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September 18/12 15:05 pm - Cross on the Rock #1 – Condo Cross report and full results

Posted by Editoress on 09/18/12

Cross on the Rock, the cyclocross race series run on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, was off with a boom with a record 208 participants at the season opener in Esquimalt. It was an impressive showing from Victoria, up-island, the mainland and even from the US. Lots of smiles, cheers, and several of the new faces commented on how much they enjoyed the race and atmosphere – giving us confidence in running a ‘cross event!

The course at the waterside Gorge Park was one of the more ‘traditional’ Euro designs we’ve had in a while. One major climb and almost the whole course on smooth but tricky grass. There were enough straight-aways to give roadies a chance to power away, and still lots of twists favoring technical riders; the most trouble might have come from a few steeper kickers. Temperatures were still very summer-y, in the 25C range.

The Beginners field was HUGE, with 27 men, and 23 women on the line – amazing!! Naomi Dove, visiting from Vancouver, was the fastest in the Beginner Women’s field, finished a minute and a half ahead of local rider Cristin Schlossberger(IRC), and the third podium step was earned by Alexandra Grant, a 17-yr old riding for Tripleshot. The Beginner Men’s race was all action at the front with Strava speedster Sylvan Smith(Tripleshot) and Derek Vinge exchanging blows in their first cyclocross race, but Sylvan took the sprint at the end. Not far back was Nick Walker (Frontrunners), all three from Victoria. (full results below)

In the Intermediate field, the Single Speeders took control, with Seana Wright(Alberni Valley Riders) from Port Alberni maintaining a 10 second lead over Sylvia Story(ProCity Racing), and Shelby Harlen(Oak Bay Bikes) in her second CotR race had these two in her sights, finishing just behind. The Intermediate Men had 43 starters, but none stood a chance against Parker Bloom(Stuckylife) on his SS ‘cross bike, who opened up a pretty huge gap a couple laps in. Unofficial CotR videographer Pelle Gustavs (Sooke Mtn Club) nearly reeled Parker in, with Jordan Kinghorn (OBB/Kelly’s Kids) and two others in tow just behind – one year Jordan’s junior was 17-year-old Liam Farrar(Tripleshot) and Trevor Mackenzie(OBB/Wheelers) made the Top 5. (full results below)

The biggest single field was the Master’s Men, with 54 starters – our 2nd biggest ever! North Vancouver rider Dan Gronross(Steed Cycles), had a solid lead practically from the siren (unfortunately he is actually only 33, and our Master’s field is for 40+ so he took home the prizes but gets a NOR for the race/points). Age didn’t seem quite as much a factor as series director Norm Thilbault(Frontrunners) out-sprinted Sean Cruickshank(ProCity Racing). The world’s fastest man, Sam Whittingham(Team Naked) visiting from Quadra Island finished 4th, on his own hand-built single-speed, only 17 seconds down from Norm, and 28sec from the leader, and Derek Shiers(Jacks Bicycle) from Bellingham, WA, was just behind. Bill McMillan(MIVA) had the distinction of being the fastest in the 50+ age group, 7th overall and 1’17 behind the winner. (full results below)

The Expert Women started 3:30 before the Master’s Men, and the one to claim the leader’s arm band (did we mention series leaders now get to sport a fancy arm band?) was Joele Guynup(Condo Group) who out-sprinted mainlander Kelly Jones(Steed Cycles). A minute back was last year’s series winner Dawn Anderson(Oak Bay Bikes), who had raced the Xterra earlier in the morning! Rounding out the Top 5 was Janna Gillick(MIVA) and Glenowyn Carlson(Oak Bay Bikes).

There were a lot of fast men on the start line for the Expert Men’s field, but the fastest of the 34 this day was race director and former Single-Speed World Champion Drew Mackenzie(Condo Group). Maybe he knew the course too well? It doesn’t matter now, as he and his wife Joele were both top winners this day! Four more Victoria riders finished within 2mins filling out the top positions – Kelly Guest(Marin) maintained his lead over of Carter Hovey(MBC) and Tom Skinner(Oak Bay Bikes), who’s awaiting his ‘cross bike and was racing on a 29er. Raphael Lalumiere(Russ Hay’s) brought home an impressive 5th place in his relatively young cyclocross career. Honorable mentions go to Mical Dyck(ProCity/Stan’s No Tubes), riding Expert Men for her first time, preparing her for a big season of racing in the US, and to Halldor Gunnarsson(Stuckylife), for being the only Expert Male to ride single-speed, as well as moving up from the Intermediate category (where he finished 2nd overall last year).

A big thank-you to all our volunteers for coming out early to set up the course, to Esquimalt Parks & Rec for letting us use the lovely Gorge Park for the day, and to the event sponsors Condo Group and OBB Westshore.

From the furthest race South to the Furthest race North: the next race is ‘Another Dodgy Cross Race on September 30th in Cumberland, For all the details, visit and follow our tweeter:

Report by Dave Shishkoff, Council of Cross

Series is Organized by the Cross Council:

With the following cycling clubs: MIVA, VICC, Trail Bicycles-Eatmore Sprouts Cycling Team, The Cowichan Cycle Cartel, ASS and AVR.

Supported by:
Oak Bay Bikes in Victoria, Westshore and Nanaimo, Trail Bikes in Courtenay, Experience cycles in Duncan, Cowichan Cycles in Duncan, Cycle Therapy in Duncan, Frontrunners in Nanaimo, Straight Up Cycles in Victoria, Dodge City Cycles in Cumberland, Ozzie’s Cycles in Port Alberni


Action Motor Cycles, Frontrunners, Hammer Nutrition, Howard Johnson, Kona, Nutcase, Oak Bay Bicycles, Parkside Victoria, Pedro's, Phillips Brewing Company, Saltspring Coffee, Zed Wheels, Lezyne, Orange Sport Supply

Sanctioned by: Cycling BC

Results: Cross on the Rock #1 – Condo Cross, held on September 16th in Victoria, BC

Beginner Women Hometown Time
1 Naomi Dove (Independant) Vancouver 0:35:35
2 Cristin Schlossberger (IRC) Victoria 0:37:02
3 Alexandra Grant (Tripleshot) Victoria 0:37:26
4 Sarah Clarke (Trek Red Truck) Victoria 0:37:35
5 Megan Kinghorn (Live Fit) Victoria 0:39:04
6 Erika Joubert (Independant) Victoria 0:39:06
7 Nancy Fedoruk (WA) Vancouver 0:39:14
8 Holly Simonson (Aviawest VAC) Victoria 0:39:37
9 Kia Vander Vliet (Comox Valley Cycling Club) Courtenay 0:39:45
10 Joanna Fox (Tripleshot Cycling Club) Victoria 0:39:46
11 Tammy Burgess (Pro City Racing) Victoria 0:39:58
12 Jen Dosil (Pro City Racing) Victoria 0:40:01
13 Brianna Brandon (Independant) Victoria 0:41:02
14 Helen Kennedy (Independant) Victoria 0:41:09
15 Jessie Ogden (VAC - Pro City) Victoria 0:41:16
16 Una Farrar (Tripleshot Cycling Club) Victoria 0:41:17
17 Christina Moser (VAC - Pro City) Victoria 0:44:29
18 Kelsi Duncan (Comox Valley Cycling Club) Comox 0:45:46
19 Joanna Duncan (Independant) Comox 0:45:48
20 Linda Turner (Tripleshot) Victoria 0:46:30
21 Rachel Carey (Tripleshot) Victoria -1 lap
22 Elizabeth Brown (Tripleshot) Victoria -1 lap
23 Kate Weber (Tripleshot) Victoria -1 lap
Beginner Men
1 Sylvan Smith (Tripleshot) Victoria 0:32:44
2 Derek Vinge (Independant) Victoria 0:32:45
3 Nick Walker (Frontrunners) Victoria 0:33:19
4 Trevor Stothard (VAC - Pro City) Victoria 0:34:06
5 Jon Lokhorst (Independant) Victoria 0:35:13
6 Doug Carey (Tripleshot) Victoria 0:35:33
7 Sam Ogden (VAC - Pro City) Victoria 0:36:11
8 Anthony Windsor (Cycle Therapy) Duncan 0:36:22
9 James Grant (Trail Bikes-Eatmore Sprouts) Merville 0:36:37
10 Andrew Barnes (Wheelers-Oak Bay Bikes) Victoria 0:37:08
11 Christopher Magee (Riders Cycles) Victoria 0:37:18
12 David Hill (Tripleshot Cycling Club) Victoria 0:37:22
13 Fraser Crichton (Independant) Victoria 0:37:44
14 Gregg Moor (Comox Valley Cycling Club) Courtenay 0:37:56
15 Mark Grant (Trail Bikes-Eatmore Sprouts) Merville 0:38:22
16 Brodie Hay (Mid Island Velo Association) Nanoose 0:38:44
17 Simon Pearson (Tripleshot) Victoria 0:39:01
18 Sasha Fraser (Tripleshot) Victoria 0:39:08
19 Cameron Paul (Tripleshot) Victoria 0:39:12
20 Lachlan Fraser (Tripleshot) Victoria 0:39:16
21 David Ormerd (BCMCA) Victoria 0:39:52
22 Soe Kauffman (Independant) Victoria 0:41:29
23 Ethan Pauly (Tripleshot Cycling Club) Victoria 0:43:06
24 Evan Luksay (UROC) Comox 0:44:13
25 Carson Damery (UROC) Comox -1 lap
26 Sage Parikh (Tripleshot Cycling Club) Victoria -1 lap
DNF Thomas Hill (Tripleshot Cycling Club) Victoria
Intermediate Men
1 Parker Bloom (StuckyLife) Victoria 0:38:25
2 Pelle Gustavs (Sooke Mountain Club) Sooke 0:38:37
3 Jordan Kinghorn (Oak Bay Bikes Westshore/Kelly's Kids Triathlon) Victoria 0:38:40
4 Liam Farrar (Tripleshot) Victoria 0:38:44
5 Trevor Mackenzie (Wheelers-Oak Bay Bikes) Victoria 0:38:48
6 Joel Taylor (Aviawest VAC) Victoria 0:39:12
7 Justin Wolfe (Riders Cycles) Victoria 0:39:12
8 Steven Wiebe (Pro City Racing) Saanich 0:39:45
9 Michael Brinton (Independant) Powell River 0:39:48
10 Latigo Biggins (Independant) Victoria 0:40:00
11 Justin Binab (Pro City Racing) Victoria 0:40:01
12 Andy Pitre (Me Team) Victoria 0:40:11
13 Henri de Boever (Independant) Victoria 0:40:13
14 Terry McKall (Independant) Victoria 0:40:15
15 Paul Autun (Independant) Nanaimo 0:40:17
16 Geoff Robson (StuckyLife) Victoria 0:40:48
17 Bryn Shapperd (Independant) Victoria 0:40:52
18 Steve Doreen (Local Ride) Victoria 0:41:05
19 Mark Wieler (Arrowsmith Bikes) Nanaimo 0:41:08
20 Stefan Hill (Independant) Victoria 0:41:44
21 Will Maartman (JJ Pakenham) Victoria 0:42:07
22 Tim Duplessis-Hicks (Russ Hays) Victoria 0:42:12
23 Matt Edwards (Riders Cycles) Odessa 0:42:14
24 Chris Dickinson (Oak Bay Bikes) Victoria 0:42:17
25 Kevin Kondra (Independant) Victoria 0:42:35
26 Jeff Coleman (Condo Group) Victoria 0:42:40
27 Brandon Thompson (StuckyLife) Victoria 0:42:56
28 Mike Pearson (Independant) Victoria 0:43:07
29 Nick Walker (Frontrunners) Victoria 0:43:30
30 Clayton Webb (StuckyLife) Victoria 0:43:35
31 Justin Bailey (JJ Pakenham) Victoria 0:43:47
32 Richard Cook (Pro City Racing) Victoria 0:44:37
33 Duncan Grant (Tripleshot) Victoria 0:45:19
34 Nigel Brown (Independant) Victoria 0:45:25
35 David Brown (Tripleshot) Victoria 0:46:12
36 Dave Morris (Arrowsmith Bikes) Nanaimo 0:46:53
37 Chris George (PT Performance training) Victoria 0:46:54
38 Simon Norris (AviaWest) Victoria -1 lap
39 James Peacock (Independant) Victoria -3 laps
DNF Alex Hui (Pro City Racing) Victoria
DNF Patrick Burnham (MiVA)
DNF John Dutchak (Independant) Victoria
DNF Jason Binab (Pro City Racing) Victoria
Intermediate Women
1 Seana Wright (Alberni Valley Riders) Port Alberni 0:44:46
2 Sylvia Story (Pro City Racing) North Saanich 0:44:57
3 Shelby Harlen (OBB) Victoria 0:45:15
4 Erin Copeland (Independant)   0:46:26
5 Glenda Harling (Everti Bikes) Duncan 0:47:37
6 Charlene Stewart (Mid Island Velo Association) Nanaimo 0:48:42
7 Liz Brown (Independant) Victoria 0:49:50
8 Danielle Stevens (Pro City Racing) Victoria 0:50:12
9 Katie Duncan Rabien (Oak Bay Bikes - Victoria Wheelers) Victoria -1 lap
DNF Victoria Boyd (Independant) Nanaimo
Masters Men
1 Dan Gronross (Steed Cycles) North Vancouver 0:45:02
2 Normon Thibault (Frontrunners) Nanaimo 0:45:12
3 Sean Cruikshank (Pro City Racing) Victoria 0:45:13
4 Sam Whittingham (Team Naked) Quadra Island 0:45:30
5 Derek Shiers (Jack Bicycle) Bellingham 0:45:36
6 David Damery (UROC) Comox 0:45:39
7 Bill McMillan (MiVA) Nanaimo 0:46:19
8 Dylan Reeves (Tripleshot) Victoria 0:46:24
9 Barry Rempel (Oak Bay Bikes Victoria) Victoria 0:46:28
10 Brent Hooper (Oak Bay Bikes - Victoria Wheelers) Victoria 0:46:30
11 Peter Wellsman (Pro City Racing) Victoria 0:46:34
12 Jon vandevliet (Comox Valley Cycling Club) Courtenay 0:46:46
13 James Tarrant (Oak Bay Bikes) Victoria 0:46:49
14 Gary MacGregor (Comox Valley Cycling Club) Victoria 0:46:56
15 Jon Watkin (Russ Hays) Victoria 0:46:57
16 Aaron Dusseault (Russ Hays) Victoria 0:47:08
17 Steve Lund (VAC) Cobble Hill 0:47:09
18 Hugh Thompson (Mighty Riders) Victoria 0:47:14
19 Tony Webster (Camosun) Victoria 0:47:27
20 Andy Achuff (Oak Bay Bikes) Victoria 0:47:31
21 Curtis Schlossberger (IRC) Victoria 0:47:35
22 Paul Brend (IRC) Victoria 0:47:43
23 Shayne Alexander (Broad Street Cycles) Victoria 0:47:53
24 Shepherd Stewart (Mid Island Velo Association) Nanaimo 0:48:08
25 Ken Duncan (Comox Valley Cycling Club) Comox 0:48:15
26 John Rogers (Pro City Racing) North Saanich 0:48:16
27 Lister Farrar (Tripleshot Cycling Club) Victoria 0:48:22
28 Wade Luksay (UROC) Comox 0:48:24
29 Ron Hewitson (Mid Island Velo Association) Nanaimo 0:48:28
30 Morgan Harker (Independant) Victoria 0:48:34
31 Paul Thompson (MiVA) Nanaimo 0:48:45
32 Dave Stevenson (Experience Cycles ) Victoria 0:49:00
33 Paul Darby (Russ Hays) Victoria 0:49:06
34 Kevin Ford (Pro City Racing) Victoria 0:49:15
35 Guy Gensey (Russ Hays) Victoria 0:49:20
36 Derek Steel (Arrowsmith Bikes) Nanaimo 0:49:49
37 Mike Sevcov (Cycle Therapy) Duncan 0:50:30
38 Ty Bellavie (Boulder Cycles) Victoria 0:50:37
39 Robin Willard (Independant) Victoria 0:50:38
40 James Pauly (Tripleshot Cycling Club) Victoria 0:50:57
41 Sylvan Smith (Tripleshot) Victoria 0:51:24
42 Shawn Boyd (Mid Island Velo Association) Nanaimo 0:52:38
43 Derek Prout (UROC) Victoria 0:53:09
44 Dan Clements (RCCC) Campbell River -1 lap
45 Norm Marcy (Tripleshot) Victoria -1 lap
46 Silvio Tognela (Independant) Victoria -1 lap
47 Russell Berg (MiVA) Nanaimo -1 lap
48 Derek Vichert (Independant) Nanaimo -1 lap
49 Wayne Shtybel (Independant) North Saanich -1 lap
50 Iain Hay (Mid Island Velo Association) Nanoose -1 lap
51 Paul Skinner (Independant) Salmon Arm -1 lap
DNF Michael Achuff (StuckyLife) Victoria
DNF Jamie Emery (Pro City Racing) North Saanich
DNF Jon Forstion (Red Truck Racing) North Vancouver
Expert Women
1 Joele Guynup (Condo Group) Victoria 0:39:32
2 Kelly Jones (Steed Cycles) North Vancouver 0:39:33
3 Dawn Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes) Victoria 0:40:33
4 Janna Gillick (MiVA) Nanaimo 0:40:39
5 Glenowyn Carlson (Oak Bay Bikes) Victoria 0:41:00
6 Jennie Aitken (Organic Athlete) Victoria 0:41:30
7 Kristenn Magnusson (Arrowsmith Bikes) Nanaimo 0:42:01
8 Nicola Mann (Jack Bicycle) Bellingham 0:42:10
9 Karen Fedoruk (Condo Group) Victoria 0:42:20
10 Jen Erlendson (Tripleshot) Victoria 0:42:30
11 Christyna Jones (Pro City Racing) Victoria 0:44:58
12 Jenny Skinner (Oak Bay Bikes - Victoria Wheelers) Victoria 0:48:45
Expert Men
1 Drew MacKenzie (Condo Group) Victoria 0:56:01
2 Kelly Guest (Marin) Victoria 0:56:18
3 Carter Hovey (MBC) Victoria 0:57:13
4 Thomas Skinner (Oak Bay Bikes) Victoria 0:57:19
5 Raphael Lalumiere (Russ Hays) Victoria 0:57:51
6 Cody Canning (Alberta UCI) Victoria 0:58:13
7 Mitchell Thacker (Pro City Racing) Victoria 0:58:20
8 Jon Benskin (Condo Group) Victoria 0:58:21
9 Geoffery Homer (Oak Bay Bikes) Victoria 0:58:25
10 James Cameron (Pro City Racing) Victoria 0:59:24
11 Brian Green (Team Nicolas (Alberta)) Cowichan Bay 0:59:35
12 Peter Stevenston (Team Whistler) Victoria 0:59:40
13 Scott Mitchell (Pro City Racing) Victoria 0:59:41
14 Emile De Rosnay (Russ Hays) Victoria 0:59:44
15 Jordan Duncan (Comox Valley Cycling Club) Comox 0:59:46
16 Mical Dyck (Pro City Racing - Stans No Tubes) Victoria 1:00:00
17 Robert Russell (Mid Island Velo Association) Parksville 1:00:09
18 Russell Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes - Victoria Wheelers) Victoria 1:00:14
19 Chris Sundby (Oak Bay Bikes) Victoria 1:00:16
20 Troy Woodburn (Pro City Racing) Victoria 1:00:30
21 Halldor Gunnarsson (Broad Street Cycles) Victoria 1:01:14
22 David Huntley (Cycle Therapy) Duncan 1:01:31
23 Sherwood Plant (The Bike Gallery) Vancouver 1:01:36
24 Brent Stubbs (Independant) Victoria 1:01:43
25 Colin Hynes (Pro City Racing) Victoria 1:01:59
26 Jason Binab (Pro City Racing) Victoria 1:02:39
27 Trevor Jones (Experience Cycles ) Duncan 1:02:51
28 Jeff Sparling (Pro City Racing) Victoria 1:03:18
29 Louis Dillon (HalfmoonMen) Sunshine Coast 1:03:21
30 Wendy Simms (Kona) Nanaimo 1:03:29
31 Roland Rabien (Pro City Racing) Victoria 1:03:30
32 Gregory Smith (Independant) Victoria 1:04:51
33 Regan Pringle (Pro City Racing) Victoria -1 lap
34 Dave Shishkoff (Organic Athlete) Victoria -1 lap
35 Matthew O'Hagan (Ride Okanagan) Revelstoke -1 lap
36 Daniel Nanninoa (Oak Bay Bikes - Victoria Wheelers) Victoria -1 lap
DNF Gavin Eaton (Oak Bay Bikes - Victoria Wheelers) Victoria
DNF Rumon Carter (Frontrunners-I2P) Victoria
DNF Adam de Vos (Trek Red Truck) Victoria


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