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May 1/00 5:13 am - Skyloft O-Cup DH Results

Posted by Editor on 05/1/00

Ontario Cup #1 Downhill - Skyloft

Full results can be found

Cadet Men
1HOBLEY, CraigON from Bracebridge1:00.54
2PARLETT, JoshON from Bracebridge1:02.67
3NIELSEN, DanielON from Bracebridge1:06.99
4BLAKE, DevinON from Burlington1:07.32
5BALL, JeffON from Bracebridge1:07.57
6HASTINGS, JordanON from Cambridge1:07.64
7REES-OLIVIERE, Alex ON from Oakville1:08.29
8WHITE, RyanON1:09.75
9RUTHERFORD, RyanON from Richmond Hill1:11.31
10JONES, ZacON1:11.32
11TAYLOR, DavidON1:12.75
12COMAT, TylerON from Oakville1:14.17
13MCGUIRE, GrantON from Oakville1:17.76
14ANDERSON, BeauON from Toronto1:19.00
15DICK, BrendanON1:24.30
Junior Women
1LOBODZINSKI, Katherine ON KHS Bicycles / London1:08.07
Pro-Elite Women
1GAMBIN, CecileON Norco / Toronto1:05.71
2RICKERBY, ShaunaON from Meaford1:11.83
3CHEVRIER, DonnaON from Ottawa1:15.05
4STONG, EmilyON1:19.77
5BRZEZICKI, Barbara ON from Toronto1:22.31
Junior Expert Men
1NIELSEN, MatthewON from Bracebridge55.68
2GALBRAITH, TristanON from Campbellville1:00.84
3DANYLUK, AndrewON from Sault Ste Marie1:01.04
4SKINNER, DanielON Bike Depot Racing / Aurora1:01.73
5COPPING, DougON Giant Bicycles / Kilbride1:02.01
6BERGER, PaulON from Campbellville1:02.86
7DICK, RoryON Norco / Acton1:02.86
8STEELE, JamieON from London1:03.17
9MCNABB, BenjaminON from Stayner1:04.20
10JARC, AaronON from Oakville1:07.46
Veteran Expert Men
1FOWLIE, ChrisON from Brooklin1:01.12
2CASTELLO, MarkON from Scarborough1:01.61
3WEBB, LanceON from Collingwood1:02.25
4SCHARFF, JohnON1:03.66
5JOHNSTON, R. Scott ON from Sharon1:04.42
6HYCKABEE, JohnON1:06.34
7MERCHANT, RodneyON from Toronto1:08.83
8STANSELL, GordON from Barrie1:09.38
9WILTSHIRE, GrahamON from Burlington1:10.00
10WALTERS, DougON from Georgetown1:11.17
11BERNKNOPF, WayneON1:11.27
12VAN RASSEL, SeanON from Oakville1:11.60
13CORKILL, DavidON1:19.22
14FITZPATRICK, DaveON from Scarborough1:29.91
15BARTLETT, TroyON from Belleville2:03.54
Senior Pro-Elite Men
1CSEFF, EricON from Milton55.75
2BELANGER, FredPQ from DdO56.02
3BEATTIE, DougON from Burlington56.38
4MCLEAN, PeterON KHS Bicycles / St Marys56.49
5MARCOTTE, VincentPQ from Beaconsfield57.07
6WELLS, Mark NON from Grimbsy57.72
7REINDERS, JasonON from Georgetown57.89
8LOBODZINSKI, Michael ON KHS Bicycles / London58.17
9BARRON, SeanON from Etobicoke58.27
10MCGUIRE, BrandonON from Oakville58.5
11MEAD, JoshON from Aurora58.54
12WALTERS, RyanON Norco / Milton58.75
13LOWES, BrentON Uxbridge CC / Toronto59.15
14HEAVER, JamesON from Oakville59.3
15CHAVEZ, MichaelON from Mississauga1:00.90
16ZAHRA, BrianON from Toronto1:01.49
17TOWERS, MichaelON Gears Racing / Mississauga1:01.78
18LUEDEMANN, PhilipON from Kitchener1:02.05
19COUSINEAU, ChrisON from Maryhill1:02.41
20MARTINEN, WilliamON Mad Dog Racing CyclepathBloor1:04.55
21NEUMANN, OndrejON Gears Racing / MississaugaDNF


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