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October 7/13 10:32 am - Cross on the Rock 1 - Report & Results

Posted by Editoress on 10/7/13

A lot of mud was taken from Cumberland (Sunday, September 30th) after a wet and wild day of cyclocross at Coal Cross. The threat of torrential rainfall didn't deter an incredible 190 participants from turning up to start their race season, get coated in mud, and pack it all back in their cars!

The last few years have seen hot and dry conditions, pushing 30 Celsius, but we were back to what we've seen at historic races in Cumberland on the old course across town.

The course was quite similar to two years ago, with the exception of mud...the course was about 75% mud, 15% firm grass, and the rest can be described as 'other'. For features it included the full BMX track (and only one casualty this year, heal up quick!), the Sandpit of Doom (which was anything but dooming this year, with firm, packed sand), the pumptrack, and lots of grass including a massive whirly-whirl. Added in this year was the Canyon Jump - a pretty hefty ramp that few dared ride - although the alternative cost 5-10 seconds. In the Intermediate race, we saw it progress a rider 5 places on their second lap!

A smart addition was a second set of barriers immediately before a steep grassy incline, which became a mudpit and a very slippery ascent to run up. On the whole, a very well designed course, and if offered a great number of technical challenges, but not so much that fitness didn't count.

The top male rider to slide across the finish was Nicolas Parlee (Trail Bikes), followed by Mark Grant (Vipyers), both of whom had the home advantage, and Bruce McClintock (Ind) finished a minute and a half behind.

Top female Beginner was Louise Proulx (Ind) who had a hearty lead, and we saw great efforts from Michelle Dann (Tripleshot Cycling) and Salinas LaPerriere (Blue Toque). There were 33 men and 8 women Beginners racing!

In the world of the Intermediate Men, young Chris Sundry (OBB Westshore) took top honours, and might be encouraged to move up to Expert..again...! David Huntly (Ind), in 2nd, is also an Expert regular who appears keen to sandbag his way onto the podium! Justin Wolf rounded out the Top 3 with a consistent effort, in this packed field of 44.

On the Women's side young Tarryn Cote (Pro City Racing - VAC) led the field of 18 for several laps, but was eventually overtaken by Erin Copeland (Ind). CotR darling Amanda Wakeling (Trail Bikes / Eatmore Spouts) was a welcome sight, finishing a strong 3rd out of 18 women.

Intermediate Singlespeeders David Pechter (Ind) and Laurie Kalf (Muddbunnies) were the fastest without gears.

We've added a few Youth categories, to recognize the youngsters, and the fastest U13 riders were Evan Luksay (Ind) and Emilly Johnston (Ind). Mark Grant was recognized as top U15, this honour is open for the next race, so give it a shot, U15 girls! In U17, James Grant (Vipyers) spun his tires fastest, as did Kia Vander Villet (Trail Bikes). To paraphrase Chef from Southpark: nice riding, children!

Masters Men
Now to the opposite end of the age field, the geriatric Masters Men! It remains the largest field, with 47 starters that were 40 or over. Dylan Reeves (Ind) won a sprint finish against Steve Bachup (Ind), who had to work his way through nearly the entire field with a low call-up. David Damery (Trail Bikes) represented the local old guys well, with 3rd only 30 seconds back.

In the Really Old Guys field of 50+, Bill McMillan (Ind) was first across the line, and Lee Blaise (Alberni Singlespeeders) took the Masters Gearless trophy, and had the distinction of being the only Master rider on a cross bike to hit the Canyon Jump!

Open Women
Wendy Simms (KONA) is back at it, and even riding a full-suspension MTB wasn't enough to hold her back as she takes her first Cross on the Rock victory of the year! Perennial series champ Dawn Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes - Victoria Wheelers) had to concede a minute, and Carey Mark (Steed Cycles) finished hot on her looks like there will be some serious dueling in the Open Women's field this year! No SS racers out of the 11 riders.

Open Men
Coming out of retirement with a bang was Tyler Trace (Ind), owning the course by almost 2 minutes, and lapping nearly half the 29-strong field. So close, yet so far away were Raphael Lalumiere (Russ Hays / Accent Inns) and Kelly Guest (Straight Up Cycles), who chased hard nearly the entire race. Parker Bloom (Ind) had the distinction of edging out the World's Fastest Man - Sam Whittingham (Ind) - in the SS category - perhaps Sam should install some fairings on his self-made 'cross bike!

Video of the Open Men from Jon Watkin

Photos from Patrick Burnham

Photos from Nicholas Kupiak

Next up is the Binab GP, Presented by Pro City Cycling, October 14th at Western Speedway in Victoria - you won't want to miss it!

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Courtesy COTR


Beginner Men: 3 Laps
1 Nicolas Parlee (Trail Bikes) 0:27:08
2 Mark GrantU15 (Vipyers) at 0:39
3 Bruce McClintock (Independant) 1:23
4 Ethan PaulyU15 (Tripleshot Cycling) 1:25
5 Sean Gibson (Cycle Therapy) 2:04
6 Steve Windrum (Lords of Dogpatch) 2:06
7 Sam Ogden (Pro City Racing – VAC) 2:29
8 Sean Windrum (Lords of Dogpatch) 2:33
9 Dax Ordze (Independant) 2:44
10 Trevor Twemlow (Independant) 3:21
11 Gregg Moore (Independant) 4:11
12 Kim Cameron (West Highland Wheelers) 4:21
13 Anthony Windsor (Cycle Therapy) 4:29
14 Evan LuksayU13 (Independant) 4:43
15 Jason McMahon (Independant) 5:19
16 Reagan Lovig (Independant) 5:51
17 Jack Mar (Independant) 5:57
18 Nevil Head (Naked Bikes) 6:30
19 Robert Mckerracher (Team Naked) 6:32
20 Carson DameryU13 (Trail Bikes) 6:49
21 Dave Younger (Independant) 7:16
22 Rick Baldwin (Independant) 7:35
23 Griffen HartU13 (Tripleshot Cycling) 10:11
24 Zack LovelessU13 (UROC) 10:40
25 Cole PerkinsU13 (Comox Valley Cycling Club) -1 lap
26 Doyle Childs (Cycle Therapy) -1 lap
27 Aiden HareU15 (Independant) -1 lap
28 William PowseyU13 (Independant) -1 lap
29 Joah FariaU13 (Independant) -1 lap
30 Luke DameryU13 (Trail Bikes) -1 lap
DNF Andrew Barnes (Independant)
DNS David Hill (Independant)
DNF Isaac Vander VlietU15 (Trail Bikes)
Beginner Women: 3 Laps
1 Louise Proulx (Independant) 0:30:25
2 Michelle Dann (Tripleshot Cycling) at 1:26
3 Salinas LaPerriere (Blue Toque) 2:34
4 Kristin Erickson (Independant) 2:41
5 Emilly JohnstonU13 (Independant) 3:09
6 Lulu McCallum (Cycle Therapy) 4:39
DNS Deidre Matheson (Independant)
DNS Nadia Plamondon (Independant)
Intermediate Men: 5 Laps
1 Chris Sundby (OBB Westshore) 0:39:53
2 David Huntley (Independant) at 0:18
3 Justin Wolfe (Independant) 0:36
4 Cam Maysmith (Pro City Racing) 0:50
5 Michael Brinton (Independant) 1:23
6 Trevor Jones (Experience Cycling) 1:45
7 Andy Pitre (Victoria Wheelers) 2:00
8 Jordan Kinghorn (Oak Bay Bikes Westshore) 2:08
9 James GrantU17 (Vipyers) 2:10
10 Kristjan Joubert (Ramblers Cycling Club) 2:22
11 Mike Pollock (Independant) 2:25
12 Mark Wieler (Independant) 2:28
13 Derek Kidd (Oak Bay Bikes) 2:30
14 Chris Sykes (Mountain City Cycle) 2:43
15 Clay Ward (Independant) 2:50
16 Eric Pagel (Uber Suweeet) 3:10
17 David PechterSS (Independant) 3:12
18 Damian ParleeU17 (Trail Bikes) 3:21
19 Geoff Robson (StuckyLife p/b Broad Street Cycles) 3:25
20 Justin BaileySS (Ramblers Cycling Club) 3:31
21 Rory O`Connell (Ramblers Cycling Club) 3:54
22 Will Maartman (Ramblers Cycling Club) 4:29
23 Dave McNaught (Greg Hammond) 4:32
24 Julien Menard (Independant) 4:34
25 Hillary Anctil (Team Naked) 5:13
26 David Lounsbury (Naked) 5:40
27 Dan Owen (Ramblers) 6:01
28 Paul Autun (Cycle Therapy) 6:15
29 Patrick Burnham (MIVA) 6:22
30 Alexander Daether (Independant) 7:03
31 Landon Braithwaite (Uber saweeet) 7:21
32 Paul Laperriere (Blue Toque) 7:53
33 Nils Erasmus (Ramblers) 8:23
34 Erik DiertensU17 (Independant) -1 lap
35 Renny McClure (StuckyLife) -1 lap
36 Brennen SmithU17 (Independant) -1 lap
37 Ethan Glenwright (Trail Bikes) -1 lap
38 Brodie HayU17 (Vipyers) -1 lap
39 Jeff Coleman (Frontrunners/Splashes Cycling Team) -1 lap
40 Andrew Grant (Russ Hays / Pacific Cycling Centre) -1 lap
DNF Christopher MacleodU17 (Independant)
DNF Dan Espeseth (DCC / UROC)
DNF Eric Findlay (Frontrunners/Splashes Cycling Team)
DNF Nicholas Walker (Frontrunners/Splashes Cycling Team)
Intermediate Women: 4 Laps
1 Erin Copeland (Independant) 0:38:40
2 Tarryn Cote (Pro City Racing – VAC) at 0:25
3 Amanda Wakeling (Trail Bikes / Eatmore Spouts) 1:23
4 Denise Mahon (Pro City Racing) 1:59
5 Emilie Thy (DCC / UROC) 2:12
6 Deb Epps40+ (Independant) 2:15
7 Roanne English (Independant) 2:26
8 Holland Gidney (Independant) 3:28
9 Laurie Kalf40+ SS (Muddbunnies) 4:13
10 Tara Miller (DCC / UROC) 4:58
11 Kia Vander VlietU17 (Trail Bikes) 5:54
12 Colleen WtorekSS (Independant) 7:52
13 Jessie Ogden (Pro City Racing – VAC) 9:29
14 Charlene Hay40+ (Independant) 10:55
15 Joanna Duncan40+ (Comox Valley Cycling Club) -1 lap
16 Kelsi DuncanU17 (Comox Valley Cycling Club) -1 lap
DNF Victoria Boyd40+ (Independant)
DNS Katie Duncan Rabien (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers)
Masters Men: 6 Laps
1 Dylan Reeves (Independant) 0:46:58
2 Steve Bachop (Independant) at 0:01
3 David Damery (Trail Bikes) 0:32
4 Aaron Dusseault (Independant) 0:54
5 Lee BlaisSS (Alberni Singlespeeders) 1:17
6 Bill Mcmillan50+ (Independant) 1:56
7 Joel Lutz (Independant) 2:07
8 Shawn Boyd (Independant) 2:34
9 Menno Jongsma (MIVA) 2:46
10 Paul Darby (Russ Hays) 2:50
11 Jon Watkin (Russ Hays Accent Inns) 3:00
12 Peter Wellsman50+ (Independant) 3:31
13 Gary MacGregor (Comox Valley Cycling Club) 3:59
14 James Tarrant50+ (Oak Bay Bikes) 4:11
15 Curtis Schlossberger (IRC p/b Robert Cameron) 4:23
16 Paul Brend (Independant) 4:29
17 Ron Hewitson (Independant) 4:36
18 Ken Olson (Nanaimo MTB Club) 4:39
19 Wade Luksay (Independant) 5:11
20 John Vander Vliet (Comox Valley Cycling Club) 5:32
21 Martin Machacek (StuckyLife) 6:14
22 Alvin Tye50+ (Team Naked) 6:31
23 Hugh Hart50+ (Tripleshot Cycling) 7:13
24 Derek Steel50+ (Independant) 7:21
25 Antony Winter (Independant) 7:23
26 Rob Williamson (Arrowsmith Mtn Bike Club) 7:29
27 Thomas Porsborg (River City Cycle Club) 7:44
28 David Macleod (Independant) 7:52
29 Jeroen Dikkentman (Team Naked) 9:10
30 Dave Morris (Arrowsmith MTB Club) -1 lap
31 Christopher HallSS (Independant) -1 lap
32 Brad Head (Independant) -1 lap
33 Chris Dickinson (Oak Bay Bikes Westshore) -1 lap
34 James Manders (Team Naked) -1 lap
35 Derrill Shuttleworth50+ (Independant) -1 lap
36 Greg MacDonde (DDL) -1 lap
37 Iain Hay (Independant) -1 lap
38 James Pauly50+ (Tripleshot Cycling) -1 lap
39 Roy Kregosky50+ (Independant) -1 lap
40 Geoff Payne (River City Cycle Club) -1 lap
41 Malcolm Faulkner50+ (StuckyLife) -1 lap
42 Chris Goble (Independant) -1 lap
43 Richard Cook (Pro City Racing / Rumble) -1 lap
44 Wayne Shtybel50+ (Independant) -1 lap
45 Dan Clements50+ (Independant) -1 lap
46 Keith Kendal50+ (O2 Cycling Club) -1 lap
DNF Gary Croome (Independant)
Open Women: 5 Laps
1 Wendy Simms (KONA) 0:41:12
2 Dawn Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers) at 1:09
3 Carey Mark (Steed Cycles) 1:35
4 Joele Guynup (Shimano/Marin/Pearl Izumi) 1:51
5 Tanya Berg (Independant) 1:55
6 Jennie Aitken (Russ Hays Racing) 2:39
7 Jen Erlendson (Independant) 4:34
8 Vanessa Service (Independant) 8:30
9 Christyna Mitchell (ProCity Racing) 9:16
10 Sylvia Storry (Independant) -1 lap
DNF Janna Gillick (Independant)
Expert: 8 Laps
1 Tyler Trace (Independant) 0:57:19
2 Raphael Lalumiere (Russ Hays / Accent Inns) at 1:44
3 Kelly Guest (Straight Up Cycles) 3:06
4 James Cameron (Pro City Racing) 3:31
5 Justin Mark (Steed Cycles) 4:43
6 Scott Mitchell (Independant) 5:00
7 Guy Ridler (Independant) 5:33
8 Mitchell Thacker (Pro City Racing / Rumble) 5:39
9 Graham Cocksedge (Independant) 5:43
10 Halldor Gunnarsson (Independant) 5:45
11 Parker BloomSS (Independant) 5:47
12 Sam WhittinghamSS (Independant) 6:56
13 Thomas Skinner (Independant) 7:12
14 Normon Thibault (Frontrunners) 7:30
15 Jason Eagles (Independant) -1 lap
16 Tristan Gerzel (Trail Bikes) -1 lap
17 Rob Parkin (Trek-Dirt) -1 lap
18 Jeff Beeston (Trail Bikes-Eatmore Sprouts) -1 lap
19 Roland Rabien (Independant) -1 lap
20 Matthew O’hagan (Independant) -1 lap
21 Jordan Duncan (Russ Hays pb Accent Inns) -1 lap
22 Geoffery Homer (Opus) -1 lap
23 Kristjan Joubert (Ramblers Cycling Team) -1 lap
24 Steven Grandy (Broad Street Cycles / Stuckylife) -1 lap
25 Dave Shishkoff (OrganicAthlete Victoria f/b Green Cuisine) -1 lap
26 Mical Dyck (Pro City Racing – Stans No Tubes) -1 lap
27 Russell Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers) -2 laps
DNF Drew Mackenzie (Shimano/Marin/Pearl Izumi)
DNF David Lounsbury (Naked)


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