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May 25/00 6:57 am - Burnaby Velodrome Closing, Laval Midweek Results

Posted by Editor on 05/25/00

Burnaby Velodrome To Close
(courtesy Jeremy Storie)

Wednesday May 31 will mark to closing of the Burnaby ( Vancouver ) Velodrome at the Harry Jerome Sports Centre on the Barnett Hwy near the junction of Hastings and Barnett. The velodrome is the only indoor cycling track in North and South America. The Burnaby Velodrome Club ( BVC ) was unable to make the operation financially viable and were tenants of the BC Volleyball Association (BCVA) (who also occupy the inflatable dome structure) and the city of Burnaby. The velodrome was constructed largely by volunteers and became fully operational 3 years ago. Membership topped out at about 100 and peak times for use of the track were during the inclement winter. The velodrome has also hosted a few local competitions, some junior development camps, and a few National Team Olympic preparation camps. The National Team was hoping to use the facility as part of their regular winter training program. The BCVA has also had a difficult time making the facility a financially viable venture and there have been several problems with the structure, most notably the roof collapsing twice, due to incorrect maintenance of the inflatable dome. The final two track times available to BVC members or drop in riders will be on Monday May 29 from 4 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. and Wednesday May 31 from 4 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. There is a call out to get as many members as possible to come out and train on these last two occasions. The plans for the facility are unclear but it is believed that the building and site will go up for sale within a few moths following the closure of the track. Volleyball will remain for an undetermined time after the end of May. Plans are under way for a media blitz with at least one TV crew already committed to come out to raise awareness for the velodrome.

Laval Midweek
(courtesy Michel Bourgault)

Masters A
RankNameClubTotal Points
1Martin RooseboomCycles Patrick26
2Didier CojanAndré Lalonde21
3David LandryMartin Swiss17
4Paulo SaldanhaMartin Swiss17
5Didier LegallMartin Swiss16
6Yvan DionLifescan/Martin Swiss15
7Gordon StovelWest Island15
8Benoît LavalléeIndépendant14
9Jean-Marc LégerMédico Sportif11
10Yannick CojanEspoirs11
11François BilletteAndré Lalonde3
12François LemarbreCycles Patrick3
13Simon Pierre CotéPerformance3
14Laurent GarzonMartin Swiss3
15Howard BerridgeIndépendant3
16Gilles SanchezAndré Lalonde3
17Philippe PlanetVélo 43
18Rémi RichardIndépendant3
19Vasko NicolovMédico Sportif3
20Martin Purd'hommeVélo 43
21Eric MoodyVélo 43
22Fabien GrignardIndépendant3
23Stéphane GabelierAndré Lalonde3
24Jean-Luc LarocqueIndépendant2
25Fernand RooseboomCycles Patrick2
26Jean-François SoulièresAndré Lalonde2
27Martin Derek KoopsPatrick2
28Steve MikulisIndépendant2
29Eric DesjardinsVélo 42
30Harold DuguayBrossard2
31Christophe DeFlandreElio Pizzeria2
32Martin GauthierIndépendant2
33Robert AdmzyckWest Island2
34Yves TremblayIndépendant2
35Jules PruneauIndépendant1
36Jean ValiquettePerformance1
37Gary ObermanIndépendant1
38Eric MénardPatrick1
39Oliver LeungElio Pizzeria1
40Jocelyn Gascon GirouxIndépendant1
41Pierre BeaudoinBrossard1
42Mark ComaniukIndépendant1
43Christophe CheseauxVélo 41
44Marco JuanVélo 41
45Luc BlainIndépendant1
46Yves BaribeauOerlikon1
47Gilbert MailletteBrossard1
48Kevin McNultyMartin Swiss1
Masters B
RankNameClubTotal Points
1Nick TosquesMartin Swiss45
2Alain CaronLipscan/Martin Swiss36
3Daniel VaillancourtElio Pizzeria30
4Yves NadeauEspoirs Laval20
5Steve AllanWest Island10
6Alfonso PaolettiMartin Swiss9
7Dave WisemanLifescan/Martin Swiss8
8Bernard VivesEspoirs Laval3
9Sylvain AdamsIndépendant3
10Leo GladIndépendant3
11Robert RoyEspoirs Laval3
12Guy LeclercEspoirs Laval3
13Mark DitcherIndépendant2
14Alain MarquisIndépendant2
15Normand RenaudIndépendant2
16Jacques SztukeBrossard2
17Gilles DionneArgon 182
18Leonard LighterIndépendant1
19Michael DésiletsElio Pizzeria1
20Harold StotlandIndépendant1
21Richard KnightVcom1
22Bruce LittleVcom1
23Raymond LévesqueIndépendant1
Masters C
RankNameClubTotal Points
1Pierre CloutierArgon 1837
2Pierre LecuyerMedico27
3Jean-Pascal LionGranby22
4Pierre DumaisEspoirs17
5Jacques BelzileEspoirs15
6Gilbert BessinIndépendant14
7Valentino D'ArduiniIndépendant10
8Michel BraultIndépendant2
9Francesco CerroneIndépendant2
10Barry PerlesElio Pizzeria2
11Ron PoulsenVcom1
12Carroll RoyDemers1
13Jean-Marc St-HilaireIndépendant1
Masters D
RankNameClubTotal Points
1Jose Maria GonzalezElio Pizzeria31
2Giuseppe AlbaneseElio Pizzeria23
3Georges LavoieCycles Patrick22
4Allessandro FantiniIndépendant2


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