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September 23/97 22:48 pm - 'Cross Response, Vuelta, Ontario Results

Posted by Editor on 09/23/97

Response to Cyclo-cross Rules I am writing with reference to a comment by Glen Meuwisse on Canadian Cyclist's Webpage today regarding the Cyclo Cross Nationals. I consider this comment unbecoming of an employee of the Ontario Cycling Association and totally inappropriate and uninformed. I am working hard to promote a National Championship in a sport that is regaining popularity in North America to the point where retailers are stocking and selling specialist cross bikes faster than hot cakes. I have sponsorship proposals out all over the city, if word of this kind of statement from an employee of the host Province gets out, we might as well call it quits. Yes, I am working hard on the Nationals - my snippets and articles in Canadian Cyclist are intended to educate and spread the word not provoke. For the past few years, there has been quite a bit of controversy during the Cross Season because the rules were not spelled out, quite often there were unpopular surprises at Nationals and Provincials and there was no continuity. The two aspects that I have written about (Licenses and Bikes) are not new. They have been the rules for the last three National Championships but often people don't know this ahead of time and then they have a problem when they arrive at the race. I am seeking to avoid this. I made a point of clarifying both of these issues with Lousie Lalonde (VP Racing, CCA) before I sent in these items. There was no discussion - these are the rules - the one about Licensing is the CCA's policy (and does, in fact contravene UCI Regulations with one day Licenses but nothing else) and the regulations regarding bars and tire widths are are clearly stated in the CCA Rule book which is the basis upon which ALL National Championships are run. Once I had this all confirmed, I discussed the issues with Tim Farrar (he in turn with Dave Butler) and it was decided to have the same rules for the Ontario Provincial Championships to avoid confusion amongst the riders. Oftentimes, riders get chatting and one thing leads to another and all sorts of rumours start to go around. By making these points clear right now, I am endeavouring to avoid this and to help the riders. I am not trying to deter people with Mountain Bikes from the Championships - they are more than welcome. I do want to make sure though that they ride legal bicycles and that are licensed according to CCA policy. That's all. As for the crack regarding Nationals with a small n - the gentleman's chip shows. Valerie Davidge. (Editor‚s Note: Now that Mr Meeuwisse and Ms davidge have both had their say, I am closing this thread. If readers want to continue the discussion, please use the Forum area.) Vuelta a Espana, Spain Stage 17, Santander to Burgos - 183 kms 1. SVORADA, Jan CZE MAPEI - GB 4:16:02 2. WUST, Marcel GER LOTUS 3. TEUTENBERG, Sven GER US POSTAL SERVICE 4. GUIDI, Fabrizio ITA SCRIGNO - GAERNE 5. VAN BON, Leon NED RABOBANK 6. DI BASCO, Alessio ITA SAECO 7. MICHAELSEN, Lars DEN TVM 8. CAMIN, Claudio ITA BRESCIALAT - OYSTER 9. BETTIN, Mauro ITA REFIN - MOBILVETTA 10. WERNER, Jürgen GER REFIN - MOBILVETTA all s.t. GC 1. ZÜLLE, Alex SUI ONCE 73:08:04 2. ESCARTIN, Fernando ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA at 2:46 3. DUFAUX, Laurent SUI LOTUS 3:39 4. ZAINA, Enrico ITA ASICS - CGA 5:07 5. HERAS, Roberto ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA 6:17 6. SERRANO, Marcos A. ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA 7:10 7. CLAVERO, Daniel ESP ESTEPONA - TOSCAF 7:29 8. JALABERT, Laurent FRA ONCE 9:51 9. FARESIN, Gianni ITA MAPEI - GB 11:10 10. LEDANOIS, Yvon FRA GAN 11:22 EVENT NAME: 15 km time trial DATE: 09 21 97 ORGANIZER: Kit McCaffery CATEGORY: All LOCATION: White Swan Rd., Brant County, Ontario WEATHER: 18 deg. C. Sunny, stiff NW wind 1 Matt Hansen Espoirs de Laval Sen 1 20-32 2 Desi Desrochers Schwinn Canada Vet B 21-21 3 Paul Rego Racer Sportif Sen 1 21-29 4 Rob Cheskey Hamilton C.C. Vet B 21-53 5 Allan Becker Newmarket Eagles Vet A 22-03 6 Doug Palmer Kamikaze Vet A 22-04 7 Chris Komar Hamilton C.C. Vet A 22-20 8 Tomas Baumgartner Neworld Sen 1 22-52 9 Gary Cluett Ziggy's C.C. Vet B 23-06 10 Gary Scully Jet Fuel Vet A 23-09 11 Joe Morato Newmarket Eagles Vet B 23-24 12 Alejandro Estavez Racer Sportif Jun 23-53 13 Peter Hein D'Ornellas Vet C 23-55 14 Jacek Sohacki Polonius Sen 1 24-00 15 James Rivett Racer Sportif Sen 3 24-12 16 Michael Szelag Independent Vet A 24-14 17 Fred Pepper Hamilton C.C. Vet B 24-29 18 Peter Morris Hamilton C.C. Vet C 24-56 19 Jose Estavez Racer Sportif Cad 25-04 20 Fernando Estavez Independent Min 26-03 22 Ryan De Boer Mississauga C.C. Min 31-10 23 Agatha Sohacki Polonius Min 33-15 24 Erika Cluett Ziggy's Peewee 36-25 RESULTS EVENT NAME: Ontario Provincial Hill Climb Championship DATE: 09 21 97 ORGANIZER: Kit McCaffery CATEGORY: All LOCATION: Sydenham Hill, Dundas DISTANCE: 1.85 km WEATHER: Cool, overcast SENIOR CATEGORY OVERALL OVERALL 1 Matt Hansen Espoirs de Laval Sen 1 4'35" 2 Tomas Baumgartner Neworld Sen 1 4'45" 3 Paul Rego Racer Sportif Sen 1 4'51" 4 Greg Palmer Pierik's Sen 3 5'09" 5 Bryan King Independent Sen3 5'10" 6 Jacek Sohacki Polonius Sen 1 5'13" 7 James Rivett Racer Sportif Sen 3 5'31" 8 Bill Brown Independent Sen 3 10'29" WOMENS' CATEGORY 1 Sue Palmer Saturn W1 4'57" 2 Leigh Hobson Ziggy's W1 5'04" 3 Micheline Bennett Scattalon W3 7'13" VETERAN WOMEN 1 Judy Osborne Hamilton C.C. WVA 7'32" VETERAN A MEN 1 James Stinson Independent 5'00" 2 Scott Buschlen Independent 5'16" 3 Allan Becker Newmarket Eagles 5'17" 4 Dave Corner KONA 5'24" 5 Chris Komar Hamilton C.C. 5'27" 6 Brad Day Ziggy's 5'36" 7 Gary Scully Jet Fuel 5'42" 8 Chris Springer Ziggy's 5'49" 9 Neal Rickenbrauk Zzoom 5'51" 10 Mikle Szelag Independent 5'55" 11 Doug Palmer Kamikaze 6'00" VETERAN B MEN 1 Ziggy Marteulewski Ziggy's C.C. 5'03" 2 Rob Cheskey Hamilton C.C. 5'13" 3 Gordon Clarke Newmarket Eagles 5'29" 4 Joe Morato Newmarket Eagles 5'33" 5 Fred Pepper Hamilton C.C. 5'34" 6 John Parkinson Guelph Olympic 5'40" 7 Grant Stahl Guelph Olympic 5'43" 8 Gary Cluet Ziggy's C.C. 5'50" VETERAN C MEN 1 Peter Hein D'Ornellas 5'58" 2 Peter Morris Hamilton C.C. 6'27" 3 Harold Osborne Hamilton C.C. 7'14" JUNIORS 1 Domenic Rigato Racer Sportif 5'09" 2 Alejandro Estavez Racer Sportif 5'13" 3 Bryan Turner Independent 5'45" CADETS 1 Peter Mazur D'Ornellas 5'24" 2 Jose Estavez Racer Sportif 5'42" MINIMES 1 Fernando Estavez Independent 6'03" 2 Agatha Sohacki Polonius 13'03" PEEWEES 1 Erika Cluett Ziggy's 9'30"


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