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September 22/97 23:41 pm - Hokkaido Final, BC News, Lots of 'Cross, Vuelta

Posted by Editor on 09/22/97

Tour of Hokkaido, Japan Stage 7, Sapporo - 100 km 1. Takehiro Mizutani (JPN) Bridgestone 2:14:16 2. Riccardo Ferrari (ITA) Nippon Hodo 3. Marco Cannone (ITA) Nippon Hodo 4. Czeslaw Lukaszewicz (CAN) 5. Cory Dominiques (USA) 6. Yannick Cojan (CAN) 16. Mat Anand (CAN) all s.t. Final GC 1. Michele Colleoni (ITA) Acom Ravanello 14:02:55 2. Riccardo Ferrari (ITA) Nippon Hodo at 0:03 3. Mauro Zinetti (ITA) Acom Ravanello 2:10 4. Mat Anand (CAN) 2:15 5. Gordon McCauley (NZL) 2:21 8. Czeslaw Lukaszewics (CAN) 2:52 Points 1. Czeslaw LukaszewicZ (CAN) 88 points 2. Riccardo Ferrari (ITA) Nippon Hodo 82 3. Marco Cannone (ITA) Nippon Hodo 71 4. Michele Colleoni (ITA) Acom Ravanello 65 5. Yannick Cojan (CAN) 58 Mountain Points 1. Gordon McCauley (NZL) 23 points 2. Brendan Vesty (NZL) 17 3. Mat Anand (CAN) 16 Prince George Cycling Club (Submitted by J.Tolkamp, President) Club Championship Race - Sunday September 21st held at the Prince George Snowmobile club. The Prince George Cycling club is an active community club located in the central BC city of Prince George. The club has some 150+ members in puts on approximately 30 races each season. The majority of the races are mountain bike events, but road time-trails and circuit races are also held. The club also holds road and off-road group rides, and maintains and builds various trails each year. 47 Competitors took in the Club Championship race, held under sunny and warm (22C) fall conditions. After the race competitors were treated to a barbecue thanks to Nancy Hichock!!. Racers covered either one or two laps of either a long or short cross country course which featured a long grueling climb and long slow downhills filled with large puddles. In some sections the mud was extremely deep, forcing riders to dismount and crawl through the thick goo. The youth of the club once again showed they are to be reckoned with in the coming years. Cadet Expert rider Adam Cook (Olympia Cycle) lead Junior Experts Rob Mulligan (McBike Bike Shop) and Mike Baur (Olympia Cycle and Ski) as well as Senior Expert John Tolkamp (Olympia/Giant) up the first long climb before he turned off on the shortened course for cadets. Tolkamp experienced mechanical difficulties with a jammed chain near the top of the course on the first lap, loosing some 40 seconds to the two hard charging Juniors. It was near the end of the first of two laps in the race before John was able close the gap on Mulligan and Baur. On the final long climb Rob Mulligan accelerated and started putting valuable distance between the tiring Mike Baur and John Tolkamp, it was an impressive move and looked like it might bring the young rider a victory as his lead grew. Near the top of the climb Mike Baur succumbed to fatigue and had to reduce his pace. At the race's 3/4 mark John Tolkamp caught sight of a weary Rob Mulligan and pressed on to once again catch the Junior rider. Rob continued to tire and was passed some 10 minutes before the end of the 1:30 minute race. John, who finished 2nd in the Vet Mens Canada Cup series managed to claim a two minute victory, while Rob was the winning the Junior rider and 2nd overall. Many thanks to sponsors: Olympia Cycle and Ski, Subway, Safeway, Timberline Outfitters, SportMart, Blondie's, Tuning Point, Galita's, Island Alpine Next Event: The Wheel Thang (Mountain Bike and Roller Blade dualthalon at the University of Northern Britsh Columbia), Sunday Sept 28th contact 960-5622 for more information. Coming: The Fall Challenge. Each Sunday in October on the Otway Ski trails. Complete Results: Cadet Men Sport - 1 lap of short course Brice Wiese 43:24 Geoff Duck 49:09 Tyler Doerksen 50:27 Tom Bajic 1:37:26 Cadet Women - 1 lap of short course Martina Feldmann 1:01:00 Junior Men Expert - 2 laps of long course Rob Mulligan 1:32:02 Nick Manklow 1:35:03 Gareth Dyer 1:39:58 Mike Baur 1:44:39 Tyler Morland DNF Mike Paulson DNF Junior Men Sport - 2 laps of short course Todd Wikjord 1:39:39 Minime Women - 1 lap of short course Jillian Morland 1:18:17 Senior Men Expert - 2 laps of long course John Tolkamp 1:30:25 Tim Degrace 1:32:53 Luc St. Denis 1:33:44 Eric Paulson 1:34:34 Matt Thompson 1:37:11 Peter Rosenberg 1:46:17 Cam Grose 1:48:32 Matt Brown 1:51:46 Senior Men Sport - 2 laps of short course Kevin Klymchuk 1:19:56 Darren Masse 1:38:19 Ken Myers 1:45:03 Joe Basnett 1:51:38 Rob Jamieson DNF Matt Brochu Senior Women Expert - 1 lap of long course Sarah Newton 53:34 Senior Women Sport - 1 lap of short course Shelley Escobar DNF Vetern Men - 2 laps of short course Charles Morlund 1:32:32 Rory Luxmoore 1:41:22 Juery Feldmann DNF Vet Women - 1 lap of long course Marina Lipinski 58:51 Minime Men - 1 lap of short course Desmond Hawkins 48:35 Eric Lobermeyer 48:44 Carl Blouw 50:03 Jerid Letchford 56:00 Peewee Men - 1 lap of short course Jordan Giesbrecht 49:35 Chris Wiebe 1:20:44 Lewis Morlund 1:26:33 Lots of Å’Cross Stuff! Ontario Cyclo-cross The Ontario 'cross season opener takes place in Woodstock. It was not in the handbook and the newsletter for September was not sent out, so any publicity would be appreciated. date: Sunday, September 28th time: sign-in and course familiarization, 10 a.m., race start, 11:00 a.m. location: Southside Park, Woodstock, Ontario directions: from the 401 take hwy. 59 into Woodstock. At the first light turn left (Parkinson Rd.) take the second right (Eastpark Dr.) entry fee: $10 contact: Leighton Davies (519) 537-7311 Special thanks to the town of Woodstock for the use of Southside. I have been reading with some interest the frequently updated rules that will be enforced at the cyclocross nationals (spelled with small "n" on purpose). Is someone really working this hard to make sure that no one with a mountian bike shows up, or is it just my imagination? Any comments? Glenn Meeuwisse A LOOK AT CYCLO CROSS DEVELOPMENT In 1900, a French conscript named Gousseau realized during army exercises that a cyclist could match the speed of cavalry. His General accepted the idea and this led to the formation of the cycling corps that were used by both sides in World War 1. Gousseau and his friends began cross-country riding in the Paris area, and races began to be held. In 1902, the first French Cyclo-Cross Championship took place. In England the earliest known event in which riders raced over fields and through woods was the Cyclists versus Harriers event, organized by the Walsall Section of the Cyclists Touring Club in 1921. Except for a break enforced by World War 2, it continued until 1972. In Europe, 1924 saw the first of a series of international events west of Paris which became recognized as unofficial World Championships. They were dominated by French and Belgian riders and the list of winners includes many of the great roadmen of their day. The Union Cyclists Internationale gave recognition to an official World Championships in 1950, but defined cyclo-cross as a pastime to be undertaken in the winter and not a sport. This enabled amateurs to compete against professionals. Seven days after that initial World title was decided, three British amateurs competed in a professional 'international' in Paris. The organizer assumed that they were professionals and entered them in the main event of the program. They brought back to Great Britain a new concept of cyclo cross, the concept that is universally accepted today. Instead of riders disappearing into the countryside for an hour or so before finishing at the start point, races began to take place over several laps of a shorter circuit, with consequent advantages to organizers and spectators. On the world scene, the open championships continued until 1967, when separate races were held for amateurs and professionals. In 1976, a European Junior Championship was introduced which became a World Championship the next year. In 1995, the Championships reverted to their previous status, not to be seen merely as a 'pastime', but to reflect changes to make one category and develop an 'open' sport. For the last couple of years, cyclo cross has established a more stable place within the sport of Cycling. In the past, cyclo cross was winter training for road cyclists. Nowadays the specialists in the sport regard road and mountain bike cycling as good preparation for the winter season. Cyclo Cross has grown up to be a respectable sport, there are International Grand Prix races in Europe, a Super Cup Series in the USA and interest for cyclo cross is growing In North America, generally, cyclo cross is being heralded as the new growth area in cycle sport. With its new popularity amongst road and mountain bike riders, a new cross over discipline is seen as the major attraction. My archives do not include any information on how cyclo cross got started on the North American continent and I would appreciate any information on this. Sections of this have been taken from: Cyclo-Cross past to present, Keith Edwards (British Cyclo Cross Association) Cyclo Cross Season Guide, Hein Verbruggen (President, UCI) Valerie Davidge Vuelta a Espana, Spain Stage 16, Cangas De Onus to Santander - 170 kms 1. SVORADA, Jan CZE MAPEI - GB 3:54:07 2. WUST, Marcel GER LOTUS 3. DI BASCO, Alessio ITA SAECO 4. MICHAELSEN, Lars DEN TVM 5. VIERHOUTEN, Aart NED RABOBANK 6. COLAGE, Stefano ITA REFIN - MOBILVETTA 7. TEUTENBERG, Sven GER US POSTAL SERVICE 8. CAMIN, Claudio ITA BRESCIALAT - OYSTER 9. GORINI, Gianluca ITA AKI - SAFI 10. EDO, Angel ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA all s.t. GC 1. ZÃœLLE, Alex SUI ONCE 68:52:02 2. ESCARTIN, Fernando ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA at 2:46 3. DUFAUX, Laurent SUI LOTUS 3:39 4. ZAINA, Enrico ITA ASICS - CGA 5:07 5. HERAS, Roberto ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA 6:17 6. SERRANO, Marcos A. ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA 7:10 7. CLAVERO, Daniel ESP ESTEPONA - TOSCAF 7:29 8. JALABERT, Laurent FRA ONCE 9:56 9. FARESIN, Gianni ITA MAPEI - GB 11:10 10. LEDANOIS, Yvon FRA GAN 11:22


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