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May 19/00 11:40 am - Norba Big Bear, Yukon Results

Posted by Editor on 05/19/00

Norba National - Big Bear

Women's XC

1. Mary Grigson (Aus) Gary Fisher-Saab 1:29:36
2. Ruthie Matthes (USA) Trek-Volkswagen at 2:04
3. Ann Trombley (USA) Koulius-Zaard 2:18
4. Jimena Florit (Arg) RLX Polo Sport 2:52
5. Chrissy Redden (Can) Gary Fisher-Saab 5:51
6. Gretchen Reeves (USA) Cane Creek 6:07
7. Melanie Dorion (Can) Ford Devinci 6:23
8. Rene Marshman (USA) Moots 6:24
9. Audrey Augustin (USA) Koulius Zaard 6:30
10. Amber Chorney (Can), Ford Devinci, at 6:36

13. Trish Sinclair (Can) Marin 7:08

Men's XC

1. Kirk Molday (USA) Trek-Volkswagen 2:37:33
2. Greg Randolph (USA) GT at 0:19
3. Steve Larsen (USA) LL Bean-Mongoose 3:34
4. Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Gary Fisher-Saab 3:54
5. Marc Gullickson (USA) Mongoose Pro 4:31
6. Pavel Tcherkassov (Rus) 5:56
7. Geoff Kabush (Can) Kona 6:06
8. Jess Swiggers (USA) Trek-Volkswagen 6:19
9. Roland Green (Can) GT 6:41
10. Ziranda Madrigal (Mex) Turbo 7:02

11. Seamus McGrath (Can) Haro-Lee Dungaree 7:19
14. Mathieu Toulouse (Can) Ford Devinci 8:55
15. Chris Sheppard (Can) Haro-Lee Dungaree 9:07

Yukon News
(courtesy Geof Harries)

33 cyclists contributed to the largest turnout of the year for the CAY's third mountain bike race, which took place at the Chadburn Lake ski trails.

Warm temperatures and cloudy skies greeted the racers, competing on a very smooth course with few tricky sections and lots of wide-open, fast singletrack trails.

A third of the field consisted of female bikers, all of whom put in a great showing. Another encouraging aspect was the number of new faces and the presence of several "roadies" who usually keep to the pavement. It seems they have realized that mountain bike racing is a great workout that will help their road riding skills.

Many riders gave it their all for one lap of the 7km course, but 12 die-hard racers chose to continue for a second. Ray Tucker, fourth in the Senior Men's race, commented that he liked the non-technical aspect of the race, even though he enjoys extremely technical trails the most.

Steven Wattereus, winner of the Senior Men's race, started slowly but caught up to the lead pack at mid-first lap, then turned on the afterburners and rode to a convincing victory.

Sue Mueller, in her first mountain bike race of the season, also put in a very fast time, beating out newcomer Laura Salmon for a win.

Junior Men and Women, most of whom are on the Yukon Cycling Team, showed that all their hard work in training is paying off. Natasha Trovato seemingly gets faster with every race she enters, while Robert Smith continues to dominate his division.

Racers were happy to hear that the next two mountain bike races on the CAY calender consist of similar venues, including numerous wide, double-track sandy trails.

The Ibex Valley Relay on Sunday, May 28th consists of two 16km mountain bike legs on dirt road, followed by a 22km road ride along the Alaska Highway back to the start.

This event can be done as a two or three person team, or for those training for the longer stages of the Kluane to Chilkat Bike Relay, it can also be ridden solo. Total race time is about 3 hours over a distance of 54km, with a barbeque to follow. For more information, contact the Race Director at 633-4580.

Road riders have another chance to test their fitness at the upcoming Carcross Cutoff race, taking place on Wednesday, May 24th, with registration at 6:30pm. Riders will meet at the top of Robert Service Way and the RV Pullout. The race begins at 7pm. For more information, contact the Race Director at 393-4356.

Senior Women (2 laps):

1) Sue Mueller 56:30
2) Laura Salmon 57:38

Senior Women (1 lap):

1) Denise Chisholm 26:38
2) Rosemary Piper 27:40
3) Michelle Rigoni 27:42
4) Deana Sabuda 28:21
5) Jennifer Grantham 29:14
6) Leslie Gomm 30:57
7) Tanya Ordish 34:50

Junior Women (1 lap):

1) Natasha Trovato 31:44

Senior Men (2 laps):

1) Steven Wattereus 42:04
2) Isaac Holloway 42:44
3) Scott Stevens 43:23
4) Ray Tucker 43:43
5) Gerard Frostad 44:13
6) Allan Frostad 49:29
7) Paul Mason 50:13
8) Rod Savoie 51:26
9) Roger Armstrong 53:28

Senior Men (1 lap):

1) Tom Holloway 24:22
2) Scott Kerby 27:37
3) Bill Greer 27:52
4) Bruce MacKay 28:49

Junior Men (1 lap):

1) Robert Smith 24:05
2) Ethan Plemel 26:09
3) Daniel Sessford 26:32
4) Martin Owen 27:12
5) Chad Boorman 36:53


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