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July 25/12 14:40 pm - Club News: MIVA

Posted by Editoress on 07/25/12

Results and reports from the Mid Island Velo Association (MIVA)  of Nanaimo BC

MIVA Boxwood Criterium, July 24th

52 Minutes plus 5 Laps
Another fine evening but only ten showed for tonight's Boxwood criterium. We have had a total of thirty-six riders contest one or more of the races so the small field was disappointing. However, a wise? man from the east showed the rest how it's done. Ian Scott, a masters' 1 rider from Toronto has just moved to Victoria and he came up to Nanaimo to see what our criteriums were like. When riding for Wheels of Bloor, he had a number of placings and was used to the Midweek Club criteriums with eighty plus starters, so he must have been surprised at our field of just 10.

After two laps Scott simply rode away from the pack and proceeded to take time out of the rest every lap, winning all the intermediate sprints in the process. The pack just weren’t organised and every time someone took a long- too long- pull, the next in line didn't take up the action. A good pace line could have eaten into Scott's advantage but it wasn't to be.

After thirteen laps, CVCC's ray Wagner soloed off the front of the pack and actually held Scott to twenty seconds but no-one else joined him and by lap sixteen he was back in the pack, whacked.

By lap twenty-four, Ian Scott had a minute on the bunch and showed no signs of flagging, two laps later taking fifteen seconds. On lap thirty the fast-moving Torontonian lapped the field and as it was the bell for the final prime, we expected a hard-contested sprint but when the riders came around into the finishing straight, Scott had taken another twelve seconds and took the prime alone.

With just five laps left, the lethargic bunch watched our visitor continue to ride away and at the line, it was Ian Scott finishing a lap and twenty seconds up. The sprint for second was just taken by Iain Hay from Ray Wagner and John Lam. The rest rolled in with the same time except for Matt Allardyce who had been lapped quite early in the race but who had managed to hang onto the pack once they caught him.

Tip for tomorrows Cedar ride: spend some time practising some serious pace line riding and apply it to the next criterium.



MIVA 40KM I.T.T. held on Nanaimo River Road on July 12th

A nearly perfect night. More traffic on the road than usual as school is out and lots of families head to the Nanaimo Lakes formed by widening of the river. Still , only eight riders showed, possibly because of the Gran Fondo Axel Merckx and the triathlon last weekend.

Don Gillmore did another good ride even though his second 20km was over a minute slower than his first. Janna just failed to beat her personal best for the distance by nine seconds and newcomer Jason Hare finished third in the mien’s category having ridden a number of ten, twenty-five and thirty mile time trial back in England some years ago.

Seven year old Ian Gillmore rode a very good twenty km on his mountain bike at just under twenty kph, accompanied and encouraged by sister Megan and mother Anita.



Boxwood Criterium, July 10th

30 Minutes plus 5 Laps

The fine weather and the presence of SHAW Cable produced a hoard of youth riders and the most exciting senior and youth races to date.

 Unfortunately, a first lap crash in the youth race ton Death Corner took out Lindsay Harmsworth but she survived with just a couple of small abrasions. After a couple of laps, the pack was down to six, with Max Creightton, Isaac Van der Vliet and Jane Harmsworth chasing hard and newbie Ben Harmsworth falling back quickly. By the first prime, Ben had been lapped and the sprint was won by Eli Van der Vliet from James Grant.

That's the way it stayed until just before the second prime, with the chase group finally being lapped. The sprint was won by James  who just edged Eli for the four points.
With three laps to go the leaders were down to just James, Eli, Brodie Hay and Kia Van der Vliet. Jane and Isaac followed and then the rest. At the start of the final lap, Eli and James pulled away, while Brodie and Kia were rejoined by Jane and Isaac six seconds back.

The final sprint was won by James who again out sprinted Eli for the win. in the dash for third, Kia beat Brodie, Jessica and Mark, with Ben soloing in for seventh as the rest of the riders had not crossed the line. It was a good contest, with the young competitors putting on a great show for the SHAW camera.

The senior event was exciting, with constant attacks but none succeeded and the pack stayed together for the majority of the race.. The sprint for the first prime however was easily taken by Ian Smith who rode away from the rest of the field and cruised across the line ten seconds up. He then eased off and the pack rejoined. He showed his class by repeating the performance for the second prime. Hopefully, the rest of the riders will get stronger over the season and be able to really challenge him.

Just before the second prime, a rider not entered in the event joined the pack on the understanding that he would not get in the way of the other riders. However, he appeared, first behind a break attempt by Ian, and  Ray Wagner and then towing the entire pack. but when requested by the commissaire, remained behind the pack for the rest of the race.
As the third prime was approached, the spectators (yes, there were indeed spectators!) expected to see Ian at the front again and, sure enough, the first category rider took the flag again, with CVCC's hard-working Ray Wagner in hot pursuit.

Shortly after, Mike Sevcov, Everti, went off the front with Ron Hewitson, Ray Wagner and Iain Hay but they were brought back in short order. Then Shepherd Stewart and Paul Thompson, together with the ever present Ray, led the pack around for a lap. Ray stayed at the front a bit longer and then,was adsorbed. With three laps to go, the bell rang for the final prime and Steve Crowley took off like a scalded cat to take it. He pressed his advantage and made a desperate dash for the line. At the start of the last lap, he crossed the line five seconds ahead of the pack, thinking he had won but the rest of the riders had either counted correctly or had seen the lap board and let him stay ahead.

At the real finish it was Ian followed by elite triathlete Steve Struthers and then Kyle Waring who has shown remarkable improvement over the last few weeks. Fourth was Shepherd Stewart, another much  rider who showed his returning form. Fifth was Iain Hay and sixth Paul Thompson.



note: unless instructed by the commissaire, all lapped riders must cross the
line on the final lap. In future, any riders failing to do this will be recorded
as DNF.

Provided by Peter McCaffery


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