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November 13/12 17:09 pm - Cross on the Rock #6 report, photos, videos and results

Posted by Editoress on 11/13/12

There was a strong Belgian theme at the sixth Cross on the Rock race, with the smell of waffles in the air, bigger than usual spectating crowds, a fly-over and purpose-made stairs, as well as mud and rain, all making this the soggiest CotR so far this year. Lots of racers turned out, with our numbers a strong 189 this event - plenty of people to fill all the categories and make for some great racing!

The course this year was significantly different from last year’s Series Finale - the iced-mud-come-pudding-mud on the motocross track was much less of a factor, unlike last year which had nearly half the course winding through the goop, pulverizing dozens of derailleurs.

The start was one wide line, and without a normal call-up, all had a chance at the hole-shot starting on the motocross course. It narrowed quickly, and the rest of the course featured slick grass, twisty concrete, a few straight-aways, a purpose-built fly-over, stairs in a dirt mound, three logs as barriers, and a second stretch in the motocross course to the line. Laps were about 2.6 kilometres around the fast course, with top speeds of 50kph on the Speedway track.


Photo gallery  by Patrick Burnham


This race the Beginner’s field welcomed 14 women and, once again, Danielle Lapointe (Gold River Roor Riders) came out on top, keeping ahead of Andrea Schaeppi (Ind) and Theresa O’Brien (Team Naked) . The Beginner Men’s field was another whopper with 31 starters, and it ended with a Tripleshot double, as two teammates battled for the line, and Robbie Grant took top honours over Nathaniel Stoppelsna, a minute ahead of Graham Frost (Ind) . A ‘graduation congratulation’ to 15 year old Damien Parlee (CycleU) after having won several Beginner races he finished mid-pack in his first Intermediate event!

The Women’s Intermediate race was another tight finish, but Shelby Harlen (OBB Westshore) was first across the line, with Cristin Schlossberger (IRC) right there in a nail-biter finish. Seana Wright (Alberni SingleSpeeders / Ozzies Cycles) was not far back, but not close enough on her singlespeed bike in this 22-strong field. Seana still holds a commanding lead for the series, but we’re still not at the end.

It would seem our unofficial videographer Pelle Gustavs (Sooke Mountain Club) is as fast on his bike as he is at editing video, as he claimed his third victory of the season on the men’s side of things. Evan Carey (Russ Hays/Pacific Cycling Centre) fought hard, but finished just back, and Brent Stubbs (Ind) earned his first visit to the podium with his focused and determined race.

Perhaps the most impressive performance was from 15 year old Joel Taylor (VAC/ProCity) who lost 30 seconds at the start when his quick release got caught in Roland Rabien’s wheel, and the two had to stop and untangle bikes. Joel chased like a maniac for over 40 minutes to finish in tenth. In the Series, SS racer Parker Bloom (Stuckylife) is still at the top, and there promises to be an epic battle for the final placing in this field - it’s far from assured.

Master Men
This was a tough course for SS riders, with not a single gradual climb, just short, sharp jams, but once again the World’s Fastest Man, Sam Whittingham (Team Naked), beat the odds and won another Cross on the Rock race. Guy Ridler (Simons Cycles) made his first appearance on the podium this year in second and, after finishing just off the podium all season, Bill McMillan (MIVA) was happy to climb on the third step, and also took honors as the top-finishing 50+ rider. The series is looking pretty neatly done-up for Sam, although it’s not guaranteed, and in the 50+ field, Bill and Peter Wellsman (Trek/ProCity) are two points off each other, with Bill as the virtual leader...but nothing is certain until one of these two men finishes the final event.

Open Women
With a big cash prize, and custom medals on the line, Wendy Simms (Kona) returned to the Open Women’s field to see how things were shaping up, and after 46:48 plus an extra lap of wheel to wheel racing with All-Time Cross on the Rock Podium Champion Dawn Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes) ....Simms narrowly came out on top. Joele Guynup (Condo Group) decisively claimed the third step. The Series is nearly all but wrapped up for Dawn, even if she were to come out and leave behind the bike and go for a run on the Beban Park course, she’s practically guaranteed the series title, but we’ll still look forward to seeing her earn it.

The Expert Men’s field mainly saw an epic battle between Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck) and Craig Richey ( p/b Ridley) at the front, but eventually Craig got away, and Underground Cross hero and Single-Speed Champ of the Universe Drew MacKenze (Condogroup/Shimano/Marin) bridged up to second, while Tyler kept the gas on for third.

The series overall will be another story - note that the finale will be worth Double Points, AND each rider’s worst result (or a DNS/DNF) will be dropped from the scoring. Thomas Skinner (Oak Bay Bikes) has overtaken this position, but will he win the series? Check back in two weeks to find out.

More Highlights
This event also featured a ‘Shop’ race, with representatives from several bike shops lining up for ‘One Hot Lap’, and the winners were repeat Shop Champion Jennie Skinner representing Oak Bay Bikes and, in the blue corner, Mitch Thacker from the Trek ProCity shop. Two special mentions; we welcomed Jamie Sparling to the race, who we’re glad to see despite retiring from professional racing, and who is still keen to join in the fun. And mad props to Parker Bloom, who raced three events this day. Almost matching Hugh Fletchers effort from Jungle Cross a few years back when he started every event....and almost finished them all too.

Unofficial CotR videographer Pelle’s video

Newcomer-to-cross-video Russell Berg put together an impressive video that also doubles as a ‘tour’ of the course

And a third, oddball video featuring familiar pro/semi-pro faces

Our thanks go out to fun director Roland Rabien, and event sponsor Jason Binab. Further, Roland adds:

A huge thank you to all the volunteers that helped make the race such a success. It's a huge amount of work to do course setup, registration, timing, results, tear down all in one day. Days of work also went into the flyover, run-up, collecting prizes and organization. There is no way to do it without an army of volunteers including:

Adam de Vos, Alex Hui, Andrea Robson, Andrew Barnes, Andy Achuff, Bryn Shapperd, Drew MacKenzie, Dylan Reeves, Ed Thacker, Geordie Morrison, Glenowyn Carlson, Jamie Cameron, Jamie Richardson, Jason Binab, Jeff Doyle, Joel Taylor, Joele Guynup, John Rogers, Justin Binab, Katie Duncan, Kevin Ford, Mark Planiden, Mitch Thacker, Nathaniel Cook, Normon Thibault, Peter Wellsman, Rasmus Rabien, Richard Cook, Rob Parkin, Ryan Clarke, Scott Mitchell, Shanna Wild, Steve Lund, Tanya Berg, Tom Malczynski, Troy Woodburn, Wendy Simms, Jim Pauly and Danielle Stevens. Thanks and apologies to those I missed.

And thank you to our sponsors. Please support the businesses that support our series:

Binab Property Group, EBOOST, Trek Bikes Victoria, Razu Welding, Hugo Donais of Sun Life Financial, Popeye's Supplements, Rumble, Wannawafel, Victoria Grizzlies, Prime Steak House, Cactus Club, Luv Hair Salon, Victory Barber and Brand, Modern Beauty Supplies, Water’s Edge Resort in Ucluelet, L’Hermitage Hotel, National Car Rental, Slegg Lumber, Frontrunners.

And thank you to everybody who came out and raced.

Final Word
Good luck to all the Island’s racers at Cross Nats this weekend, and we’ll see you next at the Series Finale and Island Championships as we conclude in Nanaimo on November 24th at Beban Park!

‘Vegan Dave’ Shishkoff
Council of Cross


Results from COTR # 6, Binab Property Group GP held in Victoria BC on November 11th.


Beginner Women, 3 Laps
1 Danielle Lapointe (Gold River Root Riders) 0:28:38
2 Andrea Schaeppi (Ind at 0:55
3 Theresa O’Brien (Team Naked) 1:30
4 Alli Milne (VAC – Pro City) 1:51
5 Rachel Carey (Tripleshot) 1:52
6 Kayla Vandermolen (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers) 2:07
7 Andrea Robson (Tripleshot) 4:29
8 Nancy Fletcher (Ind 4:46
9 Joanna Duncan (Comox Valley Cycling Club) 5:41
10 Cindy Todd (Frontrunners Westshore) 8:57
11 Kelsi Duncan (Comox Valley Cycling Club) 9:32
12 Jessica Castle (Ind 9:41
13 Eve Taylor (VAC – Pro City) 11:14
DNF Jen Dosil (Pro City Racing)
Beginner Men, 3 Laps
1 Robbie Grant (Triple Shot) 0:25:23
2 Nathaniel Stoppelsna (Triple Shot) at 0:04
3 Graham Frost (Ind 0:42
4 James Frost (Primary SRAM-TREK) 1:17
5 James Manders (Team Naked) 1:19
6 Chris Macleod (Tripleshot) 1:54
7 Aaron Craig (Ind 1:57
8 Ethan Glenwright (Ind 2:07
9 David Stewart-Thomson 2:11
10 Ethan Pauly (Tripleshot Cycling Club) 2:32
11 Alvin Tye (Team Naked) 2:42
12 Erik Diertens (VAC – Pro City) 2:52
13 Alexander Daether (Cycle Therapy) 3:05
14 Jack Mar (Ind 3:17
15 Keith Kendal (O2) 3:19
16 Sam Ogden (VAC – Pro City) 3:30
17 Andrew Barnes (Wheelers-Oak Bay Bikes) 3:51
18 Anthony Windsor (Cycle Therapy) 3:57
19 Jonathan Obertas (Ind 4:09
20 Brian Simmons (Team Naked) 4:27
21 Cameron Paul (Tripleshot) 4:37
22 Oliver Castle (Ind 5:23
23 Misha Whittingham (Team Naked) 5:33
24 Tom Kennedy (Ind 5:40
25 Isaac Vander Vliet (Comox Valley Cycling Club) 6:12
26 Zarija Djurickovic (Triple Shot) 6:54
27 Simon Pearson (Tripleshot Cycling Club) 7:00
28 Sage Parikh (Tripleshot Cycling Club) 9:22
29 Paul Christopher (Tripleshot Spinnakers) 11:47
30 Callum Stewart-Thomson 12:47
DNF Dustin Batchelor
Intermediate Men, 5 Laps
1 Pelle Gustavs (Sooke Mountain Club) 0:38:52
2 Evan Carey (Russ Hays/Pacific Cycling Centre) at 0:06
3 Brent Stubbs (Ind 0:25
4 Joel Lutz (Ind 0:26
5 Jeff Beeston (Trail Bikes-Eatmore Sprouts) 0:27
6 Simon Norris (AviaWest) 0:28
7 Parker Bloom SS (StuckyLife) 0:41
8 Michael Brinton (Ind 0:57
9 Clayton Webb SS (StuckyLife / Broadstreet Cycles) 0:58
10 Joel Taylor (VAC – Pro City) 1:30
11 Mike McArthur (West Coast Racing) 1:37
12 Trevor Mackenzie (Wheelers-Oak Bay Bikes) 1:38
13 Derek Kidd (Oak Bay Bikes) 1:59
14 Justin Binab (Pro City Racing) 2:00
15 Eric Pagel (Uber Ruweeet) 2:01
16 Justin Wolfe (Frontrunners) 2:05
17 Geoff Robson (StuckyLife) 2:08
18 Andy Achuff SS (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers) 2:09
19 Trevor Jones (Experience Cycling) 2:18
20 Alex Hui (Pro City Racing) 2:44
21 Damian Parlee (cycleu) 2:47
22 Mark Wieler SS (Arrowsmith Bikes) 2:49
23 Daniel Nanninga (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers) 3:10
24 David Pechter SS (RCCC) 3:37
25 Will Maartman (Ind 3:53
26 Andy Pitre (Me Team) 3:54
27 Stefan Hill (Ind 4:10
28 Steve Doreen (Local Ride) 4:14
29 Roland Rabien (Pro City Racing) 4:48
30 Ben Moore (Ind 5:07
31 Justin Bailey SS (Performance Bicycles) 5:12
32 Chris George (PT Performance training) 6:25
33 Matt Edwards (Riders Cycles) 6:26
34 Fraser Crichton (Team Awesome) 6:27
35 Leif Keithley (VIACRA) 6:58
36 Landon Braithwaite (Uber saweeet) 7:23
37 Mike Chen (Team Mike) 8:08
38 Patrick Burnham (MiVA) -1 lap
39 Jeffrey Doyle (Pro City Racing) -3 laps
DNF Terry McKall SS (Ind
DNF Jon Lokhorst (russ hays)
DNS Eamon Simmons SS (Team Naked)
DNS Real Laberge (Ind
Intermediate Women, 4 Laps
1 Shelby Harlen (OBB Westshore) 0:35:17
2 Cristin Schlossberger (IRC) at 0:01
3 Seana Wright SS (Alberni SingleSpeeders / Ozzies Cycles) 0:26
4 Erin Copeland (Ind 1:27
5 Cheryl Morch (MIVA) 1:58
6 Sylvia Storry (Pro City Racing) 2:42
7 Jenny Skinner (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers) 2:49
8 Victoria Boyd (MIVA) 2:55
9 Elietha Bolskezi (Ind 3:33
10 Deb Epps (Mid Island Velo Association) 3:42
11 Alexandra Grant (Tripleshot) 4:33
12 Glenda Harling (Everti Bikes) 4:43
13 Vanessa Service (Tripleshot) 4:44
14 Sarah Clarke (Trek Red Truck) 5:10
15 Shanna Wild (Ind 6:36
16 Jen Dosil (Pro City Racing) 6:42
17 Mykelti Berg (MIVA) 6:59
18 Joanna Fox (Tripleshot Cycling Club) 7:13
19 Jessie Ogden (VAC – Pro City) 10:40
20 Katie Duncan Rabien (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers) -1 lap
Master Men, 6 Laps
1 Sam Whittingham SS (Team Naked) 0:46:10
2 Guy Ridler (Simons Cycles) at 0:13
3 Bill McMillan 50+ (Mid Island Velo Association) 0:18
4 Dylan Reeves (Tripleshot) 0:26
5 Curtis Schlossberger (IRC) 1:33
6 Lee Blais SS (Alberni SingleSpeeders) 1:41
7 Brent Hooper (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers) 1:47
8 Mark Oldenburg SS (Van S.S) 1:50
9 Aaron Dusseault (Russ Hays) 1:58
10 Peter Wellsman 50+ (Pro City Racing) 2:05
11 Barry Rempel 50+ (Oak Bay Bikes Victoria) 2:30
12 James Tarrant 50+ (Oak Bay Bikes) 2:38
13 Paul Darby (Russ Hays) 2:58
14 Tony Webster (Camosun) 3:05
15 John Vander Vliet (Comox Valley Cycling Club) 3:09
16 Real Laberge (Ind 3:15
17 Kent Duncan (Comox Valley Cycling Club) 3:25
18 Guy Gensey (Russ Hays) 3:32
19 Andy Achuff (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers) 3:36
20 Brian Griffin (Team Alliance) 4:05
21 Shayne Alexander (Broad Street Cycles) 4:34
22 Morgan Harker (Ind 4:52
23 Dave Pfaffenberger (Pro City Racing) 5:06
24 Paul Brend (IRC/Cameron Law) 5:22
25 Jamie Emery 50+ (Pro City Racing) 5:59
26 Derek Steel 60+ (Arrowsmith Bikes) 6:16
27 Paul Kane 50+ (Ind 6:22
28 Jeroen Dikkentman (Team Naked) 7:15
29 Dave Morris (Arrowsmith Bikes) 7:33
30 Martin Machacek (Organic Athlete) 7:44
31 Chris Hall (Team No Team) 8:20
32 James Pauly 50+ (Tripleshot Cycling Club) 8:44
33 Richard Cook (Pro City Racing) -1 lap
34 Andy Brinton 50+ (Ind -1 lap
35 Dan Clements 50+ (RCCC) -1 lap
36 Doug Doyle 50+ (IRC) -1 lap
37 Wayne Shtybel 50+ (Ind -1 lap
38 Michael Achuff (StuckyLife) -1 lap
39 Alvin Tye 50+ (Team Naked) -1 lap
40 Bill Lane 60+ (Ind -1 lap
41 David Ormerd 60+ (BCMCA) -1 lap
DNF Forstrom 50+ (Trek Red Truck)
DNF Steve Lund (VAC – Pro City)
DNF Brad Head (Pro City Racing / EBOOST)
Open Women, 6 Laps
1 Wendy Simms (Kona) 0:46:58
2 Dawn Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes) at 0:07
3 Joele Guynup (Condo Group) 1:52
4 Kelly Jones (Steed Cycles) 2:01
5 Kristenn Magnusson (Arrowsmith MTB Club) 3:55
6 Jennie Aitken (Organic Athlete) 4:42
7 Carey Mark (Steed Cycles) 5:02
8 Christyna Jones (Pro City Racing) -1 lap
DNF Jenny Lehmann (Trek Red Truck)
Expert, 9 Laps
1 Craig Richey ( p/b Ridley) 1:04:45
2 Drew MacKenzie (Condo Group/Shimano/Marin) at 0:56
3 Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck) 1:13
4 Thomas Skinner (Oak Bay Bikes) 1:20
5 Adam de Vos (Trek Red Truck p/b Zed Wheels) 1:59
6 Rob Parkin (Trek-Dirt) 2:41
7 Jamie Sparling (Raleigh) 2:52
8 James Cameron (Pro City Racing) 2:56
9 Scott Mitchell (Pro City Racing) 3:00
10 Raphael Lalumiere (Russ Hays) 4:07
11 Normon Thibault (Frontrunners) 4:20
12 Jason Binab (Pro City Racing) 4:25
13 John Fokkema (Pro City Racing) 4:52
14 Halldor Gunnarsson (StuckyLife / Broadstreet Cycles) 4:57
15 Jordan Duncan (Russ Hays pb Accent Inns) 6:05
16 Mitchell Thacker (Pro City Racing) 6:36
17 Justin Mark (Steed Cycles) 6:47
18 Dan Gronross (Steed Cycles) 6:48
19 Matthew O’Hagan (Ride Okanagan) -1 lap
20 Dave Shishkoff (Organic Athlete) -1 lap
21 Parker Bloom SS (StuckyLife) -1 lap
DNF Colin Hynes (Pro City Racing)
DNF Dwayne Kress (SORCA)
DNF Cody Canning (Trek Red Truck)
DNF Nic Hamliton (Jelly Belly p/b Kenda)
DNF Chris Sundby (Oak Bay Bikes)
DNF Brian Green (Team Nicolas (Alberta))
DNS Russell Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers)
DNS Regan Pringle (Pro City Racing)


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