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May 22/00 6:55 am - Chat with Lance Armstrong, NB News, Redden Report from Big Bear

Posted by Editoress on 05/22/00

Lance Armstrong Chat

Lance Armstrong of the United States Postal Service Pro Cycling Team will participate in a live video web chat from France on Wednesday, March 24, at 3 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time). He'll be taking questions about his life as a cancer survivor, cyclist, Tour de France champion, father, husband and author of a new book -- "IT'S NOT ABOUT THE BIKE: My Journey Back to Life." You may pre-register now to participate in the chat at

NB Tel Mobility MTB NB Cup #1
(courtesy Dave Macfarlane)

The race was held under beautiful sunshine at Woolastook Park on Sunday May 21. Complete unofficial results are posted on our website. We had a printer(s) breakdown so were unable to post full results at the race. We have left them unnofficial on our site until Thursday for questioning. Note: The top senior placings above can be considered final.

Senior Expert Men
1. Sparks, Jeff (NB) Radical Edge F'ton 2:17:56
2. Betts, Matthew (NB) Radical Edge F'ton at 0:18
3. Davis, Mike (NB) Radical Edge F'ton 1:31
4. McKeown, Brian (NB) Radical Edge F'ton 2:25
5. Grant, Greg (NB) Mike's Bike Shop 7:56

Senior Expert Women
1. DeWolfe, Karen (NS) 2:07:15
2. Healey, Anna (NB) at 2:48
3. Phillips, Vannessa (NB) 7:51
4. Pendrel, Catharine (NB) Radical Edge F'ton 13:10
5. McKeown, Jane (NB) Radical Edge F'ton 20:35

Redden Report

Chrissy Redden (and now team mate Andy Bishop) have sent in a report from the short track event at the Big Bear Norba National (May 20th).

NORBA #1 Short Track

Day 2 of the Chevy Trucks National Championship Series continued with the Short Track men's and women's races. This race was 20 minutes of all out exertion around a rolling 1km track looping around the main finish area.

The Women's Race:
After yesterday's domination of the Cross-Country, Mary and I went through some team strategies and wanted to use our team experience and dominate the race. Our plan was to continually launch attacks until one of us got away, and the other was to stay in the main group and get 2nd. Our plan was working perfectly halfway through the race with myself with a 10 second gap and Mary staying in the group. The only glitch in the plan was how strong Ann Trombley (Koolias Zaard) was riding. Once we were all together again (the three of us), Ann launched a very strong attack, which I was unable to contest. Mary though would have nothing to do with letting Ann get away and counter-attacked to take the lead and 2 laps later win the race with a smile! I was strong enough to hold onto a strong 3rd place.

The Men's Race:
In a new partnership with my teammate Chrissy Redden, I (Andy Bishop) will be handling the men's side of the race reports. Morale started off at a high point after the women performed so well, but as Ryder Hesjedal mentioned to Pavel Tcherkassov: "We can't let the women get all the glory." Sure enough, that motivation led to an awesome performance by the men in the short track. The race started out fast and I had the pleasure of riding with a helmet camera and pack from Outdoor Life Network, who came on to cover the entire 2000 NORBA NCS Race Series--check out their coverage!! Ryder immediately took the holeshot and led the race for the first lap as the racers all settled into the blistering pace. In typical fashion, there were many lead changes throughout the race and GT rider Greg Randolph took the lead (which he impressively held onto until the end). However, there was terrific racing still left as Pavel started to come on strong. A group of four riders formed a chase group, including Ryder and Pavel. They worked together for a few laps until Pavel and Cannondale rider Kashi Leuchs broke free for the last few laps. Pavel handily won the sprint to the finish for 2nd place and Ryder finished fifth.


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