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December 23/13 19:33 pm - No Canadian Bike Industry Trade Show for 2014

Posted by Editor on 12/23/13

The Bicycle Trade Association of Canada (BTAC) announced today that they will not hold ExpoCycle, the Canadian bicycle industry trade show, in 2014. This will be the first time in nearly 15 years that a Canadian bicycle industry trade show will not be held (prior to the BTAC show, the bike industry participated in the Canadian Sporting Goods Association (CSGA) trade show).

ExpoCycle has suffered declining participation over the past few years, as have most North American trade shows, impacted by dealer launches held by the major suppliers. For BTAC, this has had a significant impact on revenue, since the Association has relied on ExpoCycle for the majority of its funding for programs.

The statement says that the Association intends to "focus on reinvigorating BTAC" in the coming year, but leaves open the possibility that this year may be the final time ExpoCycle will be held.

The full text of the BTAC statement:

This year, as a result of many factors including Interbike timing and convention space availability in Montreal on suitable dates, my colleagues and I on the BTAC board of directors have decided to cancel ExpoCycle for 2014 and during the hiatus we intend to focus our energy and attention on making the association stronger with a new energy, focus and goals. We intend to make a number of very exciting announcements early in the new year.

This pause in ExpoCycle for 2014 will lend an opportunity to re-evaluate and reinvigorate the trade show model we have operated upon in past, and to work toward developing valuable new partnerships, features, and appeal for retailers and stakeholders in the Canadian cycling industry. We are excited about the possibilities for the future.

Our board met recently to take stock of the successes and challenges of the year and plan ahead for 2014. Out of this meeting it was determined there is a need for BTAC to renew and revitalize its value proposition to its membership and various stakeholders. We had a long and very exciting discussion about how to develop new and meaningful ways to support our independent retailers throughout Canada.

To achieve this we elected to take this year to focus on reinvigorating BTAC and to come back to our annual show in 2015 if that is the wish of the membership with renewed relevance, value, and sustainability. Thus, in addition to some of the new features and benefits that we rolled out this year, we're preparing to significantly revamp our association's brand, and the association's value proposition to its members in 2014. We're excited about what we have in store and hope you will be as well!

As you are aware, 2013 has been a pivotal year for our organization. Our outstanding staff have endeavoured to meet the various challenges that our association and its members have faced, to enhance our strategic vision, and to instigate positive changes for our members and stakeholders. We sought to inject new energy and added value to ExpoCycle this year and your feedback and enthusiasm in response has been a great help to us in planning for the future.

As we take this year to carefully review and build upon our successes and past challenges as an association we may recognize, above all, the formidable power of our common voice to effect positive change, and the value of our collective strength as the professionals who power the Canadian retail cycling industry. Together we are truly better! It is our hope that you will continue to support us through your membership fee investment. Our future success depends upon your continued commitment.

On behalf of your board, I wish you and yours a happy holiday and a prosperous New Year! Stay tuned for more upcoming news and developments!

Kevin Senior
BTAC Board Chair
Bow Cycle, Calgary


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