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September 16/13 12:53 pm - Rapha StarCrossed: report and results, Dyck 3rd

Posted by Editoress on 09/16/13

Mical Dyck and Aaron Schooler shine at Starcrossed.

A fair Canadian contigent made its annual migration south for the first UCI race of the 2013 season in Redmond WA.

The woman's race started with a bang quickly turning into a 4 woman group containing Gabby Durrin, Courtney Mcfadden, Mical Dyck and Sue Butler. Multiple attacks by Durrin soon had the pack whittled down to just herself and Mcfadden, with a spicy duel for third between Dyck, Butler, Orton and Cutler.

With 2 laps to go Durrin pulled away to solo home with McFadden 23 seconds back. Dyck and Butler had gapped the other two to battle the last 1.5 laps for the final podium spot, with Dyck making her move on the last half lap and just narrowly outsprinting Butler for the 3rd spot.




The men's race was loaded from top to bottom, with the likes of Trebon, Powers, Berden and Page among a list of North America's best CX racers. The competition was chaotic and fast, with most of the action happening through the barriers/beer garden area.

On one lap Page came across (in front) ofn Berden who was bunny hopping the barriers, which only seemed to fuel Ben's resolve for finessing ahead of the American National Champ. Canadian Aaron Schooler shone half way through the race, bunny hopping side by side with Berden as they attacked simultaneously, leading away for almost a lap before being chased down.

With 2 laps to go Powers attacked with Trebon reacting and the two diced it up till the very end with Powers exiting the finish corner first and just holding off Trebon down the unbelievably bumpy finish straight. Schooler was top Canuck with a very solid 11th at 44 seconds back, an admirable feat after working a full time job.

Courtesy Regan Pringle

Results from StarCrossed CX in Redmond WA on September 14th

Women, 7.5 laps (18.8 km)
1 Gabriella Day (GBr) Rapha-Focus 44:44:00
2 Courtenay Mcfadden (USA) Bicycle Bluebook/Hrs/Rocklobster 45:07:00
3 Mical Dyck (Can) Stan'S Notubes 45:13:00
4 Susan Butler (USA) River City Bicycles 45:14:00
5 Jessica Cutler (USA) Bikesport Nw / Jamis 45:33:00
6 Beth Ann Orton (USA) Team S&M 45:47:00
7 Caroline Mani (Fra) Raleigh / Clement 46:19:00
8 Jean Ann Berkenpas (Can) Secret Cycles/Xprezo 46:28:00
9 Rebecca Gross (USA) Raleigh-Clement 46:30:00
10 Marsa Daniel (USA) Team Group Health 46:30:00
11 Tina Brubaker (USA) Speedvagen 46:30:00
12 Jennifer Gaertner (USA) Motofish Racing 46:34:00
13 Natalie Koncz (USA) Zuster Cycling 46:39:00
14 Andrianna Zolton (USA) Jlvelo Ambassadors 48:13:00
15 Joele Guynup (USA) Shimano/Marin Bikes 48:14:00
16 Alexandra Burton (USA) Portland Bicycle Studio 48:39:00
17 Annemarije Rook (Ned) Team Group Health (Sound Velo Cycling) 48:42:00
18 Katie Melena (USA) Bicycle Blue Book / Hrs / Rock Lobster 48:49:00
19 Kari Studley (USA) Team Redline 48:57:00
20 Heidi Wood (USA) Alki/Rubicon 48:59:00
21 Shannon Holden (USA) Vanderkitten/Ibis 49:22:00
22 Karen Wilkinson (USA) Team Group Health
Men, 11.5 laps (28.8 km)
1 Jeremy Powers (USA) Rapha-Focus 1:01:56
2 Ryan Trebon (USA) Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld.Com 1:02:18
3 Ben Berden (Bel) Raleigh / Clement 1:02:18
4 Jonathan Page (USA) Fuji/ Spy/ Competitive Cyclist 1:02:23
5 Carl Decker (USA) Giant 1:02:26
6 James Driscoll (USA) Raleigh / Clement 1:02:26
7 Allen Krughoff (USA) Raleigh Clement 1:02:30
8 Steve Fisher (USA) Raleigh - Hifi 1:02:34
9 Adam Craig (USA) Giant Factory Off-Road Team 1:02:36
10 Spencer Paxson (USA) Kona Bicycles 1:02:37
11 Aaron Schooler (Can) Team H&R Block 1:02:40
12 Troy Wells (USA) Team Clif Bar 1:03:08
13 Joseph Fountain (USA) Neon Jet Ss / Trusty Switchblade 1:03:16
14 Benjamin Sonntag (Ger) Team Clif Bar 1:03:33
15 Russell Stevenson (USA) Voler Custom Cx 1:03:56
16 Kevin Bradford-Parish (USA) Independant 1:04:10
17 Kevin Noiles (Can) Bicycle Bluebook/Hrs/Rock Lobster PresenCteAdN 1:04:10
18 Brennan Wodtli (USA) Speedvagen 1:04:10
19 Tyler Trace (Can) Independant 1:05:56
20 Gian Dalle Angelini (USA) Cyclocrossracing.Com 1:05:56
21 Logan Wetzel (USA) Ravenna Capital Management 1:05:56
22 Ian Crane (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling 1:05:57
23 Adam Mcgrath (USA) Raleigh/Hifi Cx 1:06:10
24 Kevin Calhoun (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles 1:06:44
25 Chris Ellis (USA) Voter / Bicycle Centre 1:06:44
26 Molly Cameron (USA) Portland Bicycle Studio 1:07:35
27 Kris Holden (USA) Vertical Earth 1:08:18
28 Carson Miller (USA) Jamis Cx -2 laps
29 John Flack (USA) Olympia Orthopaedic Associates -2 laps
30 Sherwood Plant (Can) Musette Caffe -2 laps
31 Kyle Mcgilvray (USA) Team Redline -2 laps
32 Al Senft (USA) High Desert Bicycles -4 laps
33 Yoshitaka Hama (Jpn) Snel Cyclocross Team -4 laps


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