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September 11/12 13:39 pm - We Need More Cowbell `Cross Bazaar

Posted by Editoress on 09/11/12

We Need More Cowbell Cyclo-cross Bazaar on Sept 22nd and 23rd in St.Catharines ON.

Well I guess the name had to lead to something therefore we do now have more Cowbell, yes you heard it more cowbell.

The 'We need more Cowbell' Cyclo-cross race is now a weekend- 2 races, hence more cowbell.

Saturday's race will be held on the s-cup course from last year and will be 90% the same. This race is sponsored by Niagara's premium pest control service, Sheldon Pest Management. This is an independantly owned business lead by a great supporter of local cycling in the Niagara region.

A new format will be used for Saturday, basically you can choose to race up a level so if you are a M3 and wanna try to duke it out with the M2 then register for the B race. The same goes for M2, juniors and elite women. All the info is on the registartion page.

Okay enough details, What is the name you say?  Well are you tired of Corporate society buying up all the name rights to awesome events? If so now is your chance to name an awesome event. Send what you would name a cross race if it was up to you and the winner will be picked on September 18th and will recieve a free entry in to the race ( or money back if prereged) You can enter by emailing with "Event" as the subject or by posting a message at the cowbell facebook page

And don't forget the Team CF (Cystic Fibrosis) Kids race at 1230, if they have a bike and a helmet they can race.

The second 'We Need more Cowbell' S-cup, The Microphone Assassin Shootout, is on Sunday and is presented by NA consulting. Yes another trailer park boys themed race, my 6 year old son who basically runs the joint has insisted on a all Pokemon race for next year. The S-cup course will be a 50% same as Saturday's course but with some new sections of the park being used.

Both days will have free coffee on site, a power washer will be available if we happen to get rain for like the 3rd time this year. The courses will be fully taped and most likely UCI legal, but who really checks (please ignore OCA). Prizes will be the usual assortment of gold, diamonds and luxury cars or t-shirts, waterbottles and Cowbells. I guess I'll go with cowbells and maybe gold next year.

NOTE- parking for Sunday will be in the upper lot by the Tennis courts, please try not to park in the dog park area as there is another event on in the park on Sunday.

Also, Look for a SPECIAL guest star on Saturday and Sunday
. No it is not Neil Armstrong, but he will be there.

Race Schedule:
Both Days are at Burgoyne Woods Park, 70 Edgedale Road, St. Catharines, Ontario

Saturday start

Start C 10:00am (40 minutes) - Master 3 Men, Senior 3/4 Men, U19 Beginner M/F
Start B 11:30am (50 minutes) - Master 2 Men, Junior Men, Master and Senior Women, fast M3, Senior 4.
1230 ish- Team CF kids race-
Start A 1:15pm (60 minutes) - Master 1 Men, Senior Men, Fast M2, Fast Junior, Fast elite Women

10:00am (40 minutes) - Master 3 Men, Senior 3/4 Men, U19 Beginner M/F
11:30am (50 minutes) - Master 2 Men, Junior Men, Master and Senior Women

1230 ish Team CF kids race
1:15pm (60 minutes) - Master 1 Men, Senior Men

Race website    

Courtesy Nathan Chown


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