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May 21/00 4:17 am - Porter & Huard Win Canada Cup DH #1

Posted by Editor on 05/21/00

Canada Cup Downhill #1 - Camp Fortune, Quebec

Kim Huard (Balfa) has just won her first Canada Cup, at the season opener in Camp Fortune, Quebec. "The course was drier than in practice, and quite technical - which I like!" said Huard. "But I think the winning places are in the flatter, pedalling parts. If you are not fit, then you can lose a lot of time here." Anne Gleave (Kangaroo) was second and Cecile Gambin (Schwinn) third. In the Junior Expert men's event, Gordie Lunn (Santa Cruz-Giro) beat out Dany Rioux.

The Elite men have just finished, with Trevor Porter (Giant Canada) taking the victory. "It's a really good start to the season, especially since I hurt my shoulder last year before Nationals and didn't do so well here (14th)." Porter said the biggest problem for him was the wet, and "the big bog. I got stuck and didn't think I would do so well, so I guess everyone had problems there." Trevor asked us to pass on a Hi to his parents and wife Sara, back in New Brunswick...

We would like to give a special thank you to organizer Peter Suderman at Camp Fortune, for arranging and providing telephone updates throughout the weekend, and interviews with the riders.

Elite Men
1. Trevor Porter (NB) Giant Canada 2:43.61
2. Brant Lyon (BC) Cove Bike Shop 2:44.18
3. Karl Paterson (New Zealand) Foes Racing 2:44.45
4. Fredric Poulin (Que) Balfa 2:45.05
5. Jesse Grigalinas-Shutt (QC) 2:47.34
6. Leon May (BC) Marin 2:48.15
7. Peter McLean (ON) Wheel Goods 2:50.47
8. Stephane Mailhot (QC) Cyclo-Montagne 2:50.75
9. Vincent Marcotte (QC) 2:51.00
10. Charles-Antoine Dube (QC) V02 2:52.24

Elite Women
1. Kim Huard (Que) Balfa 3:24.24
2. Anne Gleave (BC) Kangaroo 3:28.88
3. Cecile Gambin (Ont) Schwinn 3:29.27
4. Andrea Kraft (BC) 3:29.82
5. Jennifer Ashton (BC) Norco 3:34.50
6. Cassandra Boon (BC) Giant Bicycle Canada 4:00.88
7. Marle-Eve Picard (QC) 4:05.27
8. Heather Armitage (AB) Terrascape 4:06.27
9. Lise Martin (QC) 4:06.43
10. Natacha Thonon (QC) Saturn 4:07.98

Junior Expert Men
1. Gordie Lunn (BC) Santa Cruz-Giro 2:51.42
2. Dany Rioux (Que) 3:02.36
3. Mathieu Laurin (Que)3:03.00
4.Kyle Biggy (AB) Cafe Racers 3:03.79
5. Guillaume Houle (BC) 3:08.04
6. Marc-Oliver Labelle (QC) 3:10.53
7. Craig Lunn (BC) Santa Cruz-Giro 3:11.42
8. Matt Neilsen (ON) 3:12.30
9. Benjamin Blais (QC) 3:17.9
10. Marcus Dagenais (ON) Spokes n Slopes 3:21.22

Junior Women
1. Katherine Lobodzinski (ON) 3:43.65

Big Bear Correction

The results we initially received for the Norba National cross-country at Big Bear on Friday (May 19th), left Ryder Hesjedal (Gary Fisher-Saab) completely out of the top-10; a bit of a problem, since he actually finished 4th! Those results have now been corrected. Ryder was also the first Espoir.


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