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May 12/00 9:58 am - Jeanson on CBC Radio, CC store, Ontario News, Birthday, bicycle: the band

Posted by Editoress on 05/12/00

Interview with Genevieve Jeanson

CBC Radio's Inside Track will feature an interview with Genevieve Jeanson during this Sunday's (May 14) program at 1:30pm EDT.

Since 1985, The Inside Track has been providing Canadians with an intelligent and entertaining approach to the issues of sport.

The Inside Track has won numerous national and international radio awards over the years for its documentaries. For more information about The Inside Track visit the website The Inside Track. If you miss the program and still wish to hear it, they have an audio archive of interviews/programs.

Linda Jackson was interviewed just after she announced her retirement from cycling. You can listen to this program at Jackson Interview.

Great Lake to Lake Mountain Bike Classic
courtesy Tim Lefebvre

The second annual Great Lake to Lake Mountain Bike Classic is set to rage this Saturday, May 13th. A 50 KM point to point citizens race, this unique event has something for everyone. Registration is still available the day of.

For more information contact Tim Lefebvre 905-688-1296

Maps added to the CC Store

Here at Canadian Cyclist we receive frequent requests from cyclists for a where to ride guide. Well, in our ongoing search for sources we came across Balls Maps. Balls Maps is THE source for mountain bike trail maps in Ontario. Scott Trebilcock has compiled all of the great, and not so great, trails in Southern Ontario into a series of guides. Each trail guide is a COMPLETE and portable source for planning, getting to and ripping a ride!! If you are not familiar with the product: check out their website at:

We are pleased to announce that you can now purchase Scott's trail maps through the CC Store, along with compasses and map protectors. Each map is only $3.00, and there are over 25 currently available (with more coming soon). Go to the CC Store and choose Ontario Trail Maps.

Save Registration Fees

Just a reminder that registration fees will go up after May 15th for Bastion Square, and after May 21st for the Schwinn-Toyota Canada Cup. Go to our online registration service to register for these events.

Please note: that you MUST pre-pay using Mastercard or VISA to be registered for these events. We have noticed some people are filling out all of the information except the payment info - you are not registered by doing this.

Happy Birthday to.......... mountain biker Julian Hine, today.

Rock Band to Tour East Coast By Bicycle - bicycle to lead 15 Roadies From Gig to Gig On Their Bikes

ATLANTA - May 10, 2000 - Capricorn Records recording group, bicycle, will literally hit the road on bicycles beginning on May 20, 2000, in Portland, Maine, and ending June 6, 2000, in Washington D.C. The tour, dubbed The State 68, will encompass the band and a team of roadies, riders, and various friends. The tour is the brainchild of bicycle's lead singer/guitarist Kurt Liebert.

The "roadies" are the winners of a contest on bicycle's website, Entrants submitted an essay entitled, "Why I Want 2b A bicycle Roadie." Fifteen lucky winners were selected from hundreds of submissions. Each winner receives a brand new Airborne comfort bike and a BOB trailer to take along the tour and keep as a souvenir from their historic journey. For more details, go to

Since 1995, Seattle-based Liebert and various renditions of bicycle have pedaled over 8,500 miles and played hundreds of gigs. The band relies on the BOB brand of lightweight bicycle trailers to haul its gear, which is minimized and miniaturized (Steinberger guitars, Gallan Kruger Amps, a drum kit consisting of kick, snare, hi-hat and sensitized bike tires turned upside down that trigger samplers for tom-toms).

For The State 68, the touring ensemble includes: Kurt Liebert, lead vocals and guitar; Andy Massey, guitar; James Strother, bass; Kelly de Syandinos, harmonica, samples, and vocals; Poiena Suddarth, vocals; and drummer Ivo Nakov. bicycle's Capricorn Record's self-titled debut was released in July of 1999. Currently, a remixed version (by Steve Fisk) of "High Plains Drifter" is being worked to Modern Rock radio.

Kurt Liebert
(206) 390-7053


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