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June 8/00 1:51 am - Québec & Yukon News

Posted by Editoress on 06/8/00

23e Mardis Cyclistes de Lachine
courtesy Michel Bourgault

1Dominique Rollin JrEspoirs Laval-Naya6161
2Mathieu Fagnan Independant5858
3Martin Gilbert JrSaeco-VB Cycles4343
4Czeslaw LukaszewiczEspoirs Laval-Naya3030
6Francois Parisien JrSaeco-VB Cycles1212
5Charles DionneVolks1010
7Daniel BelisleItaliano/Les Ailes88
8Yannick CojanEspoirs Laval-Naya66
9Alain GuimontEspoirs Laval-Naya66
10John MaloisSaeco-VB Cycles55
11Pierre-Olivier BoilySaeco-VB Cycles33
12Samuel ThibodeauVolks22
13Martin Rooseboom MCycles Patrick22
14Michel Nepveu MIndependant11
15Martin St-LaurentVolks11
16Jean Francois Fortin Sr3Oerlikon11
17Jean Sebastien BelandAndre Lalonde Sport11
18Nikolai GiliakaEspoirs Laval-Naya0
19Pascal ChoquetteVolks0
20Francois ParadisSte-Foy0
21Christian Nadeau JrIndependant0
22Pierre ChevrierVolks0
23Philippe RollinEspoirs Laval-Naya0
24Kim Bellegarde Sr3Argon 180
25Michel Dupont Sr3Independant0
26Daniel BellevilleAndre Lalonde Sport0
27Merlin LangevinIndependant0
28Gilbert Anti Sr3Velo Club Brossard0
29Alexandre MauraisIndependant0
30Benoit PoirierAdrenergie0
31Jonathan Houle JrVelo Club Brossard0
32Jonathan VianouIndependant0
33Manuel Jean Sr3Argon 180
34Howard Berridge MIndependant0
35Marc Andre SaloisVolks0
36Daniel Boilard Sr3Andre Lalonde Sport0
37Pierre Beaudoin MVelo Club Brossard0
38Martin NuckleVolks0
39Stephane Gabelier MAndre Lalonde Sport0
40Ariel De CardenasAndre Lalonde Sport
41J-P Houle-Paradis Jr Ste-Foy
42Louis DupontSte-Foy
43Jean Francois RacineSte-Foy
Minimes-Cadets-Jr F.
1David Roy CadetEspoirs Laval-Naya5353
2Maxime Desrochers CadetEspoirs Laval-Naya4444
3Maxime Vives CadetEspoirs Laval-Naya3535
4Xavier Nadeau CadetEspoirs Laval-Naya2222
5Francois Sztuke CadetVelo Club Brossard1515
6Guillaume Fausse CadetDynamiks88
7Jean Sebastien Lavaoie CadetVelo Club Brossard66
8Simon Marceau P. CadetEspoirs Laval-Naya55
9Abel Chouinard Cadet Espoirs Laval-Naya33
10Jean Francois Geoffrion CadetDynamiks11
11Emilie Roy CadetteEspoirs Laval-Naya0
12Patrick Dubois CadetDynamiks0
13Philippe Fyen Gagnon MinimeEspoirs Laval-Naya0
14Jonathan Nicolosi MinimeVelo Club Brossard0
15Charly Vives MinimeEspoirs Laval-Naya0
16Charleric Cote MinimeVelo Club Brossard0
17Joel Dun Poitras MinimeBromont0
18Nicholas Geoffrion CadetDynamiks0

Organisateur : Joseph Tino Rossi

Yukon road race results - Le Velo Bleu wins Team Time Trial
Courtesy Geof Harries

47 cyclists braved the extremely windy and cool conditions on Wednesday night, testing their strength in the second in the series of Time Trials sponsored by Riverdale Cycle.

Starting at the Rest Stop just before the Mayo Road, 12 teams of 4 riders each covered the 32.2 km. out-and-back course in conditions that could only be described as difficult. What was "difficult" was head winds that gusted to 50 km/hr on the return leg.

Teams were allowed to draft each other but could not draft other teams. In addition, teams could not drop a rider and had to finish within 100m of each other. The emphasis was truly on "team" work.

Although the majority of competitors had never raced in such an event before, the windy conditions quickly taught them the importance of aerodynamics. The most successful teams found themselves working in a tight-knit group, taking short, fast turns at the front of their line to keep the pace high.

During ascents, teams would look to "slingshot" weaker riders up the road, who in turn, would pedal furiously downhill to help their climbers recover behind them. Effectively using the personal cycling strengths of each team member played an important role in determining who placed well overall.

In these tough conditions team Le Velo Bleu, (Paul Christiansen, Ray Warner, Ross Phillips and Mike McCann) covered the distance in 48:48, averaging 39.5 km/hr. They managed to edge out Team Harries' Legs (Geof Harries, Roger Armstrong, Ray Tucker and Scott Stevens) by 54 seconds.

The first mixed team in was led by two dog mushers, Hans Gatt and Thomas Tetz. They teamed up with Tamara Goeppel and Denise Chisholm to finish in 54:25. Their result is even more impressive when you factor in that one of their riders was delayed and showed up only moments before the start, having to race directly from the start without a warm-up.

Team We Are Women was the first women's team to finish, in a time of 1:02:39.

The event did not go off without a hitch as a number of teams experienced flats. Ironically, of all the teams to flat, the Riverdale Cycle team led by Pat Plemel, were stopped twice. This is a team led by a bike store owner, and with two experienced bike mechanics as members. One has to wonder who does their bikes?

The next event on the CAY calendar is the Randonneur 400 on June 10. Cyclists will meet to ride 400km in and around the territory within a set time limit. For more information, contact Christine Todd at 633-6745.

The always popular Kluane to Chilkat International Road Relay begins on June 17. This race is closely followed by the Yukon Road Championships on June 24-25; a series of 3 events over two days, including a time trial, downtown criterium and a road race. For more information, contact the Race Director at 393-6510.


1) Le Velo Bleu 48:48
Ray Warner
Paul Christiansen
Ross Phillips
Mike McCann

2) Harries' Legs 49:42
Geof Harries
Ray Tucker
Roger Armstrong
Scott Stevens

3) Hebink & Partners 54:21
Peter Hebink
Bruce McKay
Scott Puskas

4) Mushers Are 'Us 54:25
Thomas Tetz
Tamara Goeppel
Denise Chisholm
Hans Gatt

5) Team Frostad 55:48
Gerard Frostad
Alan Frostad
Ethan Plemel
Bob Boorman

6) Team RCMP 59:46
Pat Egan
Sue Lucas
Denise McHale
Keith Parkari

7) Fast'Nuf 1:00:46
Mitch Moroziak
Jeff Boehmer
Rick Janowicz

8) We Are Women 1:02:39
Mary Egan
Andrea Rogers
Elaine Warner
Michelle Rigoni

9) FHC Warriors 1:05:11
Isaac Holloway
Natasha Trovato
Pat Ernst
Ewan McDonald

10) Janice & the Boys 1:06:33
Bob Nishikawa
Ted Dean
Janice Hall
Clark LaPrarie

11) Riverdale Cycle 1:09:26
Pat Plemel
Randy Grantham
Jennifer Grantham
Nick Stratis

12) Older but Smarter? 1:14:16
Paul Dabbs
Duncan Sinclair
Walter Brennan


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