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October 5/12 9:19 am - Mid Island Velo Club News

Posted by Editoress on 10/5/12

MIVA Cyclo-cross Clinic & Race # 4 (BC)


After a review of skills and techniques covered in the previous weeks, the participants of the Mid-Island Velo's final clinic rode a number of alternating slow and fast laps of a short, tight circuit. Features included a 30 metre 33% climb, a fast, downhill chicane, a twisty section through a copse, and a couple of fast, straight stretches.

Once all were familiar with the course, the session ended with a 15 minute race, the women starting off a minute ahead of the men. There was a mix of bikes, with all but two of the men on CX machines and all but one of the ladies on MTB's, some of them full suspension.

In the women's event, Judy Villeneuve took an early lead and was never seriously challenged. Behind her, Vicki Boyd held on to second for a while but was eventually caught and passed by Charlene Stewart. Deb Epps, in her first CX race, dropped back and Nadia Plamondon, also a newbie, brought up the rear. The top three girls also managed to ride up the steep incline as did most of the men

In the men's event, Ian Stewart took a real flyer and caught the last of the women within one lap. Not far behind, was Paul Thompson, with John Lam and Menno Jongsma chasing hard. Ron Hewitson was also in the mix but was sidelined with a flat. Bringing up the rear were Kirby Villeneuve, who gradually worked his way up through the field, and Shepherd Stewart who lagged back.

In the second half of the race, Menno had moved up to challenge Paul for second and Kirby had also managed to pass John. With just over a lap to go, that was the order but, unfortunately, Menno flatted and retired. Ron had come back into the race and was moving fast, albeit a couple of laps down. At the line it was Ian, winning by nearly a minute, with Paul a solid second. and Kirby a further 48 seconds back. Shepherd was lapped just before the finish so he didn't have to ride the final lap.

A big thank you to everyone for taking down the course in record time!

Courtesy Peter McCaffery


Women (7 laps)
1 Judy Villeneuve (MIVA) 16:56
2 Charlene Stewart (MIVA) 17:01
3 Vicki Boyd (MIVA) 17:04
4 Deb Epps (MIVA) at 1 lap
5 Nadia Plamondon (Ind.) lapped
DNS Cheryl Morch (MIVA)
Men (9 laps)
1 Ian Smith (MIVA) 15:13
2 Paul Thompson (MIVA) 16:06
3 Kirby Villeneuve (MIVA) 16:54
4 John Lam (MIVA) 17:01
5 Shepherd Stewart (MIVA) at 1 lap
6 Ron Hewitson (MIVA) lapped


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