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October 10/12 16:28 pm - Cycling Canada Issues Statement on Michael Barry doping Admission

Posted by Editoress on 10/10/12

Cycling Canada was saddened to learn of the doping conspiracy surrounding the US Postal Service former professional road cycling team that included Canadian cyclist Michael Barry, a professional road cyclist from Toronto, Ontario, as a result of an investigation led by the US Anti-doping Agency (USADA).

John Tolkamp, President of the Cycling Canada reacted to the news: "The sport of road cycling has come a long way in the last five to seven years to clean-up the sport. The short term impact of the launch of the Biological Passport program has resulted in a much cleaner sport - as we now know it today, and today we can witness that the culture of the sport of road cycling is rapidly changing towards a clean sport."

Tolkamp added: "We strongly urge the International Cycling Union (UCI) to continue and step-up its efforts to clean-up the sport. We applaud the  World Anti-doping Agency (WADA), the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports (CCES) and in this case the USADA for their investigation in this matter.  We encourage the UCI to follow through on its proposed 'Truth & Reconciliation' program that would provide amnesty for other riders to come forward and lay bare all the facts related to the use of prohibited substances and practices to further the goal of having a drug-free sport."

"We will continue to enhance our efforts to educate around doping in our sport so that all athletes compete on a fair and equal basis. Besides educating our athletes we will continue to work with the UCI, CCES and other partners to improve processes and programs to ensure fair sport in Canada."

Cycling Canada is firmly and adamantly opposed to all forms of doping and has taken exceptional measures to monitor, test and educate athletes in the sport, especially around the Canadian Cycling Championships. Year-round, in collaboration with the CCES, anti-doping tests are conducted on the national pool of cyclists, including blood and urine testing making it one of the most tested sports in Canada. These tests are conducted both 'in' and 'out' of competition. Cycling Canada has taken its anti-doping responsibilities seriously and developed anti-doping initiatives to address it.

Each Canadian Cycling Team athlete and Canadian Championship participant competes under the 'Race Clean: Own Your Victory / Roulez gagnant au naturel' banner on behalf of Canada. This education program, developed with and by the athletes, has been in the forefront of the national team and Canadian Cycling Championships for the past three years.

Once the specific USADA information related to Michael Barry's admission of the use of prohibited substances is reviewed Cycling Canada will be addressing matters related to the disqualification of results earned during the specific period for events under the sanction of the national body.  The six-month sanction provided by USADA is fully recognized by Cycling Canada.


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