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August 12/13 2:12 am - Crankworx Whistler: Day 3 ENDURO wins for Graves and Chausson

Posted by Editoress on 08/12/13

Graves And Chausson Find Redemption At Crankworx Whistler In Round Five Of Enduro World Series

Wins Were Hard Fought And Earned As France’s Jerome Clementz and Great Britain’s Tracy Moseley Place Second In the SRAM Canadian Open Enduro, Presented by Specialized

Jared Graves (AUS) has finally taken his first Enduro World Series (EWS) round against the impeccable Jerome Clementz (FRA) after a full day of mountain bike racing in the SRAM Canadian Open Enduro, presented by Specialized. The legendary Anne Caroline Chausson (FRA) also took the first EWS win of her career ahead of Tracey Moseley (GB) with an extraordinary performance that included severe mechanicals and serious effort. The stages used around the Whistler Valley and the Whistler Mountain Bike Park for today’s race have been regarded as some of the finest, most technical trails seen on the Enduro World Series yet, and were a true test of athletic endurance and mountain bike skills.



Anne Caroline Chausson -  photo Nina Bianca



Jared Graves photo Nina Bianca


“I’m super happy to be back at the top,” says Anne Caroline Chausson. The French mountain biking legend took the win ahead of the nearly perfect Tracy Moseley of Great Britain by just over one minute and four seconds. “I’m back [from an injury sustained in competition] and I’m in good shape. I liked the courses here. They were really tough, and they are really technical and physical trails.” Chausson, who had to stop in stage four to remove her chain and carry on without the ability to pedal, won stages one, two and four and proved to be the ultimate contender throughout the day in Whistler. She ended her day by taking home a $5,000 cheque to complement her efforts.



Jerome Clementz photo Nina Bianca


Graves had to work for his win against Clementz and was tactical in his focus of the final stage of the day, which he won by an incredible 24 seconds. “I can’t believe it, I’m so happy,” says Graves. “I wanted to win this one so bad and all day Jerome’s just been one step ahead of me…I pretty much had a perfect run [in Stage 5]. I knew the track well; I practiced most of that trail and I knew that’s where you could make up a lot of time.” Graves’ day earned him a paycheque of $10,000, the highest prize purse seen in the discipline of Enduro since the sport began.

The fifth stage of the Enduro World Series' SRAM Canadian Open Enduro, presented by Specialized was a descent of the entire vertical of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, beginning on the epic Top Of the World trail, through the notoriously gnarly Garbanzo zone and down to the Whistler Valley. Riders regarded the fifth stage of this race was as some of the toughest riding of the day, especially after traveling the span of Whistler’s finest single-track for nearly eight hours that day with 51 kilometres traveled in total and raced across 19 kilometres.

The SRAM Canadian Open Enduro, presented by Specialized, combined lift access with approximately 863 metres of climbing. Riders traveled from Whistler Peak to the valley, twice, with the final stage an epic 10.63 kilometre, 1450 metre vertical top-to-bottom test-piece of endurance. The stages of the race were developed in consultation with pro rider Richie Schley, and Whistler local and Enduro aficionado Seb Kemp. The added “Whistler” twist was that, unlike in previous rounds, riders were not be able to return to the pits in between the first four stages, demanding a much higher degree of self-sufficiency and equipment management than has been required before.

1  Anne Caroline Chausson - $5000
2  Tracey Moseley - $2000
3  Cecile Ravanel - $1000

1  Jared Graves - $10,000
2  Jerome Clementz - $5000
3  Jamie Nicholl - $2000

Full results posted below


Despite Sunday’s freshly constituted podiums, the current oversall standings, with five out of seven races completed, remains the same, with France’s Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale Overmountain) and Great Britain’s Tracy Moseley (Trek Factory Racing) leading the Men’s Individual and Women’s Individual series, and Belgium’s Martin Maes (GT Factory Racing) topping the Junior division.

Says Enduro World Series Managing Director, Chris Ball, “It was truly an epic day and a true test for everybody. The course delivered, the Crankworx team put on an amazing event and the racers delivered. Feedback from the riders was incredible - they enjoyed every stage.”

The Enduro World Series moves next, August 24-25, to Val d'Isere in France for a combined event that includes Round 6 of the Enduro World Series and the Enduro of Nations.


Crankworx Whistler will be back on Tuesday, August 13th with the Garbanzo DH, live webcasting starting at 4:15pm PDT / UTC -7hrs, and the Go Pro Dirt Diaries film event at Whistler Olympic Plaza at 8pm. Tickets for the licensed, adults only area with seating are $5 and available at Whistler Blackcomb guest relations. There is also a Family Zone with seating available for $5 as well; otherwise everyone can experience the event on the grass for free. For more information about the SRAM Canadian Open Enduro, presented by Specialized, and all other Crankworx Whistler events, visit


Women Time Gap
1 Anne Caro Chausson (Fra) Ibis 55:24.14
2 Tracy Moseley (GBr) T-MO Racing 56:28.81 1:04.67
3 Cecile Ravanel (Fra) GT Skoda 57:18.98 1:54.84
4 Anneke Beerten (Ned) Specialized 58:59.87 3:35.73
5 Ines Thoma (Ger) Canyon Factory Enduro T 59:42.18 4:18.04
6 Rosara Joseph (NZl) Yeti Cycles 59:53.70 4:29.56
7 Pauline Dieffenthaler (Fra) Cannondale 1:00:53.72 5:29.58
8 Kelli Emmett (USA) Giant Factory Off-Road T 1:45.52.95 6:21.38
9 Anka Martin (RSA) SRAM Santa Cruz 1:02:24.20 7:00.06
10 Anita Gehrig (Sui) Specialized Twins Racing 1:02:29.22 7:05.08
11 Lorraine Truong (Sui) Norco Enduro World Tea 1:03:08.33 7:44.19
12 Katherine Short (Can) Smash and Shorty 1:03:39.43 8:15.29
13 Heather Irmiger (USA) Trek Factory, Shimano
1:03:51:03 8:26.89
14 Megan Rose (Aus) Norco John Henry Bikes 1:07:58.95 12:34.81
15 Leonie Picton (Aus) 1:08:49.30 13:25.16
16 Emily Slaco (Can) Norco 1:09:32.92 14:08.78
17 Margaret Gregory (USA) Don's Bikes, Fluid, Maxxi 1:10:28.17 15:04.03
18 Genevieve Demers (Can) 1:11:33.70 16:09.56
19 Jenny Konway (USA) 1:11:48.48 16:24.34
20 Steffi Marth (Ger) Trek Gravity Girls 1:12:31.21 17:07.07
21 Carolynn Romaine (USA) Pivot Cycles 1:12:55.96 17:31.82
22 Kari Mancer (Can) POC 1:14:34.16 19:10.02
23 Lindsey Voreis (USA) SRAM, Specialized, CAM 1:17:10.86 21:46.72
24 Sarah Rawley (USA) 1:19:22.02 23:57.88
25 Carolin Gehrig (Sui) Specialized Twins Racing 1:20:42.94 25:18.80
DNF Valerie Schandene (Bel) Cube
DNF Julia Hofmann (Ger) Marin Bikes
DNF Mary Moncorge (Fra) Commencal
DNF Marie Kunst (Den) Rotwild Fiat Professional
DNF Katy Curd (GBr) Rose Vaujany Mountainb
DNF Fanny Paquette (Can) Rocky Mountain
DNF Beth Parsons (Can)
1 Jared Graves (Aus) Yeti Fox Factory Race Team 47:57.18
2 Jerome Clementz (Fra) Cannondale Overmountain 48:09.66 0:12.48
3 Fabien Barel (Fra) Canyon Factory Enduro Team 48:23.39 0:26.21
4 Jamie Nicoll (NZl) Santa Cruz NZ 49:51.33 1:54.15
5 Adam Craig (USA) Giant Factory Off-Road Team 49:58.31 2:01.13
6 Nicolas Lau (Fra) Cube Action Team 49:59.14 2:01.96
7 Jesse Melamed (Can) Rocky Mountain Altitude 50:03.48 2:06.30
8 Remy Absalon (Fra) Commencal team 50:07.94 2:10.76
9 Chris Johnston (NZl) THE NOMADS 50:21.87 2:24.69
10 Lukas Anrig (Sui) Norco Enduro World Team 50:26.10 2:28.92
11 Joe Barnes (GBr) Canyon Factory Enduro Team 50:36.03 2:38.85
12 Florian Golay (Fra) BMC 50:37.24 2:40.06
13 Cedric Gracia (Fra) Santa Cruz Bicycles 50:37.89 2:40.71
14 Rene Wildhaber (Sui) Trek C3 50:40.48 2:43.30
15 Damien Oton (Fra) Caminade Transbiking 50:44.00 2:46.82
16 Bryan Regnier (Fra) CG Racing Brigade 50:53.33 2:56.15
17 Jeremy Arnould (Fra) IRWEGO COMMENCAL 50:54.90 2:57.72
18 Yoann Barelli (Fra) Giant Enduro Team France 50:56.07 2:58.89
19 Tyler Morland (Can) SRAM 51:03.03 3:05.85
20 Nicolas Quere (Fra) Commencal Superteam 51:03.79 3:06.61
21 Justin Leov (NZl) Trek World Racing 51:04.32 3:07.14
22 Matt Ryan (Aus) Specialized, Magura, Oakley 51:05.70 3:08.52
23 Ludo May (Sui) Norco Enduro World Team 51:06.12 3:08.94
24 Peter Ostroski (USA) Rocky Mountain 51:20.31 3:23.13
25 Alex Cure (Fra) Urge BP Enduro Team
51:26.66 3:29.48
26 Nick Geddes (Can) Norco 51:30.14 3:32.96
27 Dylan Wolsky (Aus) Santa Cruz, Shimano
51:30.18 3:33.00
28 Florian Nicolai (Fra) Urge BP Enduro Team
51:31.00 3:33.82
29 Gary Forrest (GBr) Ibis Cycles GBR 51:32.24 3:35.06
30 Brian Buell (USA) Banshee Bikes 51:32.69 3:35.51
31 Mark Weir (USA) WTB, Cannondale, Fox R 51:41.69 3:44.51
32 Nate Hills (USA) 51:44.59 3:47.41
33 Nathan Riddle (USA) SRAM, Santacruz, Dakin 51:50.63 3:53.45
34 Joey Schusler (USA) Yeti 52:01.07 4:03.89
35 Alex Lupato (Ita) FRM Factory Racing 52:01.38 4:04.20
36 Michael Schärer (Sui) Norco Enduro World Team 52:06.25 4:09.07
37 Sam Flanagan (GBr) Hope Technology Factor 52:08.39 4:11.21
38 Duncan Riffle (USA) SRAM 52:10.38 4:13.20
39 Antonin Gourgin (Fra) Urge BP Enduro Team 52:11.79 4:14.61
40 Kyle Warner (USA) Felt 52:20.41 4:23.23
41 Max Schumann (Ger) Carver, SR Suntour, ION 52:24.84 4:27.66
42 Karim Amour (Fra) CC Vence 52:26.04 4:28.86
43 Iago Garay (Esp) POC 52:28.97 4:31.79
44 Chris Dewar (Can) 52:33.49 4:36.31
45 Mason Bond (USA) Yeti, Shimano, Easton 52:34.74 4:37.56
46 Cedric Ravanel (Fra) GT Skoda 52:40.89 4:43.71
47 Jamie Biluk (Can) Bondtraining, suspension 52:51.63 4:54.45
48 Simon Andre (Fra) Orbea Meribel 52:59.91 5:02.73
49 Mark Scott (GBr) Pro Ride Guides 53:05.30 5:08.12
50 Johnny Magis (Bel) Urge BP Enduro Team
53:20.59 5:23.41
51 Davis English (Can) 53:23.79 5:26.61
52 Jon Buckell (USA) 53:25.39 5:28.21
53 Alex Stock (GBr) Kona, Five Ten, Effetto M 53:52.80 5:55.62
54 Nico Prudencio (Chi) Giant, The North Face, M 53:55.41 5:58.23
55 Jeffrey Kendall-Weed (USA) Ibis Cycles 53:55.66 5:58.48
56 Ryan De La Rue (Aus) World Trail, Lusty Industr 54:06.94 6:09.76
57 Andrea Bruno (Ita) Transition, Kali, Kore
54:18.13 6:20.95
58 Maurian Marnay (Fra) Urge BP Enduro Team
54:19.39 6:22.21
59 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelsk (USA) Trek Factory, Shimano
54:19.47 6:22.29
60 Simon Buzacott (Aus) 54:41.46 6:44.28
61 Jason Moeschler (USA) WTB, Cannondale, Fox R 54:51.72 6:54.54
62 Tristan Merrick (Can) Whistler Bike Park Team 54:56.19 6:59.01
63 Nick Gibson (USA) Shimano, Pearl Izumi 55:11.83 7:14.65
64 Kevin Smallman (USA) Incycles 55:29.33 7:32.15
65 Guillaume Farin (Fra) BMC Switzerland 55:53.00 7:55.82
66 Jerome Conreaux (Fra) 55:53.03 7:55.85
67 Shaun Fry (Aus) 55:56.79 7:59.61
68 Carl Decker (USA) Giant Factory Off-Road Team 56:05.40 8:08.22
69 Martin Flano (Chi) Giant Bicycles Chile 56:10.34 8:13.16
70 Jeff Lenosky (USA) Giant Teva 56:16.66 8:19.48
71 Jonas Juliet Vincent (Sui) BMC Switzerland 56:19.32 8:22.14
72 Alvaro Hidalgo (Crc) Kona, Maxxis 56:23.92 8:26.74
73 Josh Lyons (Aus) 56:35.35 8:38.17
74 Greg Grant (Can) 56:44.14 8:46.96
75 Tobias Woggon (Ger) BMC Switzerland 56:50.31 8:53.13
76 Trevor Burke (Aus) 57:09.25 9:12.07
77 Andreas Hestler (Can) Rocky Mountain, BCBR 57:22.78 9:25.60
78 Aidan Bishop (GBr) Cannondale, Mavic 57:29.95 9:32.77
79 James Richards (GBr) 57:53.74 9:56.56
80 Stan Jorgensen (USA) 58:02.88 10:05.70
81 Spencer Paxson (USA) Kona Bikes 58:03.75 10:06.57
82 Leif Christensen (NZl) 58:06.36 10:09.18
83 Sam Peridy (Fra) Magazine VTT 58:11.89 10:14.71
84 Kevin Simard (Can) Rocky Mountain, Thule 58:32.48 10:35.30
85 Luke Garside (Aus) Rocky Mountain 1:01:26.90 13:29.72
86 Matthew Miller (USA) Giant Mid Atlantic 1:01:33.64 13:36.46
87 Guillaume Racine (Can) 1:01:44.66 13:47.48
88 Aaron Bradford (USA) BMC Trail Crew 1:02:25.19 14:28.01
89 Michael Watt (Aus) Wolfpack Racing 1:02:52.81 14:55.63
90 Ruben Salzgeber (Can) 1:03:30.88 15:33.70
91 Darryn Henderson (NZl) Specialized/Troy Lee DH 1:04:54.97 16:57.79
92 Jose Letelier (Chi) 1:05:06.51 17:09.33
93 Jeff Carter (NZl) 1:05:58.63 18:01.45
94 Kenny Belaey (Bel) GT Bicycles, RedBull
1:09:17.96 21:20.78
95 Antonio Perez Montava (Esp) Wild Wolf 1:11:29.88 23:32.70
DNF Curtis Keene (USA) Specialized
DNF Lars Sternberg (USA) Transition Bikes, Fox
DNF Xavier Marovelli (Fra)
DNF Kevin Lorenzato (Fra) Orbea Meribel
DNF Maxi Dickerhoff (Ger) Canyon Factory Enduro Team
DNF Mike West (USA) Yeti Fox National Team
DNF Morten Krogh Hansen (Den) DMK
DNF Casey Coffman (USA) Felt, Shimano, SR Sunto
DNF Joost Wichman (Ned) Rose Vaujany Mountainbikes
DNF Dennis Beare (Aus) Banshee bikes
DNF Richard Gasperotti (Cze) Mondraker
DNF Frederik Kjeldsen (Den)
DNF Casey Krueger (USA) Salsa Cycles
DNF Richie Schley (Can) Rotwild
DNF Darrin Seeds (USA) Transition Bikes

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