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December 10/13 15:03 pm - Specialized Trade Mark Dispute Close to Being Resolved

Posted by Editoress on 12/10/13

We have received information that the trade mark dispute between bike manufacturer Specialized and Cochrane, Alberta, retailer Cafe Roubaix is close to being resolved. The issue became an enormous embarrassment for Specialized, when the story broke in the Calgary Herald newspaper on Saturday [see Daily News - Alberta Bike Shop in Trade Mark Dispute with Specialized] that Specialized had informed store owner Dan Richter that he had to stop using the word 'Roubaix' because the company held a Canadian trade mark on it for bicycle-related products. Richter sells a line of wheels called Cafe Roubaix.

The story went viral, as both cycling and non-cycling news sources picked it up around the world, and cyclists weighed in through social media, with most of the commentary slamming Specialized for what was seen as heavy-handed legal threats.

Subsequently, ASI - Advanced Sports International - which produces the Fuji brand and has had a Roubaix model for over 20 years entered the fray, stating that it licenced the Roubaix trade mark to Specialized in 2003, but that they (ASI) have no problem with Cafe Roubaix. It should be noted that this is actually irrelevant to the dispute, since Specialized holds a Canadian trade mark on Roubaix, but it added to the pressure on Specialized.

Now, Canadian Cyclist has learned that Specialized and the owner of Cafe Roubaix have had discussions and are close to settling the matter, mostly likely within the next 24 hours.


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