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November 9/12 9:37 am - Cycling BC Announces Plan for Multi-Sport Event Center

Posted by Editoress on 11/9/12

Cycling BC, in partnership with Field Hockey BC, is pleased to announce intentions to secure funding and land for the purpose of constructing a major Multi-Sport Event Center.

The cornerstone of the center will be a 250 metre Velodrome. This exciting center will also include:

• a sport science centre;
• recreation centre and
• fitness facility.

Subject to land availability, the Multi-Sport Event Center will also be surrounded by additional outdoor cycling trails/roads. The Multi-Sport Event Center will likely be owned and operated by a municipality.

To see more photos of the proposed facility please click here



In 2009, Cycling BC established a vision to build a velodrome that would meet international competition standards and provide a third local competition and training venue for track cyclists in British Columbia. BC is fortunate to have an indoor velodrome in Burnaby and outdoor velodrome in Victoria.  Both these existing facilities will remain important to their respective communities as well as to the overall development of track cycling in BC.


Sport Science Centre
This Event Center will include a comprehensive sport science area that will be able to support the needs to all athletes. The Sport Science Center will include all the equipment necessary to provide High Performance Cyclists with valuable training support. This component of the centre will be similar to the Pacific Institute of Sport Excellence.  

Outdoor Trails and Competition Facilities
It is anticipated that the Event Center will include a range of outdoor cycling trails (click for photos ) and pathways to support racing. The amount and size of these trails and pathways will be adjusted based on the footprint of the eventual location. A similar concept was recently constructed in the UK ( link  ). This Cyclo-park facility opened in May 2011 and includes a BMX track, mountain bike trails, a road circuit, and cycle-cross course.
Photos of each disciplines trails
Mountain Bike 

Naming Rights
The collaborative design process between Cycling BC, Field Hockey BC and our architects led to early discussions with interested parties regarding the naming rights for the facility. We expect these discussion to continue and likely broaden to include other interested parties.
Partnership - Field Hockey

Cycling BC and Field Hockey BC are the founding partners in the development of this exciting center. Other sports organizations are expected to be added as program partners as the project moves forward. As founding partners, both Cycling BC and Field Hockey BC intend to ensure that priority access will be provided to our sports for the life of the centre.

Land and Location

Very positive discussions have already taken place with one municipality willing to offer land for the Event Center. Other municipalities are already exploring this type of facility and the City of Coquitlam is about to undertake a feasibility study for a covered multi-sport facility. For more information click here

Courtesy Cycling BC


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