benoit Leclair (Ind)
    Jean Lemire (Ind)
    D'Arcy O'Connor (Rocky Mountain /ProCycle)
    Jonathan Palframan (Impala-Steamwhistle)
Master Expert 40-49 Men   
    Jared Anderson (Ind)
    Martin Boulianne (Espresso Sports)
    John Danyluk (Tuf Rack Racing / Spank Ind.)
    Martin Daris (Ind)
    Sydney Jacklin (AFD Gravity Project)
    Shane Joachim (Silent Norco Racing)
    Scott McEachern (Ind)
    Richard Ratte (Ind)
    Gerardo Salenga (Woodcock Cycle Works/ Groundzero)
    Scott Sinclair (Cycle Solutions)
    Brian Whalen (over the edge)
Master 50+ Men   
    Rick Meloff (cycle-solutions)
    Michael Thompson (ACCROCYCLE)
Senior Expert Men   
    Simon Ayotte (Cycles Performance/Niquet)
    Maxime Beaudry (Giant Montréal)
    Alek Campbell (Ind)
    Rob Carmichael (Silent Norco Racing)
    David Klaver (SILENT NORCO RACING)
    Quinn Lanzon (Ind)
    Francis Paquet (Ind)
    Maxime Perreault (Ind)
    Alex Rose (AdrenalineRacer/ToWheels)
    Laurent St-Cyr (Maaxx Events Faction)
    Mark Taylor (Ind)
Senior Sport Men   
    Ivan Beljin (Privateer Phat Moose Racing)
    Mathieu Bouthillier (ACCROCYCLE)
    Félix Gagnon (Ind)
    Stephen Hayes (Silent Norco Racing)
    Gabriel Labat (Ind)
    Marc-antoine Lessard (Ind)
    Ilka McSween (Ind)
    David Moar (ACCROCYCLE)
    Vincent Racine-Laberge (Ind)
    Rémi Villeneuve (La Vie Sportive)
Master Sport 30-39 Men   
    Michel Béliveau (Ind)
    Patrick Bisson (On The Edge Canada)
    Mathieu Dupelle (Ind)
    Marc-andre Frigon (Ind)
    Joel Gagné (Ind)
    François Gaudreault (Ind)
    Jérome Lépine (Ind)
    Nicolas Paquin (Ind)
    Stéphane Perrier (ACCROCYCLE
    Tim Spekkens (Privateer Phat Moose Racing)
    Jean-Pierre Theriault (On The Edge Canada)
Junior Sport Men   
    Dany Ouellet (Ind)


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