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July 18/12 11:20 am - Tour de l'Abitibi: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 07/18/12

It was an eventful first stage at the 44th Tour de l'Abitibi, which departed from the town of Amos and headed towards Rouyn-Noranda for the finish. Despite several crashes at the beginning, the athletes of the USA National Team managed to stand out by remaining at the head of the race for two hours. However, it was the newcomer Miguel Byron from Major Motion Selection A who took the win, as well as all the jersey honours, including best first year.

The pack was split in the race, with numerous falls on the road from Amos to Preissac and in the final criterium laps in the streets of Rouyn-Noranda. This did not stop three cyclists from the American National team from getting a head start of up to 1:45 on the rest of the teams. Curren, Daniel and Eisenhart from the USA National Team managed to maintain their breakaway for over 70 kilometres.

In spite of their lead, the three American cyclists were not able to get a place on the podium. Miguel Byron from USA Selection A, Alexandre Darville from USA National Team and Medina Robles Gerardo Vincente from Major Motion Development took the three first places, with a total time of 2 hours, 44 minutes and 55 seconds. Byron stole the show by winning the blue, orange and brown jerseys for best first year, points leader and best ranked.

Wednesday's stage will bring the cyclists to La Sarre for the Mines Aurizon stage, which will begin at 5 pm. The cyclists will complete a distance of 106 kilometres, passing through Duparquet and ending in the hostess city of Rouyn-Noranda at approximately 7:30 pm.


Results from the first stage in Quebec

Stage 1 (July 17th) : Amos to Rouyn-Noranda, 117.2 km
1 Miguel Bryon (USA) USA Selection A 2:44:50
2 Alexandre Darville (USA) Team USA
3 Gerardo Vicente Medina Robles (Mex) Major Motion Development
4 Owen Logen (USA) Team USA
5 Setthawut Yordsuwan (Tha) Team Thailand
6 Brandon Etlz (Can) Team Canada
7 Benjamin Chartrand (Can) Espoirs QUILICOT
8 Jerome Corneau (Can) Equipe Québec
9 Lucas Wardein (USA) Southeastern Regional
10 Gregory Ratzell (USA) Young Medalists / Team Rothrock
11 Jorge Armando Moreno Martinez (Mex) Major Motion Development
12 Alexy Vermeulen (USA) Team USA
13 Travis Samuel (Can) Team Ontario
14 Julio Cesar Quintero Maldonado (Col) Team Colombia
15 Hendrik Pineda (Can) SpiderTech p/b Powerwatts
16 Romeo Daniel Quicibal Estrada (Gua) Team Guatemala
17 Evan Hartig (USA) Borah Development
18 Raphael Gagnon-Gascon (Can) SpiderTech p/b Powerwatts
19 Emmanuel Gagne (Can) Abitibi - IAMGOLD
20 Max Toeldte (Can) Team Atlantic
21 Neil Symington (Can) Team Atlantic
22 Simon Ouellet (Can) SpiderTech p/b Powerwatts
23 Justin Oien (USA) USA Selection A
24 William Rekemeyer (USA) Racers Against Childhood Cancer
25 Nicholas Torraca (USA) USA Selection B
26 Nathan Labecki (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
27 Adam Kopera (Can) Team Ontario
28 Lionel Rocheleau (USA) Racers Against Childhood Cancer
29 Jay Major (USA) Borah Development
30 Christopher Meacham (USA) Young Medalists / Team Rothrock
31 Peter Davis (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
32 Gregory Daniel (USA) Team USA
33 Jack Burke (Can) Team Ontario
34 John Ryan (USA) USA Selection B
35 William Richter (USA) Southeastern Regional
36 Chris Prendergast (Can) Team Canada
37 Gabriel Cano Alzaga (Mex) Major Motion Development
38 Vincent Däsilets-Jacob (Can) Espoirs QUILICOT
39 Olivier Brisebois (Can) Team Canada
40 Julien Roussel (Can) Team Atlantic
41 Yohan Patry (Can) Team Canada
42 Perrapong Ladngern (Tha) Team Thailand
43 Nigel Ellsay (Can) Team Cycling BC
44 Geoffrey Curren (USA) Team USA
45 Dean Haas (USA) Mid-Atlantic Development Foundation
46 Alberto Ivan Covarrubias Rocha (Mex) Major Motion Development
47 Lambert Gatineau (Can) Equipe Québec
48 Benjamin St-Onge (Can) Equipe Québec
49 Matthew Russell (USA) USA Selection B
50 Marc-Antoine Soucy (Can) Team Canada
51 Cesar Lopez (USA) Major Motion Development
52 François Vaillancourt (Can) Espoirs QUILICOT
53 Paul Price (USA) Southeastern Regional
54 Alvaro Pinzon Chan (Gua) Team Guatemala
55 Taylor Eisenhart (USA) Team USA
56 Cameron Rex (USA) Borah Development
57 Christofer Keeling (USA) Colavita Baci
58 Isaac Kaplan (USA) Mid-Atlantic Development Foundation
59 Christopher Calder (USA) USA Selection A
60 Sean Mackinnon (Can) Team Ontario
61 Matthew Phillips (USA) Colavita Baci
62 Dakota Schaeffer (USA) Young Medalists / Team Rothrock
63 Jérôme Bastien (Can) Abitibi - IAMGOLD
64 Michael Keller (USA) Racers Against Childhood Cancer
65 Jordan Duncan (Can) Team Cycling BC
66 Erik David Tello Hernandez (Gua) Team Guatemala
67 Klisman Orlando Rodriguez Vanegas (Col) Team Colombia
68 Darrell Kohli (USA) Racers Against Childhood Cancer
69 Kaleb Kock (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
70 Ian Moore (USA) USA Selection A
71 Samuel Gagnon (Can) Equipe Québec
72 William Elliot (Can) Team Ontario
73 Taylor Skinner (USA) USA Selection B
74 Jonathan Petrillo (USA) USA Selection A
75 Krisana Kaewprapa (Tha) Team Thailand
76 Brady Barker (USA) Mid-Atlantic Development Foundation
77 Apolinar Acevado (Isv) Colavita Baci
78 Jake Schneidewind (USA) Racers Against Childhood Cancer
79 Marc Antoine Noel (Can) SpiderTech p/b Powerwatts
80 Sebastian Munoz Martinez (Col) Team Colombia
81 Wilson Steeven Cardona Garcia (Col) Team Colombia
82 David Hart (USA) Borah Development 0:18
83 Quinn Moberg (Can) Team Cycling BC
84 Jasmin Houle (Can) Abitibi - IAMGOLD
85 Luis Fernando Pop Laj (Gua) Team Guatemala all s.t.
86 Andrew Hodges (USA) Southeastern Regional 0:25
87 Kittipong Wong-On (Tha) Team Thailand 0:27
88 Zachary Bender (USA) Mid-Atlantic Development Foundation s.t.
89 Ethan Fedor (USA) Mid-Atlantic Development Foundation 0:29
90 Eric Johnstone (Can) SpiderTech p/b Powerwatts 0:30
91 Mayron Octavio Betancur Parra (Col) Team Colombia s.t.
92 Benjamin Veillette (Can) Abitibi - IAMGOLD 0:33
93 Zachary Hutchins (USA) Mid-Atlantic Development Foundation s.t.
94 Spencer Downing (USA) USA Selection B 0:53
95 Aidan Caves (Can) Team Cycling BC
96 Jonah Tannos (USA) USA Selection B
97 Marc-Antoine Nadon (Can) Team Ontario all s.t.
98 Gerson Victorino Toc Xon (Gua) Team Guatemala 1:00
99 Diego Alejandro Roncancio Buitrago (Col) Team Colombia 1:43
100 Elliott Doyle (Can) Equipe Québec 0:00
101 Devin Doiron (Can) Team Atlantic 2:34
102 Tony Kaatz (USA) Racers Against Childhood Cancer 3:31
103 Justin Mallet (Can) Team Atlantic 3:32
104 Rudyard Peterson (USA) Borah Development 4:34
105 Scott Ford (USA) USA Selection A 7:20
106 Trevor Rolette (USA) Borah Development 7:21
107 Trevor Pearson (Can) Team Cycling BC 7:47
108 Maxwell Ackermann (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team 8:05
109 Samuel Gauthier (Can) Abitibi - IAMGOLD 0:00
110 Joseph Tarnowski (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team 11:51
111 Donovan Caputo (USA) Southeastern Regional 12:08
112 Olivier Miclette (Can) Equipe Québec 21:43
113 Geovani Macario Sam Poz (Gua) Team Guatemala s.t.
114 Thitiwat Rathachokhiranphon (Tha) Team Thailand 22:13
115 Zachary Houlik (USA) Young Medalists / Team Rothrock s.t.
116 Luke Lukas (USA) Young Medalists / Team Rothrock 23:01
117 Nicolas Masbourian-Parent (Can) Espoirs QUILICOT 24:48
118 Henri De Boever (Can) Team Cycling BC 30:28
119 Alex Breakstone (USA) Colavita Baci 30:28
120 Ben Stein (USA) Colavita Baci 31:54
121 Alexandre East (Can) Espoirs QUILICOT s.t.
OTL Nicolas Ducharme (Can) Espoirs QUILICOT
OTL Willliam Pestcoe (USA) Young Medalists / Team Rothrock
OTL Marc-Antoine Germain (Can) Abitibi - IAMGOLD
OTL Andrew Mauro (USA) Colavita Baci
DNF Norathep Saenthawesuk (Tha) Team Thailand
DNF Alexandre Bourgeois (Can) SpiderTech p/b Powerwatts
DNF Matthew Kosloske (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
DNF Troy Meeker (USA) Southeastern Regional



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