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September 28/13 23:11 pm - Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester: Day 1

Posted by Editoress on 09/28/13

Anderson and Powers win day one of the Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester

Today marked the first day of a weekend of racing at Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester at the seaside Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, MA, drawing teeming crowds to cheer on the world-class racers. A far cry from last year's muddy slogfest, the first day of the Shimano New England Professional Cyclocross Series presented by Verge today was dry, dusty, and fast. Despite four dismounts in each lap, racers turned incredibly fast lap times as their wheels cut through the loose, sandy corners on the expertly designed course.


Elite Women

With a strong showing of top-level racers, the Elite women's race was anything but decided. Bets were on Helen Wyman (Kona Factory Racing) who took the helm immediately. The crowd waited for the European Cyclocross Champion's signature move: riding away from the field early for a decisive win of thirty seconds; however, Gabby Durrin (Rapha-FOCUS), Elle Anderson (California Giant-Specialized) and Crystal Anthony (Optum Racing p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies) matched Wyman move for move.



Elle Anderson wins

Photo gallery


Caroline Mani (Raleigh Clement) and Meredith Miller (California Giant-Specialized) formed a chase group in an attempt to reel in the leaders, but a fire was lit under the lead group as Anderson made a bold attack with one lap to go. Her gap stuck, the pressure caused Wyman to fall off Durrin and Anthony. Anderson's hard work paid off, as she crossed the line with a solid lead on Durrin in second and Anthony in third. In fourth was Wyman, with Miller besting Mani for fifth.


Elite Men

The Elite men's star-studded field hit the course next. Ben Berden (Raleigh Clement) pressed the pace right off the bat, creating a lead group of Jamey Driscoll (Raleigh Clement), Ryan Trebon (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld), and U23 National Champion Yannick Eckmann (California Giant/Specialized). Behind them chased Shawn Milne (Keough Cyclocross), Tim Johnson (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld), and Jeremy Durrin (Optum Racing p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies).


Johnson kicked his motor into overdrive to connect with the leaders, as teammates Berden and Driscoll traded attacks on the group. Jeremy Powers (Rapha-FOCUS) bridged up, bringing Milne and Jesse Anthony with him, forming a supergroup of the race's biggest players. More attacks shattered the group, as Powers, Trebon, and Johnson rode away, Berden and Driscoll seconds behind. Trebon fell back to fifth after a flat, leaving Powers and Johnson to duke it out for the win.



Jeremy Powers wins

Photo gallery


Powers attacked in the last half lap to win that battle, with Johnson taking second and Driscoll third. Berden was on Driscoll's wheel for fourth, and Trebon nabbed fifth.



Elite Women
1 Elle Anderson (Cal Giant Berry Farms-Specialized) 0:41:13
2 Gabriella Durrin (Rapha-FOCUS) 0:41:22
3 Crystal Anthony (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies) 0:41:37
4 Helen Wyman (Kona Factory Racing) 0:41:55
5 Meredith Miller (Cal Giant Berry Farms-Specialized) 0:41:58
6 Caroline Mani (Raleigh-Clement) 0:42:02
7 Courtenay McFadden (Bicycle Blue Book-HRS-Rock Lobster) 0:42:26
8 Amy Dombroski (Young Telenet-Fidea Cycling Team) 0:42:44
9 Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom) 0:42:47
10 Nicole Duke (Marin-Spy) 0:43:06
11 Arley Kemmerer (C3-Twenty20 Cycling) 0:43:30
12 Maghalie Rochette ( 0:43:36
13 Maureen Bruno Roy (Bob's Red Mill p/b Seven Cycles) 0:43:37
14 Kaitlin Antonneau (Cannondale p/b 0:43:56
15 Kathleen Lysakowski (Cycle Lodge) 0:43:57
16 Brittlee Bowman (House Industries-Richard Sachs-RGM) 0:44:16
17 Ellen Noble (Trek Cyclocross Collective) 0:44:22
18 Amanda Carey (Stan's NoTubes Elite) 0:44:32
19 Emma White ( 0:44:38
20 Jamie Gilgen (Infinit Canada-Cyclepower) 0:44:39
21 Natasha Elliott (Rare Vos Racing-Stevens) 0:44:40
22 Julie Hunter (BikeBeat-VaAssetGroup) 0:44:54
23 Christina Birch (JAM Fund-NCC) 0:45:02
24 Stephanie Wetzel (Paradise Racing) 0:45:09
25 Stacey Barbossa (NJ/NY Colavita Women) 0:45:13
26 Lori Cooke (Cycle Lodge) 0:45:34
27 Frances Morrison (C3-Twenty20 Cycling) 0:45:41
28 Carolina Gomez Villafane (Team Rambuski Law) 0:45:44
29 Nina Baum (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's MTB Team) 0:45:55
30 Elizabeth White (UVM Cycling) 0:46:00
31 Melody Chase (Raleigh Bicycles-Gus' Bike Shop) 0:46:01
32 Joanne Grogan ( 0:46:02
33 Victoria Gates (JAM Fund-NCC) 0:46:03
34 Vickie Monahan (Rare Vos Racing) 0:46:04
35 Marine Lewis () 0:46:19
36 Rebecca Wellons (Seaside Cycle) 0:46:40
37 Nicole Pisani (Healthy Kids Happy Kids) 0:46:41
38 Jessica Duppler (Trek Portsmouth) 0:46:48
39 Molly Hurford (Colavita) 0:46:49
40 Melissa Lafleur (BONK! Support) 0:47:11
41 Stacey Spencer (Phillips Brewing Company-Code Performance) 0:47:13
42 Amy Breyla (C3-Twenty20 Cycling) 0:47:34
43 Kathryn Cumming (Team Yacht Club) 0:47:36
44 Jocelyn Mauldin (NEBC p/b CycleLoft) 0:47:38
45 Elizabeth Lukowski ( p/b VOmax) 0:47:49
46 Katrina (Baumsteiger) 0:48:04
47 Cassandra Maximenko (Rare Vos Racing) 0:48:28
48 Jenny Ives (Verge Sport-Test Pilot) 0:49:05
49 Christine Fort ( 0:49:12
50 Frederique Larose-Gingras (Opus OGC) 0:49:15
51 Marian Jamison (Seaside Cycle) 0:49:15
52 Jordan Dubé ( 0:49:26
53 Deirdre Smith (B2C2 p/b Boloco) 0:50:15
54 Stephanie Thompson (WD Racing -NYC Velo) -1lap
DNF Avanell Schmitz (BikeBeat-VaAssetGroup)
Elite Men
1 Jeremy Powers (Rapha-FOCUS) 0:58:48
2 Tim Johnson (Cannondale p/b 0:58:54
3 James Driscoll (Raleigh-Clement) 0:59:12
4 Ben Berden (Raleigh-Clement) 0:59:13
5 Ryan Trebon (Cannondale p/b 0:59:38
6 Jesse Anthony (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies) 0:59:51
7 Yannick Eckmann (Cal Giant Berry Farms-Specialized) 0:59:51
8 Stephen Hyde (JAM Fund-NCC) 0:59:52
9 Justin Lindine (Redline-NBX) 1:00:06
10 Lukas Winterberg (Muller Landscape-BH Bikes) 1:00:17
11 Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain Factory Team) 1:00:51
12 Craig Richey ( 1:00:52
13 Tristan Schouten (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies) 1:00:52
14 Jeremy Martin (Rocky Mountain Factory Team) 1:00:53
15 Christian Favata (TRT Bicycles p/b Stan's NoTubes) 1:00:53
16 Anthony Clark (JAM Fund-NCC) 1:00:57
17 Derrick St. John (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) 1:01:18
18 Evan McNeely (Norco Factory Team) 1:01:22
19 Curtis White (Cannondale p/b 1:01:24
20 Troy Wells (Team Clif Bar) 1:01:31
21 Allen Krughoff (Raleigh-Clement) 1:01:35
22 Jeremy Durrin (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies) 1:01:39
23 Edwin Bull (Van Dessel Factory Team) 1:01:39
24 Adam Myerson (Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis) 1:01:51
25 Mike Garrigan (Van Dessel) 1:02:45
26 Adam St. Germain (ENGVT-Specialized) 1:02:47
27 Jerome Townsend ('s Garage) 1:02:48
28 Thomas Sampson (Adigga Racing) 1:02:48
29 Michael van den Ham (Cycle-Smart) 1:02:48
30 Robert Marion (American Classic Pro CX Team) 1:02:48
31 Cameron Dodge (Team Skyline-Scott Bikes) 1:02:53
32 Jean-Philippe Thibault-Roberge (Trek Cyclocross Collective) 1:03:31
33 Brendan Rhim (KMS-Start House Cycling Team) 1:03:36
34 Daniel Chabanov (House Industries-Richard Sachs-RGM) 1:03:42
35 Sam O'Keefe (C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co.) 1:03:42
36 Charles Schubert (GPM Sport) 1:03:44
37 Andrew l'Esperance (Norco Factory Team) 1:03:54
38 Conor O'Brien (Stevens Racing p/b the Cyclery) 1:03:56
39 Peter Glassford (Trek Canada) 1:04:14
40 Garrett McLeod (Team H&R Block) 1:04:22
41 Michael Wissell (CUPPOW-Geekhouse-B2C2) 1:04:28
42 Leandre Bouchard (Cyclone d'Alma-Devinci) 1:04:50
43 Jesse Keough (Keough Cyclocross) 1:05:03
44 Manny Goguen (RACE CF) 1:05:11
45 Christopher Hamlin (Bicycle Express-Kona Bikes) 1:05:12
46 Matt Timmerman (Cannondale) 1:05:12
47 Evan Huff ( 1:05:22
48 Adam Sullivan (Embrocation-Gaulzetti Cicli) 1:05:50
49 Aroussen Laflamme (XPREZO-Borsao) 1:05:51
50 Aaron Oakes (NYCross-Vomax) 1:05:52
51 Ian Schon (CUPPOW-Geekhouse-B2C2) 1:05:57
52 Sean Pantellere (STAMPEDE! p/b Budd Bike Works) 1:06:02
53 Cary Fridrich (Mad Alchemy-Verge Rider Cooperative) -1 lap
54 Brendan McCormack (Clif Bar-Pactimo) -1 lap
55 Matthew Means (C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co.) -1 lap
56 Colin Reuter ( -1 lap
57 Chris Field (Essex County Velo) -1 lap
58 Devin Wagner ( p/b Vomax) -1 lap
59 Andrew Lysaght (CUPPOW-Geekhouse-B2C2) -1 lap
60 Kurt Belhumeur (Stampede!) -1 lap
61 Jesse Quagliaroli (Expowheelmen) -1 lap
62 Tyler Berliner ('s Garage) -2 laps
63 Alexandre Vialle (Espresso Sport) -2 laps
64 John Burns (Burns Racing) -2 laps
65 Cameron McCormack (Clif Bar-Pactimo) -2 laps
66 Joseph Near (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) -2 laps
67 Jacob Harris (Createx-Benidorm) -2 laps
68 David Devine (Cannondale) -2 laps
69 Joseph O'Brien-Applegate (Bicycle Roots Bike Shop) -4 laps
DNF Andrew Louiza (RMRC)
DNF Max Judelson (Giant Cycling World Boston)
DNF Evan Murphy (NYC Velo p/b The Cannibal)
DNF Ansel Dickey (KMS-Start House Racing Team)
DNF Luke Keough (Keough Cyclocross)
DNF Shawn Milne (Keough Cyclocross)
DNF Zach McDonald (Rapha-Focus)
DNF Nicholas Keough (Keough Cyclocross)
DNF Dan Timmerman (House Industries-Richard Sachs-RGM)


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