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October 1/12 10:13 am - Ontario University Cup MTB Race 3

Posted by Editoress on 10/1/12

Ontario University Cup Mountain Bike Race Series, Race #3 at Hardwood Ski and Bike, Oro, ON, on September 30th

The University of Waterloo swept the gold medals in the Men’s and Women’s “B” Division races and it seems the battle is on to see who will bring the 2012 U-Cup trophy back to campus. In the overall team standings its Queen’s University out ahead, followed closely by the University of Toronto, Guelph and the University of Waterloo. Haley Smith (Queen’s University) was the Queen of the trails on Sunday in the Women’s “A” Division race and kept the University of Toronto’s Samantha Wagler behind her as she raced to the gold. Kelsey Krushel (University of Ottawa) set a record lap time and continues his dominance of the men’s “A” Division.


Men's A Division (Expert)
1 Kelsey Krushel (University of Ottawa)
2 Etienne Moreau (Queen's University)
3 Alex Schmidt (University of Guelph)

Women's A Division (Expert)
1 Haley Smith (Queen’s University)
2 Samantha Wagler (University of Toronto)
3 Annie Foreman-Mackey (McMaster University)

Men's B Division (Sport)
1 Dylan Ng (University of Waterloo)
2 Hank Jien (Queen’s University)
3 Brad Parsons (Queen’s University)

Women's B Division (Sport)
1 Amanda Wudarzewski (University of Waterloo)
2 Rosamund Lougheed (University of Toronto)
3 Sara Stanbury (Trent University)

FULL results

Next Race: University Cup Race #4 (Sunday Oct 14th) at Ganaraska Forest Centre in Port Hope, ON. Mountain bikers from any university or college are invited to attend.

Registration starts at 9:30 am. A race at 11am, B race at 1pm. New racers welcome.

2012 Race Dates and Venues 


U of T Mountain Bikers Selected: Varsity Athletes of the Week (Week of September 17-21)

For the first time at the University of Toronto (UofT), mountain bikers have been consecutively selected as the top performing ”varsity athletes of the week”. Last week Samantha Wagler, an elite racer with World Cup experience was selected as the Female Varsity Athlete of the Week following her gold medal performance at U-Cup Race#1 held at the Mansfield Outdoor Centre, and this week Chris Wedeles as selected as the Male Varsity Athlete of the Week after locking down a gold medal in the men’s sport division at the second race in the Ontario University Cup Mountain Bike Race Series held at the London Ski Club in London Ontario. The two were selected from among athletes on the 44 various varsity teams at U of T.


Courtesy Ontario University Mountain Bike Race Council


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