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May 10/00 11:28 am - Road Nationals, Masters Olympic Classic, Gila results

Posted by Editor on 05/10/00

Road Nationals Trial Run

The Intersports Inc Racing Team is hosting an 80KM training ride that will cover the National Road Race, criterium, and time trial courses in Peterborough. The ride will take place on Sunday May 14th at 10am. Details on starting location and directions will be posted within the next day. For more information contact: Chloe Black: or 705-755-6368 or Ralph Neumann:

International Masters Senior Olympic Classic

Tillsonburg, Ontario is to be the site for International Masters Senior Olympic Classic, to be held July 13-23. Both road and mountain bike events will be held for age categories from 35 to 90+. Proceeds from the non-profit event will be donated to St John's Ambulance and the London Hospital (Breast and Prostate Cancer Research Units). For more information, check the website at

Tour of the Gila - New Mexico

Final stage and overall results.

Stage 5, Gila Monster Road Race, 100 miles
1Burke SwindlehurstNavigators Cycling T4:32:40
2Arquimedes Lam ZamorTecos4:32:57
3Jimi KillenBoulder Chaos4:33:12
4Ron SchmeerNutra Fig4:33:34
5Eddy GragusJelly Belly4:33:43
6Scott PriceLandis Cyclery/WMRC4:33:45
7John LieswynShaklee4:33:45
8Eric WohlbergShaklee4:33:45
9Doug Ziewacz7 Up/Colorado Cyclis4:33:51
10Brad BuccumbuspNutra Fig4:33:58
18Jacob ErkerSparkletts4:37:08
24Brian WaltonSaturn4:41:11
40Jesse KeeferNutra Fig4:45:34
49Sylvain BeauchampShaklee4:55:10
53Gord FraserMercury4:55:10
68Jamie DouglasRocky Mountain Bicyc5:02:20
Final GC
1Eric WohlbergShaklee13:44:47
2Eddy GragusJelly Bellyat 1:30
3Doug Ziewacz7 Up/Colorado Cyclis3:05
4Burke SwindlehurstNavigators Cycling T3:24
5Clark Sheehan7 Up/Colorado Cyclis3:29
6Ron SchmeerNutra Fig3:45
7Scott PriceLandis Cyclery/WMRC3:56
8John LieswynShaklee4:10
9Damon KluckThe Spokesman4:54
10Jimi KillenBoulder Chaos4:57
18Jacob ErkerSparkletts10:17
27Brian WaltonSaturn14:12
46Gord FraserMercury30:23
48Sylvain BeauchampShaklee31:57
66Jesse KeeferNutra Fig44:31
80Jamie DouglasRocky Mountain Bicyc1:21:52
Stage 5, Gila Monster Road Race, 66 miles
1Jeanie Longo3:22:21
2Mari HoldenTimex3:24:29
3Kimberly BrucknerAutotrader.com3:24:29
4Katrina BergerCharles Schwab Cycli3:24:42
5Kim SmithTimex3:26:37
6Andrea RatkovicAutotrader.com3:27:11
7Tina MayoloAutotrader.com3:27:11
8Lara RuthvenTX Cycle Sport3:27:17
9Catherine CardwellCharles Schwab Cycli3:27:20
10Lysle Wilhelmi800.com3:27:33
13Melanie DorionElita3:28:17
16Sophie St. JacquesElita3:28:29
22Kim DavidgeElita3:31:40
Final GC
1Mari HoldenTimex12:10:35
2Jeanie Longoat 1:11
3Kimberly BrucknerAutotrader.com4:09
4Katrina BergerCharles Schwab9:05
5Andrea RatkovicAutotrader.com9:24
6Julie HansonSaturn10:56
7Catherine CardwellCharles Schwab12:13
8Lysle Wilhelmi800.com12:22
9Kim SmithTimex12:39
10Tina MayoloAutotrader.com12:42
15Melanie DorionElita16:23
16Sophie St. JacquesElita17:58
19Kim DavidgeElita22:31


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