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May 10/00 9:09 am - l'Aude, Ontario/Manitoba Midweeks, B.C. News/Results, Jeanson, Birthdays

Posted by Editor on 05/10/00

Tour de l'Aude, France

Leigh Hobson, a member of Team Canada, is sending in daily reports from the Tour de l'Aude. Here is Day 5 (May 9th).

Over the past three years, this stage has always been by far the most windy! We began the 117km from Souilhe and finished in Port Lauragais. Within the first 22km, there were two mountain sprints and two sprints for the sprint jersey...needless to say it was in everyone's best interest to stay at the front!

After approximately 30km of attacking, a group of four managed to get away...Lyne Bessette, Magali Le Floc'h, Arenda Grimberg, and Yvonne Brunen. The group got up to 3 minutes as Hanka Kupfernagel's team held tempo. Team Canada attempted to bridge the gap, but to no avail. As the race neared it's conclusion, the Belgian team brought the gap down to 28 seconds. Magali Le Floc'h took the sprint, Lyne took second, and Arenda and Yvonne were swallowed by the peloton with only one kilometre to go!

Cybil Diguistini holds on to the overall title of Best Young Rider.

Stage Results:

1st Magali Le Floc'h (FRA) 3:19:36
2nd Lyne Bessette (SAT) st
3rd Mirjam Melchers (NED) at 0:28
4th Ina Teutenberg (GER) st
5th Arenda Grimberg (NED) st
6th S. Samokhvalova (RUS) st
7th Elizabeth Chevanne Brunel (FRA) st
8th Hanka Kupfernagel (GER) st
9th Vanja Vonckx (VLA) st
10th S.Boubnenkova (RUS) st

Other Canadians:

33rd Annie Gariepy st
34th Leigh Hobson st
35th Clara Hughes st
39th Sandy Espeseth st
41st Cybil Diguistini st
61st Leah Goldstein 3:51

Overall GC:
1st Hanka Kupfernagel (GER)
2nd Geraldine Loewenguth (FRA) at 1:54
3rd Mirjam Melchers (NED) 2:00
4th Heidi Van De Vijver (BEL) 2:57
5th Tatiana Stiajkina (UKR) 2:59
6th Madeleine Lindberg (FAR) 8:02
7th Cindy Pieters (VLA) 10:20
8th Aline Camboulives (FRA) 10:26
9th Juanita Feldhahn (AUS) 10:28
10th Lyne Bessette (SAT) 11:33

Other Canadians:

16th Sandy Espeseth 13:00
19th Leigh Hobson 13:09
20th Cybil Diguistini st
28th Clara Hughes 17:37
30st Annie Gariepy 17:43
58th Leah Goldstein 34:07

Leaders Jersey: Hanka Kupfernagel (GER)
Mountain Jersey: Geraldine Loewenguth (FRA)
Points Jersey: Ina Teutenberg (GER)
Sprint Jersey: Olga Slioussareva (RUS)

La Bicicletta Midweek Criterium Series - Ontario
(courtesy Peter McCaffery)

Event 4, May 9/00
48.4 km - Average speed (scratch group): 45.8 kph

1Kevin SpeachtKiro11:03:4312
2Jeff HansenItal Pasta1s.t.11
3Simon SmallItal Pasta1s.t.10
4Greg CavanaghMississauga Gears1s.t.9
5Jason ValentiBrampton1s.t.8
6Don ZuckInd.MBs.t.7
7Graham ThomasHalton R&TMBs.t.6
8Peter MorseKiro1s.t.5
9Tony AbramaviciusMississauga GearsMBs.t.4

Primes: Paul Rego, Jeff Hansen
59 starters,    49 finishers,   7 women

Series standings to date:

NameClubCatTotal Points
Speacht, KevinKiro142
Small, SimonItal Pasta130
Hansen, JeffItal Pasta123
Davidge, PiersMississauga Gears122
Valenti, JasonBrampton119
Wadden, James J.Kiro118
Rego, PaulOakville115
Salisbury, DuncanHalton R&T315
Hansen, MattIntersports114
Cavanagh, GregMississauga Gears113
Krip, BruceRNH213
Thomas, GrahamHalton R&TMB13
Bryce, AubreyD’OrnaellasA12
Sandre, JohnHalton R&TMA12
Traini, EnricoMississauga Gears312
Fry, DavidRNH111
Randall, AndrewJet Fuel111
Abramavicius, TonyMississauga GearsMB10
Perez, FredNARC29

Next week is the first prestige event. This will be a 50 km scratch event.
Winner of the women’s SIDI Evolution shoes, donated by Veltec, is Amy Jarvis of Intersports. Congratulations!

Manitoba Midweek MTB Series
(courtesy Dave Benson)

The second race in the Kids of Mud Series was held at LaBarriere Park tonight (May 9th). This is the earliest we have been able to access this course in years, as it usually is still covered by winter flood waters. Fifty racers competed on the LaSalle River course. Following this event, Olympia Cycle sponsored an MCA midweek event that challenged twenty nine racers. The results are as follows. Any concerns with regards to these postings should be directed towards

PlaceCadet - 8.5 km
1Kristie Biluk27:38
1Mike Harris23:15
2Justin Enns23:33
3Philip Bietz23:34
4Marc Foidart23:36
5Justin Stadnyk24:22
6Tommy Allen24:43
7Adam Powney24:49
8Jordan Letkeman24:56
9Collin Gagnon24:59
10Jason Hawcroft25:42
11Jamie Biluk25:59
12Sean Derhak26:35
13Kyle Wiebe27:06
14Tyler Snitynsky27:36
15Josh Ayers27:39
16Brian Phillips27:40
17Jerrod Kusyk28:15
Minime - 6.8 km
1Kathryne Ayers23:55
1Eric Scheepers19:29
2Chris Staniforth20:08
3Jon Benson20:16
4Eric Levin20:51
5Eric Foidart22:25
6Francois Roche Gagne22:35
7Drew Johnson23:08
8Cameron Skrypnyk23:27
9James Deacon23:56
10Spencer Guest25:50
11Scott Bergan29:55
PeeWee - 5.1 km
1Nicholas Lacko16:08
2Paul Benson16:22
3Greg Hawcroft16:50
4Danyel Campeau16:51
5Daryl Dowsett16:52
6Mac Brentnall17:59
7Jordan Kelsch18:05
8Daniel Baldwin18:28
9Kyle McComas22:18
Under 10 - 3.4 km
1Emily Levin12:26
1Michael McLean10:37
2J-C Campeau10:43
3Mark Wiebe10:45
4Tyler Rutledge11:41
5Cole Guertin12:10
6Adrian Huemmer12:40
7Even Bennett13:24
8Wesley Poneira13:39
9Jason Bergan16:32
10Zach Page17:22
MCA Mid Week Race
Elite/Expert/Vet.Expert Combined18.5 km/15.5 km
1Sean Anastasiadis41:07
2Leith McLeod42:21
3Ian Case43:27
4Lindsay Gauld43:32
DNFJason KnievelDNF
1Susanne Baldwin34:34
2Naomi Humenny36:47
Senior/Master/Vet. Sport15.5 km/9.3 km
1Paul Verwymeren30:56
2Ray Baril30:57
3Rene Razzak31:44
4Jon Peters32:35
5Gilles Gobert34:18
6David Armishaw34:49
7Petr Michaluk34:50
8Larry Klassen35:33
9Wayne Lacko35:44
10Tim Deacon36:34
11Howard Skrypnyk37:03
12Gerald Adams37:04
13Paul Tomlinson37:35
14Bill Ayers38:09
1Angela Adams29:48
2LeeAnn Benson34:33
Junior/Youth Categories12.5 km/9.3 km
1Sean Guertin30:01
2Cabrel Boucher30:02
3Joel Simard33:09
4Richrad Simard33:33
DNFBrian KratschDNF
1Kylie Case27:53

Tour de Vine Criterium - Penticton, B.C.
(courtesy Ron Hayman)

Race held May 6th.

Cat 1-3 Women
1 Jenny Trew (Calgary)
2 Marianne Trevorrow (Calgary)
3 Diane Bladon (Calgary0

Cat 1-2 Men
1 Van Velzen (Vancouver)
2 Matthew Barth (Delta)
3 Trevor Wurtele (Vernon/Victoria)
4 Bryce McCallum (Vancouver)
5 Steve Kraetzer (Kelowna)

Cat 3 Men (raced with the 1-2)
1 Clayton Hiltz (Penticton) 18 years
2 Adam Larsen (Penticton)
other riders were pulled before the finish

Cat 4
1 Mark Emery (Vancouver)
2 Brandon Archer (Vernon)
3 Ryan Ingram (Vernon)
4 Peter Matthews (Penticton)
5 Lindsay Graff (Victoria)

Cat 5
1 Kees Sinke (Calgary)
2 Max Nobwell
3 Dave Kitson
4 Gil Poitras
5 Brad Lee

Genevieve Jeanson on Television
(courtesy Jacques Landry)

Road racer Genevieve Jeanson will be featured tonight on CBC Newsworld sometime between 7:15 pm and 8:00 pm (EDT)

Gary Lund Classic - BC Cup #2

Due to the many many phone calls and emails, we have decided to re-instate the Vet race. The Vets will race 80km in one group with the Cat 4 men. If you have any questions please call Marc at 250-384-8840 or email Jennifer at

Jennifer Burton
Marc Burgess
Race Directors

Mario in the Nude

Sprinter Mario Cipollini is garnering lots of press coverage in Europe with his new ad for Reebok. Mario appears nude (well, he is wearing a pair of Reeboks...) in the print campaign. Before you get too excited, you can't see anything other than Mario's very buffed looking physic.

Happy Birthday To...

U.S.-based road pro Scott Price (today), mountain bike pro Andreas (Dr Dre) Hestler (tomorrow) and women's road pro Annie Gariepy (tomorrow).


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