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June 5/00 3:18 am - Alberta Results, Worlds Coverage, Birthday

Posted by Editor on 06/5/00

Foothills Classic Road Race - Canning, Nova Scotia
(courtesy Stephen Cheung)

June 4, 2000
Organizers: Jeff Newbery, Summit CC

It was a beautiful day out here in Nova Scotia (and there's not that many days where we can say that here!). This was the first year for this race, and hats off to Jeff Newbery for putting on a tremendous event. The circuit was a generally flat and rectangular 10 k loop, although there were enough rollers to sap your legs. The day also featured a "Wizard of Oz" wind, another common feature of Nova Scotia racing. In the Senior 1/2/3 race, Greg Sieniewicz of Lunenburg, who spent the spring racing for a French amateur team, came back home to spice things up for the home crowd. Sieniewicz, Terry Tomlin, Matt Little, and Jason Eagles broke away early in the first lap, with the former two riders eventually working together to the finish. The remainder of the field reabsorbed Little and Eagles and worked together to limit the lead of the front duo until the end of the 7th lap, when a series of attacks further split the field. The event also featured strong Veterans and Cadet fields, with tight racing in all the categories. Special consideration goes to Debbie Hoffele in the Novice event, who also happens to be 7 months pregnant! Does the CCA and the UCI have a category for this?

Senior 2/3 102km
1 Terry Tomlin Cyclesmith 2:39:49
2 Greg Sieniewicz Charviel Charvagneux 2:39:50
3 Cory Jay Cycling PEI 2:47:48
4 Andrew Scott Cycling PEI st
5 Matthew Little Metro CC st
6 Jason Eagles Cyclesmith st
7 Pat Collins Bike People st
8 Peter Slade Metro CC 2:48:52
9 Craig Beaton Cycling PEI 2:49:51
10 Kevin Noiles Sportwheels 2:51:22
11 Andrew McLaren Cyclesmith 2:56:10
12 Stephen Cheung Metro CC 2:57:31
13 Ed Rushton Cyclesmith 2:57:51
Filip Bohac Valley Stove & Cycle DNF
Alan Mumford Independent DNF

Women 61km
1 Susan Hall Independent 2:02:13
2 Ena MacPherson Cyclesmith 2:02:18
3 Wendy Palmer Summit CC 2:06:13
4 Gwen Rowlands Lunenburg CC 2:08:34
5 Cari MacDonald Metro CC 2:09:02

Veteran Men 61 km
1 Peter Hancock Cyclesmith 1:40:51
2 Mark Smith Metro CC 1:41:08
3 Jim Bratrud Greenwood CC 1:41:30
4 David Redmond Metro CC 1:41:36
5 Al Heubach Lunenburg CC st
6 Bryan Scallion Spokebenders st
7 Bill Harvie Summit CC st
8 Wayne Titus Summit CC st
9 Mike Knowlton Cyclesmith 1:49:28
10 Norman Lai Summit CC 1:50:08
11 Loring Porter Summit CC 1:53:41
12 Colin Chase Cyclesmith 2:14:12
Peter Campbell Valley Stove & Cycle DNF
Steve Angelidis Metro CC DNF

Senior 4 Men 61 km
1 Chris Price Lunenburg CC 1:41:09
2 Andrew McRae Cyclesmith 1:41:36
3 Glenn Peach Bicycles Plus st
4 Stephen Couse spokebenders st
5 Scott Bonnell Valley Stove & Cycle st
6 Michael Waterbury Independent 1:41:57

Junior Men 61 km
1 Will Wong Bike People 1:41:36
2 Aaron rowlands Lunenburg CC 1:42:42
3 Paul Goodyear Cyclesmith 1:55:25

Cadet Men 41 km
1 James Lamb Spokebenders 1:10:52
2 Chris Graham Spokebenders 1:10:58
3 Chris Dunbar Summit CC 1:11:50
4 Tyler Roll Cycling PEI 1:12:19
5 Kevin Foy Greenwood CC 1:12:46
6 Ryan DeBouver Valley Stove & Cycle 1:13:01
7 Matt Ellis Lunenburg CC 1:13:24
8 Jeff Lee Independent 1:16:28

Minime 41 km
1 Christine Angelidis Metro CC 1:15:39

Novice 41 km
1 Debbie Hoffele Independent 1:15:54

Mountain Bike Worlds

Our editor has left to catch a plane to Spain, where he will start sending back reports from the Mountain Bike World Championships in Sierra Nevada. Our live coverage will begin on Wednesday with the Team Relay (Canada won a Bronze last year). On Friday we will do lap-by-lap coverage of the Juniors and Espoir Men, with the Downhill and Dual on Saturday, and the Elite Cross-country on Sunday.

Happy Birthday To...

Daamiann Skelton, downhill mountain bike pro (today).


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