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August 26/12 13:18 pm - UCI Junior Track Cycling World Championships: Day 5 report and results

Posted by Editoress on 08/26/12

Dynamic Russian sprinter Daria Shmeleva finished the UCI Junior Track World Championships as she started, with a world record at Invercargill, New Zealand on Sunday.

The 18 year old Shmeleva claimed her fourth gold medal of the championships in winning the women’s 500m time trial in 34.753 seconds, which broke the world record she set at the recent European Championships by 0.1 seconds.

This followed her gold medal performances in the Keirin, Sprint and Team Sprint with Lidia Pluzhnikova, who finished second in the time trial.

She finished with one more gold medal than the three to outstanding Australian prospect Taylah Jennings, who won all six disciplines on the way to winning the Omnium, along with the Team Pursuit and Points race.

“I am very happy with that ride. I had a world record last month and it was very good to go faster today especially as this was the last day. It was a very good championship and it was such a long way to come that it was more special. I like the track very much,” said Shmelev.

Australia finished on top of the medal table with 16 medals, including nine gold medals. They won two on the final day with outstanding sprinter Jacob Schmid adding the keirin title to the sprint gold medal earlier in the championships.

He outclassed compatriot Emerson Harwood in the final with Jakub Vyvoda (CZE) in third.

“Really ecstatic, it’s unbelievable I can’t have imagined anything going better than it has,” Schmid said.  “Our work ethic, our professionalism and our dedication with the work hours we put in is the key to our performances this week.”

The other victory went to 16 year old Kelsey Robson, who blitzed her way around the track to win the women’s Individual Pursuit in a slick 2:23.573, a faction slower than her top qualifying performance.

Great Britain’s Elinor Barker was more than two seconds back in second with Australia’s Georgia Baker third.

“It’s pretty incredible, coming into it I didn’t really expect too much being in my first World Championships. I think there was basically no pressure on me because I have another year in this category, so to just come out with the win is so good. It’s pretty unreal,” said Robson.

The championships wound up with a brilliant performance from the Colombian pairing of Fernando Gaviria Rendon and Jordan Parras Arias, who withstood a fierce and exciting men’s 30 kilometre Madison, winning the gold medal from Belgium and a gallant New Zealand, with Dylan Kennett recovering from a heavy crash to pick up his fourth medal.


Full results from the fifth and final day of racing in New Zealand


Women Individual Pursuit
1 Kelsey Robson (Australia) 2:23.165
2 Elinor Barker (Great Britain) 2:25.537
3 Georgia Baker (Australia) 2:26.449
4 Natalia Mozharova (Russian Federation) 2:27.388
5 Hayley Jones (Great Britain) 2:28.546
6 Jessica Parra Rojas (Colombia) 2:28.804
7 Cassie Cameron (New Zealand) 2:29.980
8 Georgina Wilson (New Zealand) 2:31.354
9 Kseniia Dobrynina (Russian Federation) 2:32.670
10 Hyeonji Oh (Korea) 2:32.857
11 Audrey Labrie (Canada) 2:37.779
12 Sara Ferrara Airas (Mexico) 2:38.823
13 Nadia Latzgo (United States) 2:40.655
14 Karla Lopez Herrera (Mexico) 2:40.791
15 Kinley Gibson (Canada) 2:41.379
Ride for Gold and Silver
1 Kelsey Robson (Australia) 2:23.574
2 Elinor Barker (Great Britain) 2:27.272
Ride for Bronze
3 Natalia Mozharova (Russian Federation) 2:26.768
4 Georgia Baker (Australia) 2:27.982
Men Keirin
Round 1
Heat 1
1 Jeremy Presbury (New Zealand)
2 Malek Marcus Mccrone (Malaysia)
3 David Sojka (Czech Republic)
4 Emmanuel Mejia (Mexico)
5 Bryan Clemen (France)
6 Kellan Gouveris (South Africa)
7 Joakim Albert (Canada)
Heat 2
1 Jakub Vyvoda (Czech Republic)
2 Santiago Ramirez Morales (Colombia)
3 Emerson Harwood (Australia)
4 Siamen Zaikouski (Belarus)
5 Jacobus Johanne Steyn (South Africa)
6 Calan Farley (United States)
7 Hiroto Shimizu (Japan)
Heat 3
1 Tom Beadle (New Zealand)
2 Alexander Dubchenko (Russia)
3 Kwesi Browne (Trinidad & Tobago)
4 Eric Johnstone (Canada)
5 Kaleb Koch (United States)
6 Artsiom Zaitsau (Belarus)
7 Matthew Rotherham (Great Britain)
Heat 4
1 Jacob Schmid (Australia)
2 Alexey Lysenko (Russian Federation)
3 Samuel Mahabir (Trinidad & Tobago)
4 Kaito Hotta (Japan)
5 Rico Zaugg (Switzerland)
6 Edgar Verdugo (Mexico)
7 Renzo Amoroso (Argentina)
First 2 riders in each heat advance to Round 2
rest to repechage
Heat 1
1 Joakim Albert (Canada)
2 Kaleb Koch (United States)
3 David Sojka (Czech Republic)
4 Kaito Hotta (Japan)
5 Calan Farley (United States)
Heat 2
1 Emerson Harwood (Australia)
2 Jacobus Johanne Steyn (South Africa)
3 Renzo Amoroso (Argentina)
4 Eric Johnstone (Canada)
5 Kellan Gouveris (South Africa)
Heat 3
1 Edgar Verdugo (Mexico)
2 Matthew Rotherham (Great Britain)
3 Kwesi Browne (Trinidad & Tobago)
4 Siamen Zaikouski (Belarus)
5 Bryan Clemen (France)
Heat 4
1 Hiroto Shimizu (Japan)
2 Artsiom Zaitsau (Belarus)
3 Emmanuel Mejia (Mexico)
4 Samuel Mahabir (Trinidad & Tobago)
5 Rico Zaugg (Switzerland)
 First rider in each heat advances to Round 2
Round 2
Heat 1
1 Jacob Schmid (Australia)
2 Jeremy Presbury (New Zealand)
3 Alexander Dubchenko (Russia)
4 Hiroto Shimizu (Japan)
5 Santiago Ramirez Morales (Colombia)
6 Joakim Albert (Canada)
Heat 2
1 Emerson Harwood (Australia)
2 Jakub Vyvoda (Czech Republic)
3 Edgar Verdugo (Mexico)
4 Alexey Lysenko (Russian Federation)
5 Malek Marcus Mccrone (Malaysia)
6 Tom Beadle (New Zealand)
First 3 in each Heat advance to 1-6 Final
Rest to 7-12 Final
1-6 Final
1 Jacob Schmid (Australia)
2 Emerson Harwood (Australia)
3 Alexander Dubchenko (Russia)
4 Jeremy Presbury (New Zealand)
5 Jakub Vyvoda (Czech Republic)
6 Edgar Verdugo (Mexico)
Final 7-12
7 Santiago Ramirez Morales (Colombia)
8 Tom Beadle (New Zealand)
9 Malek Marcus Mccrone (Malaysia)
10 Alexey Lysenko (Russian Federation)
11 Hiroto Shimizu (Japan)
12 Joakim Albert (Canada)
Women 500m Time Trial
1 Daria Shmeleva (Russian Federation) 34.753*
2 Elis Ligtlee (Netherlands) 35.625
3 Lidia Pluzhnikova (Russian Federation) 35.705
4 Taylah Jennings (Australia) 35.816
5 Paige Paterson (New Zealand) 36.029
6 Alysha Keith (New Zealand) 36.091
7 Caitlin Ward (Australia) 36.294
8 Jennifer Valente (United States) 37.256
9 Martha Bayona Pineda (Colombia) 37.337
10 Ummi Hamimah Mohamad (Malaysia) 37.727
11 Aline Tamez Vela (Mexico) 38.603
12 Aziza Browne (Trinidad & Tobago) 38.628
13 Jodi Goodridge (Trinidad & Tobago) 38.862
14 Chloe Chepigin (United States) 39.301
15 Kinley Gibson (Canada) 39.981
 *World Record
Men Madison
1 Colombia (Fernando Gaviria Rendon/Jordan Parra Arias) 18 pts
2 Belgium (Jonas Rickaert /Otto Vergaerde) 15
3 New Zealand (Dylan Kennett/Hayden McCormick) 7
4 Switzerland (Tom Bohl/Gianluca Ocanha) 3
5 Ukraine (Vitaliy Gryniv/Roman Lutsyshyn) 2
6 Australia (Miles Scotson/Evan Hull) 16 (lapped)
7 Chile (Cristian Cornejo Aliste/Jose Luis Rodriguez Aguilar ) 3 (lapped)
8 Russian Federation (Alexey Kurbatov/Andrey Sazanov) 0 (lapped)
9 Kazakhstan (Robert Gaineyev/Bakyt Gainulin) 0 (lapped)
10 Argentina (Luca Solda/Sebastian Trillini) 2 (lapped)
11 South Africa (Kellen Gouveris/Jevandre Pauls) 0 (lapped)
12 Canada (Eric Johnstone/William Simonds) 0 (lapped)
DNF Mexico (Jose Alfredo Aguirre Infante/Gerardo Medina Robles)


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