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September 8/12 7:25 am - MTB World Championships: Men's XC LIVE UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 09/8/12

The final race of the day is about to start - the Elite men's XC


99 men will contest the 8 lap (plus start loop) 38.3 km race, 1 lap is ~ 4.5 km


This could prove to be a very exciting race, with the World Cup winner Nino Schurter (Switzerland) looking for revenge against Olympic and dedending World Champ Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic).  Julien Absalon (France) could also get into the mix after missing his chance at defending his Olympic title.


Canada has 4 men entered today: Geoff Kabush, Derek Zandstra, Raphael Gagne, Cameron Jette.  Kabush was in great form  in London 4 weeks ago, and we will see if he has managed to maintain that form today.


Some of the women stuggled with the transition from the dry conditions in the open areas, to the wet slippery track under the trees.  We will see how the men do.


Start loop

Nino Schurter (Switzerland) takes the holeshot from the gun.

8:06 am

Julien Absalon (France) leading now as they head through the loop with Schurter on his wheel


A crash on the start loop took down Raphael Gagne.  Bad luck!


Lap 1

8:09 am

Heading out onto the first lap Absalon leading Lukas Flückiger (Switzerland) by 1 sec, Schurter 3rd, Marco Aurelio Fontana (Italy) 4th, Florian Vogel (Switzerland) 5th

Geoff Kabush (Canada) 23rd at 23 sec

Saml Schultz (USA)  29th

Derek Zandstra (Canada) 34th


8:17 am

Halfway thru the first lap

Schurter back in the lead with Fontana 2nd at s.t. Fabian Giger (Switzerland) 3rd at 3 sec, Vogel 4th at 15 sec, Absalon 5th at s.t.

Kabush 19th,  47 sec

Schultz  26th at 1:18

Zandstra 33rd at 1:30

Todd Wells 34th at s.t.


Lap 2

8:20 am

Heading out for the 2nd full lap

Fontana leading Schurter - wheel to wheel

Giger 3rd at 1 sec

Absalon 4th at 22sec with vogel on his wheel

Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic) 13th at 28 sec

Kabush 18th at 50 sec

Schultz 27th


1/2 way  8:29 am

Schurter leading with Giger moving into 2nd at 1 sec.  Fontana 3rd at s.t.

Absalon 4th at 32 sec

Vogel 5th at s.t.

Kabush 16th at 1:10


Lap 3

8:33 am

Heading out it is Giger leading Schurter by 1 sec

Fontana 3rd at s.t.

Mathias Flückiger (Switzerland) 4th at 29 sec, Vogel 5th, Stéphane Tempier (France) 6th and Absalon 7th all at s.t.

Kabush 16th at 1:15


8:40 am - 1/2 way

Schurter back in teh lead with Fontana on his wheel. Giger 3rd at 9sec, Tempier 4th at 28 sec, Absalon 5th at 35 sec, Flückiger 6th at s.t.

Kabush 16th at 1:15



Lap 4

Fontana leading as they head out onto the 4th lap.  Schurter on his wheel

Giger 3rd at 9 sec, Tempier 4th at 24 sec, Absalon 5th at 35 sec

Kabush 16th at 1:48

Zandstra 25th at 2:46

Wells 30th at 3:21

Gagne 38th at 3:50

Jett 66th


8:52 am - 1/2 way lap 4

Schurter with  Fontana at 1 sec

Giger 4th at 14sec, Tempier 4th at 20 sec, Mathias Flückiger at 28 sec, Absalon 6th at 33sec, 7 Vogel s.t.

Kabush 17th at 2:08


Lap 5   8:57 am

Schurter and Fontana still battling it out in the lead

Tempier now into 3rd at 14 sec. Giger 4th at s.t.  Mathias Flückiger 5th at 20 sec

Kulhavy 12th at 1:13

Kabush 17th at 2:12

24 Zandstra 3:09

36 Wells 4:38

37 Gagne 4:39


Halfway thru lap 5: 9:05 am

Schurter and Fontana at 1 sec. 3 Tempier at 18 sec, Giger 4th at 28 sec, 5 Mathias Flückiger at 28 sec

Absalon 7th at 46 sec

Kabush 17th


Lap 6 start

  9:10 am

Fontana leading Schurter

3 Tempier at 19 sec

4 Mathias Flückiger at 27 sec

5 Lukas Flückiger at 28 sec


9:16 am 1/2 Way into Lap 6


Schurter has attacked and now leads Fontana by 16 sec.  Fontana tried to repond and came off the bike a bit,and  getting dropped.  Lukas Flückiger 3rd at 29 sec, Mathias Flückiger 4th at 34 sec, Tempier 5th at 40 sec, Giger 6th at 47 sec


Lap 7 start  9:21 am


Schurter leading Lukas Flückiger by 25 sec, with Fontana on his wheel.  4th Mathias Flückiger at s.t., Tempier 5th at 38 sec, 6th Giger 43 sec, 7 Manuel Fumic (Germany) 58 sec, 8 Absalon 1:04

17 Kabush 3:34

24 Zandstra 4:35



1/ way through  - 9:29 am

Schurter leading with Lukas Flückiger now in 2nd by 26 sec. 3 Mathias Flückiger at 41 sec, Fontana 4th at 52 sec, 5th Giger at 1:04


Last lap  9:33 am

Schurter heads out onto the final lap with a gap of 23 sec on Lukas Flückiger. Mathias Flückiger at 42 sec, 4 Fontana 1:04, 5 Giger 1:11, 6 Absalon 1:20


9:41 am 1/2 way


With half a lap to go before the finish, Schurter is pretty much assured of a win.  He leads Lukas Flückiger by 32 sec.  Mathias Flückiger sitting 3rd at 59 sec.  Absalon now in 4th at 1:23, Giger 5th at 1:24




1 Nino Schurter (Switzerland)  1:40:55

2 Lukas Flückiger (Switzerland) at 0:29

3 Mathias Flückiger (Switzerland), 0:51

4 Julien Absalon (France), 1:04

5 Fabian Giger (Switzerland), 1:16







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