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April 25/00 6:05 am - Cobourg Race Results, Vote, CC Mail, Springbank Deadline

Posted by Editor on 04/25/00

Easter Sunday Loops
(courtesy Rob Naish)

Cobourg, Ontario - April 23, 2000
Organized By The Cobourg Cycling Club - sponsored by

Masters B, C, D
1Fred CampbellZzoom
2Jerry GarrardZzoom
3Drew HarvieMississauga
4Jan KocembaIndependant
5Tim PorterIndependant
6Cabral VictorMadonna Wheelers
1Chloe BlackIntersports
2Julie HutsebautIntersports
3Amanda KellettOGC / Gary Fisher
4Kate ArchibaldKiro
5Kirsten Robbins Indepentant
1Colin BurnOttawa BC
2Philippe RoyOttawa BC
3Mike EdmondsCobourg CC
4Warren TilbrookSt. Catharines
5William RoyOttawa BC
Senior 3
1Aaron CombdonZzoom
2Ralph LeiesD'Ornellas
3Duncan SalisburyHalton R&T
4Joe LepineZzoom
5Fernando Bagnosco MBRC
6Matt PattersonOGC/Gary Fisher
7Jeffrey BakalKingston VC
8Optis LadislavIND
9Bobby MrveljD'ornellas
10Lorne AndersonIND
11Derek PeelingMBRC
12John SaulnierMitzi's
13Stirling McCarthurMBRC
14Noel SavagePeterborough
15Scott WoodPeterborough
16Ben ScottMitzi's
17Doug HinanPeterborough
18Chris ReidMBRC
19Benjamin HarperBuffalo BC
20Enrico TrainiMBRC
21Ryan SmithCobourg CC
22John FeeOttawa BC
23Jeff ArchboldMBRC
24Matt ParnellD'ornellas
Masters A
1Dan BartoliPeteborough
2Daniel SalterD'ornellas
3Garnett AbbeyHalton R&T
4Salvatore SaccoZzoom
5Mark DwyreKingston VC
6Peter PhillipsCobourg CC
7Greg CushingCobourg CC
8Chris GraingerKingston VC
9Scott DoelKHS Bicycles
Senior 1/2
1Matthew HansenInterSports
2Ray DugganSaeco
3Malcolm MunroInterSports
4Paul SpadacciniOryx - Procycle
5Charlie GormanJet Fuel
6Peter MorseKiro
7Piers DavidgeMBRC
8Jason CheweyInterSports
9Sean KellyJet Fuel
10Craig DeveerInterSports
11Michael YbanezMBRC
12Kevin SpeachtKiro
13James WaddenKiro
14Benedict AysonMBRC
15Fred PerezNARC
16Craig HawkesGears
17Greg ReainSultan of Spin CC
18Nat FaulknerKissena
19Kevin LehmanKiro
20Paul HornakMBRC
21Brian TurnerKiro
22Dean PeddleNARC


As we reported yesterday, mountain bike pro Jerome Chiotti has admitted to using EPO during the period in 1996 when he won the world championships. The UCI (and the French federation) now have to decide how to deal with the sutuation. Do they suspend him now, four years after the event? Do they strip him of his world title? If you haven't voted yet, go to the Vote! page and register your opinion. You can also view the commentary on the subject by entering the Forums section.

CC Mail

We are gradually building up the mailing list. If you haven't signed up yet, just click on the CC Mail graphic on our Home page.

Springbank Signup

As we mentioned yesterday, Springbank online registration ends April 29th (this Saturday), so don't leave it too long to register. Just click on the blue Springbank logo at the top of your browser window.


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