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September 12/12 8:46 am - Cross On The Rock 2012

Posted by Editor on 09/12/12

The Radio Silence is over.....COTR 2012 is about to begin......

What do we have for you this year?
• 7 races
• 7 Venues
• 5 Towns
• The chance to be the supreme commander of your race category.
• Nutcase "Little Nutty" kids races
• ON LINE REGISTRATION (Opening Wednesday, September 12th)
• A Master Blaster Season Race Bible (Being Posted Wednesday, September 12th) with EVERYTHING you want to know.
• Wheel to wheel racing
• Chance to win great prizes!
• Beer
• Heckling
• Best Photo Contest
• Bike shop challenge
• Coffee
• Great Courses
• Amazing racing WITHOUT taking the ferry (unless you are from the mainland then FOR SURE you should take the ferry!!)
• The biggest Masters, Intermediate women, Open Women and Expert categories west of Ontario.
• Something....won't say what....for the category will see on Sunday.
• Basically the same awesome stuff that we have been doing since 2003 but with a bit more awesomeness.

What do you need to do?
• Book time off work
• Locate your license (buy one or pull out crisp $10 bills) and put it someplace where you will not forget it.
• Check your bike over......check it twice......
• Check your wheels and tires over (you don't want to be the person that rolls their tubulars at the first race do you?
• Stretch
• Ride a bit
• Show up to COTR pumped to be one of the people that make this series fun.

Cross Rides

Wednesday Nights:
- Cross Club 2012 -
$20 cash money for the 8 event training series
September 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th and October 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

To give a gentle introduction to cyclo-cross, MIVA (Mid Island Velo Association) is holding its second year of CX clinics where participants can learn and improve their skills at dealing with all kinds of obstacles, dismounting and remounting, cornering, riding cross camber sections, and even what to look for in their pre-riding of CX courses. Each clinic ends with a short race where riders can practise their skills and techniques and have a qualified coach offer constructive advice. Last year, a number of the more experienced competitors found the clinics invaluable in improving their performance.

Some participants use mountain bikes for the clinics and even for the Cross on the Rock races but, if you have a cyclo-cross bike or a road bike that can be modified, most of the courses favour these. One of the clinics will have a section dealing with bike modification.

Clinics are held at Beban Park and dates and times can be found on the Cross on the Rock web site and also on MIVA's web site - If you need further information email

Insurance: What You Need/Want

Everyone is welcome at our events. That said everyone must be insured through Cycling BC.

You have a couple of options with regards to insurance:

1. If you are a racer that will not make it to many events, just trying out the sport, don't plan on racing outside of COTR series then you can come to the race and just pay $10 extra on top of the entry fee (unless racing Beginner) to make certain you are insured.

2. For everyone else and all those wishing to participate you MUST have proof of club membership and/or a Cycling BC or UCI race license.

You can do the races without paying any extra:

• If you have purchased a full UCI race license for 2012 for EITHER Road OR Road with MTB
• If you have purchased a Cycling BC citizen license for 2012

For those that do not yet have any Cycling BC affiliation or license:
• If you do not have club membership/race license please go to: and complete the application process, pay the fee and bring a copy of the confirmation email to registration Wednesday night. The late season UCI licenses only required if you will be racing outside of the province
• This link is for Citizen licenses:

IF you want to race the National Champs in South Surrey this November or do any of the BC Cup races, race in the USA, etc., you will need an UCI license through Cycling BC.

More and More...

This series is made by its racers and put on by racers. We count on you guys to bring new people to race and to grow the sport. To chat with people at the event. To leave any "attitude" at home. To be friendly to your fellow racers on and off the course....while racing HARD on the course. To be respectful of other park and venue users. We love our series because of the racers and depend on you guys to help keep it awesome!!


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