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July 16/13 23:13 pm - Tour de l'Abitibi: Stage 1 results

Posted by Editoress on 07/16/13

Results from the first stage of the 2013 Tour de l'Abitibi Desjardins, in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Qubec


Stage 1: Amos to Rouyn-Noranda, 117.2 km
1 Hendrik Pineda (Can) Team Canada 2:45:29
2 Peter Goguen (USA) CF Racing
3 Ansel Dickey (USA) Team USA
4 Edgar Adolfo Tique Avila (Col) Colombie-Fundación Everet
5 Julien Roussel (Can) Rocky Mountain-Lessard Bicycles-Apogée
6 Austin Vincent (USA) CF Racing
7 Jorge Ivan Gomez (Col) Colombie-Fundación Everet
8 Emmanuel Gagné (Can) Team Québec
9 Stephen Bassett (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
10 Owen Gillott (Aus) Racers Against Childhood Cancer (RACC)
11 David Lombardo (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
12 Benjamin Veillette (Can) IAMGOLD-Specialized
13 Quinten Kirby (USA) USA Select C
14 Dakota Schaeffer (USA) Mid-Atlantic Development Foundation
15 Shawn Turcotte (Can) Rocky Mountain-Lessard Bicycles-Apogée
16 Luke Broadwell (USA) South Eastern Regional Team
17 Edward Walsh (Can) Rocky Mountain-Lessard Bicycles-Apogée
18 Steven Calderon Acero (Col) Colombie-Fundación Everet
19 Reese Levine (USA) Mid-Atlantic Development Foundation
20 Nicholas Torraca (USA) USA Select B
21 Trevor Rolette (USA) Borah Development
22 Diego Binatena (USA) USA Select A
23 Justin Oien (USA) Team USA
24 Morkal Williams Samuel (USA) CF Racing
25 Nathan Rico (USA) USA Select C
26 Hamza Lachguer (Mar) Team Morocco
27 Noah Granigan (USA) CF Racing
28 Marc-Antoine Soucy (Can) Team Québec
29 Wilson Steeven Cardona Garcia (Col) Colombie-Fundación Everet
30 Lionel Rocheleau (USA) Racers Against Childhood Cancer (RACC)
31 Chaz Lane (USA) USA Select B
32 Rudyard Peterson (USA) Borah Development
33 Carlos Mario Paloma Lozano (Col) Colombie-Fundación Everet
34 Skyler Mackey (USA) Racers Against Childhood Cancer (RACC)
35 Adam Jamieson (Can) Team Canada
36 Nolan Tankersley (USA) USA Select A
37 Andres Alayon (USA) South Eastern Regional Team
38 Abderrahim Zahiri (Mar) Team Morocco
39 Alex Breakstone (USA) Colavita-Van Dessel
40 Alex Bumpers (USA) Racers Against Childhood Cancer (RACC)
41 Jerome Bastien (Can) Team Québec
42 William Barta (USA) Team USA
43 Richard Rainville (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
44 Othmane Choumouch (Mar) Team Morocco
45 Nicolas Ducharme (Can) Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom
46 Devin Doiron (Can) Rocky Mountain-Lessard Bicycles-Apogée
47 Alexander Höfner (Ger) Team Germany-Brunei
48 Jefferey May (USA) Racers Against Childhood Cancer (RACC)
49 Derek Cote (USA) CF Racing
50 Nicolas Barriault (Can) André Cycle-Kaycan-RDS
51 William Elliot (Can) Team Canada
52 Grayson Brookshire (USA) Mid-Atlantic Development Foundation
53 Olivier Miclette (Can) Team Québec
54 Félix Lapointe (Can) Team Canada
55 Brendan Rhim (USA) Team USA
56 Sean Mackinnon (Can) Team Canada
57 Christophe Rivard (Can) Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom
58 Fletcher Lydick (USA) South Eastern Regional Team
59 Philippe Labrecque (Can) Rocky Mountain-Lessard Bicycles-Apogée
60 Julien Dulac (Can) IAMGOLD-Specialized
61 Geoffrey Curran (USA) Team USA
62 Olivier Brisebois (Can) Team Québec
63 Justin Griffin (USA) USA Select B
64 Daniel Lehmann (USA) Colavita-Van Dessel
65 Abderrahim Aouida (Mar) Team Morocco
66 Samuel Périgny (Can) IAMGOLD-Specialized
67 El Mehdi Laanaya (Mar) Team Morocco
68 Sawyer Currie (USA) Racers Against Childhood Cancer (RACC)
69 Vincent Désilets-Jacob (Can) Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom
70 Frankie Gonzalez (USA) South Eastern Regional Team
71 Ethan Furois (USA) Borah Development all s.t.
72 Evan Hartig (USA) Borah Development 0:22
73 Brandon Martinez (Pur) Colavita-Van Dessel 0:46
74 Alex Lessard (Can) André Cycle-Kaycan-RDS s.t.
75 Jérémie Désilets-Jacob (Can) Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom 1:14
76 Edouard Dumas-Longpré (Can) André Cycle-Kaycan-RDS 1:23
77 Peter Vollers Jr (USA) Mid-Atlantic Development Foundation s.t.
78 Andrew Biscardi (USA) South Eastern Regional Team 1:30
79 Michael Gaines (USA) Borah Development 1:48
80 Kenny Polley (USA) USA Select B 1:51
81 Félix Boudreau (Can) Vélo Mauricie 1:52
82 Casey Braga (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team 1:58
83 Jack Burke (Can) Team Canada s.t.
84 Olivier Proulx Fournier (Can) IAMGOLD-Specialized 2:35
85 Apolinar Acevedo (Isv) Colavita-Van Dessel 2:38
86 Philip O'donnell (USA) Team USA
87 Jean-Simon D'anjou (Can) Rocky Mountain-Lessard Bicycles-Apogée both s.t.
88 Étienne Dubuc (Can) IAMGOLD-Specialized 2:44
89 Louis Dallaire (Can) André Cycle-Kaycan-RDS 2:57
90 Brian Gaines (USA) Borah Development
91 Marc-Antoine Germain (Can) IAMGOLD-Specialized both s.t.
92 Taylor Skinner (USA) USA Select C 4:04
93 Connor Brown (USA) USA Select B
94 Sammy Moseley (USA) Colavita-Van Dessel
95 Seth Veenbaas (USA) USA Select A all s.t.
96 Raymond Reisen (USA) Mid-Atlantic Development Foundation 5:42
97 Davis Wilkey (USA) USA Select C 6:06
98 Christian Santa Cruz (USA) USA Select A 6:07
99 Ian Mcmullen (USA) South Eastern Regional Team 6:11
100 Waile Kahkahy (Mar) Team Morocco 6:12
101 Alexandre Simard (Can) Vélo Mauricie s.t.
102 Guillaume Roussel (Can) Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom 6:17
103 Simon Ouellet (Can) Team Québec 6:17
104 Andrew Mauro (USA) Colavita-Van Dessel 6:19
105 Jay Major (Bah) GS CycleLife s.t.
106 Thomas Wavrin (USA) USA Select C 7:08
107 Zachary Nehr (USA) USA Select A 7:25
108 Scott Ford (USA) USA Select A 7:49
109 David Duquette (USA) Mid-Atlantic Development Foundation 8:19
110 Sam Damphousse (USA) CF Racing 8:33
111 Anthony Bousada (Can) Vélo Mauricie 8:42
112 Biran Falk-Dotan (Can) GS CycleLife 10:19
113 Anthony Marando (Can) Vélo Mauricie 10:49
114 Joseph Tarnowski (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team 19:34
115 Maxx Chance (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team 19:34
116 Alexandre East (Can) Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom 20:44
117 Ian Whaley (USA) GS CycleLife 23:01
118 Douglas Hall (USA) USA Select C 25:49
119 Alec Aldape (USA) USA Select B 25:54
120 Zander Guzy-Sprague (USA) GS CycleLife 27:43
121 Dimitri Lemus (USA) GS CycleLife 27:43
122 Keane Brennan (USA) GS CycleLife 32:51
123 Antoine Laferrière (Can) Vélo Mauricie 32:51
DNF Fabian Geissenberger (Ger) Team Germany-Brunei
DNF Muhammad Shahrizan Awg Shaiful Rizal (Bru) Team Germany-Brunei
DNF Ahmad Jawaahir Haji Johor (Bru) Team Germany-Brunei
DNF Jacob Bellemare (Can) André Cycle-Kaycan-RDS
DNF Sébastien Dumont (Can) André Cycle-Kaycan-RDS
DNF Samuel Dupont (Can) Vélo Mauricie


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