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May 8/00 12:56 pm - Manitoba News

Posted by Editoress on 05/8/00

Manitoba Road Race May 7
courtesy Dave Benson

The Manitoba Cycling Association in conjunction with Olympia Cycle and the Prime Meridian Trail Association hosted the first ever Race and Tour Ride on the old rail bed running from Inwood to Narcisse Manitoba today. The weather was great and the kids enjoyed finding the garter snakes that are a natural scientific phenomena in Manitoba's Interlake region. 111 riders participated in this combination race and tour ride that saw almost $600. donated to trail development in the area. Thanks to the organizer Lindsay Gauld and the Prime Meridian Trail Association for hosting this unique event!

Any questions about the results should be directed to

Big Loop 72k
1Greg PennerElite2:33:03
2Neil GroverEliteOlympia2:44:46
3Ian CaseExpertOlympia2:45:22
4Leith McLeodEliteOlympia2:50:20
5Brian SzklarczukExpertOlympia2:50:30
6Rob BohnckeExpertOlympia2:50:31
7Brett ZagozewskiExpertOlympia2:53:29
8Dean CarriereVet. Ex.Birch2:54:37
9Scott MillerVet. Ex.Olympia2:55:47
10Brent McDonaldVet. Ex.A&L2:57:52
11David BarclayVet. Ex.Birch3:00:03
12Mike GosselinVet. Ex.Olympia3:02:24
13Lindsay GauldVet. Ex.Olympia3:02:26
14Bob FriesenVet. Ex.Prairie Fire3:06:27
15Shane FreemanExpertPrairie Fire3:07:23
16Alex BileskyExpertOlympia3:09:00
17Sean McKiernanVet. Ex.A&L3:11:40
18Stacey MatiekaVet. Ex.A&L3:15:01
19Dave ParkerVet. Ex.Woodcock3:42:37
20Ross JordanExpertPrairie Fire3:47:13
21Jeoff ChipmanVet. Ex.Olympia3:49:50
Sean AnastasiadisEliteOlympiaDNF
Middle Loop 46K
1Ray BarilVet/M Sp1:44:29
2Greg MasiukExpert Olympia1:48:29
3Russell BrandtVet/M SpOlympia1:53:35
4Cory FieldingVet/M Sp1:53:36
5Bill AlgeoVet/M SpOlympia1:57:39
6Gordon DallingVet/M SpRoad Wise1:59:10
7Susanne BaldwinExpert FOlympia1:59:15
8Ken ChablukVet/M SpOlympia1:59:16
9Tim LoewenVet/M SpOlympia1:59:20
10Dale CramerVet/M Sp2:01:21
11Jason MuellerSr Sport2:01:21
12Jeremy SilcoxSr SportLifesport2:01:45
13Jason PoitrasSr Sport2:01:45
14Sheldon McLeodVet/M SpOlympia2:03:29
15Gord FriesenSr Sport2:03:29
16Ed BlanchetteJr SportRoadwise2:04:39
17Sean GuertinJr SportAlter Ego2:05:27
18Rylan LundgrenJr Sport2:06:45
19Brian KratschJr Sport2:08:13
20John RussellSr Sport2:08:16
21Brent BottomleyVet/M Sp2:08:42
22Ian HallSr SportOlympia2:08:46
23David GerrardVet/M Sp2:10:50
24Vars BaclerJr SportSeacor Jana2:14:25
25Bill AyersVet/M SpOlympia2:19:25
26Howard SkrypnykVet/M Sp2:19:25
27John WebbSr Sport2:19:55
28Dominik PodkowiakSr Sport2:25:17
29Deanne CoteSport F2:25:20
30John GillonSr Sport2:59:03
Rainer JabsSr SportRoadwiseDNF
Citizen Riders/Non Racers - Middle Loop 42k
1Chris Voteray1:51:57
2Brad Young1:57:52
3Roger Lariviere2:00:27
4Jason Carter2:00:31
5Chris Olesky2:00:36
6Wil Reid2:07:25
7Curtis Mah2:14:38
8Miguel Parent2:21:34
9Norman Parent2:21:36
10Karl Thordavson2:27:40
11Byron Smith2:27:41
12Arne Johnsryn2:40:41
13Bob Romance2:40:42
14Simone Thordavson2:41:46
15Cliff Allbutt2:41:52
16George Sinclair2:42:03
17Barb Allbutt3:02:34
18Bob Dyck3:06:22
19Adele Jangula3:06:22
20Meger Cosman3:13:04
Short Loop 18k
1Cabrel BoucherCadetOlympia39:11:00
2Chad LazarukSr SportAlter Ego40:57:00
3Kevin LamoureuxSr Sport41:02:00
4Mike HarrisCadetKOM41:49:00
5Justin EnnsCadetKOM44:18:00
6Gerald AdamsVet/M Sp44:38:00
7Eric ScheepersMinimeKOM44:46:00
8Jon BensonMinimeKOM45:42:00
9Kylie CaseMinime FOlympia46:58:00
10Angela AdamsVet/M Sp48:26:00
11Eric LevinMinimeKOM49:46:00
12LeeAnn BensonVet/M Sp WOlympia49:50:00
13Josh AyersCadetKOM50:47:00
14Cameron SkrypnykMinimeKOM53:19:00
15Paul BensonPeeWeeKOM54:37:00
16Dave BerryVet/M SpOlympia55:53:00
17Lynda SchellenbergVet/M Sp WOlympia55:53:00
18Kate AyersMinime FKOM1:00:07
Tommy AllenCadetKOMDNF
Short Loop - Citizen Riders Non Racers 18k
1Nolan Koop0:41:22
2Kevin Braun0:41:24
3Jeremy Bigold0:43:47
4Jane Braun0:43:48
5Craig Treidler0:45:00
6Michelle Zubrack0:45:56
7Ron Reimer0:46:16
8John Scheepers0:50:21
9Faron Gambke0:51:43
10Maureen McCarthy0:53:07
11Roland Storimans0:54:07
12Gord Levin0:55:22
13Alana Shewchuk0:57:01
14Kim Nutley0:58:03
15Karla Reese1:03:29
16Kevin Storimans1:05:22
17Camelia Treidler1:12:28
18Don Page1:17:35
19Duncan Elliot2:30:56


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