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September 25/97 23:53 pm - We Goofed, `Cross Update, Nova Scotia News, Vuelta

Posted by Editor on 09/25/97

We Goofed! Somehow we managed to completely miss Trish Sinclair at the World Championships (Cross-country). She finished in 55th place, 33:24 behind the winner. Sorry Trish! Update on Cyclo-cross Nationals Rules We received the following update from the Cyclo-cross Nationals regarding licences, tire widths, etc. Keep in mind that this situation is still being looked into, so hold off on your flames! This is the official (slightly amended) position of the CCA for the Championships which I have very intention of respecting as the designated organizer for Ontario, the host province: Licenses: 1997 Road/Track and Mountain Bike Licenses will be accepted and we can issue one day licenses as well. MTB has been added as acceptable. Bicycles: The rules remain as previously stated regarding tire width and handlebars according to the CCA and UCI rules for cyclo cross. There have been suggestions that I hold a supporting event for mountain bikes that do not comply. I will investigate this but do not think I can afford the additional time this would involve. I will make an official announcement as soon as possible on this issue. Nova Scotia News (thanks to Randy Gray) Two races remain in the BNS Mountain Bike Series: The Spokebender Classic October 5th, always a great race, and the series grand finale: The Return of Elroy. Contact Bruce Roberts at 893-7159 for the Spokebender Classic and Barry Meisner at 832-1700 for info on Elroys. Big ride before deer season(day after halloween). I'm planning a 100km off-road ride from Windsor(Nova Scotia) to Halifax. Tentative date is October 12th. Only the truly foolish need apply, contact me at (902)477-1888. We need people with cars who can drop us off who DON'T want to do the ride(its a one-way point-point thing, see?) And no, it is not ALL fireroad and YES it is definitely 100km, don't listen to Lorenzo. The BNS Mountain Bike Committees AGM is November 10th. All mountain bike/combined members should have received info on this. If not contact Randy Gray at 477-1888. Non-member ATB'ers are invited as well. Vuelta a Espana, Spain Stage 19, Valladolid to Los Angeles de San Rafael - 193.3 kms 1. JIMENEZ,José María ESP BANESTO 4:31:38 2. CLAVERO, Daniel ESP ESTEPONA - TOSCAF at 0:01 3. HERAS, Roberto ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA s.t. 4. RICHARD, Pascal SUI CASINO 0:18 5. JALABERT, Laurent FRA ONCE 0:31 6. IVANOV, Serguei RUS TVM 7. BROCHARD, Laurent FRA LOTUS 8. FARESIN, Gianni ITA MAPEI - GB 9. BORDENAVE,Philippe FRA CASINO 10. GARCIA CASAS,Félix ESP LOTUS all s.t. GC 1. ZÜLLE, Alex SUI ONCE 81:37:27 2. ESCARTIN, Fernando ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA at 2:46 3. DUFAUX, Laurent SUI LOTUS 3:39 4. ZAINA, Enrico ITA ASICS - CGA 5:07 5. HERAS, Roberto ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA 5:24 6. CLAVERO, Daniel ESP ESTEPONA - TOSCAF 6:32 7. SERRANO, Marcos A. ESP KELME - COSTA BLANCA 6:59 8. JALABERT, Laurent FRA ONCE 9:29 9. FARESIN, Gianni ITA MAPEI - GB 10:51 10. LEDANOIS, Yvon FRA GAN 11:22


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