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June 12/00 1:47 am - HP LaserJet Women's Challenge Stage 4

Posted by Editoress on 06/12/00

HP LaserJet Women's Challenge

Obliterating the Field, Longo Climbs to Stage Victory and Moves into Second Place -
Field Disintegrates on Final 10-Mile Climb
courtesy Women's Challenge Media

Burley, Idaho (June 11, 2000) -- The field of 114 world-class cyclists were left in the dust as Jeannie Longo (Office Depot) attacked at the bottom of the ten-mile climb up to Pomerelle Ski Resort. She soloed to victory reclaiming 2 minutes and 45 seconds of time moving into second place behind Lithuanian Diana Ziliute (HP Lithuania/France).

I knew there would be a tailwind, so I knew I had to push, said Longo, the winningest cyclist in history, commenting on her strategy for the 56.4-mile Rupert to Pomerelle Road Race presented by Boise Cascade Office Products. When I looked back and saw only Diana (Ziliute) and Jolanta (Polikeviciute), I attacked more. It then became a hill climb time trial. Polikeviciute (HP Lithuania/France) kept pace with Longo until she dropped back to support her teammate and race leader, Ziliute, who appeared to be struggling.

For the first thirty-seven miles, the field was content to remain intact. The pace was sluggish resulting in a big, mid-field crash that took out German rider Tina Liebig (German National) with a broken collarbone. The action began at the base of the climb to the 7800-foot peak resulted in a shake-up of the overall top ten cyclists at the 17th Women's Challenge. In addition to Longo's leap into second, Kim Smith (Timex) moved into third, ahead of Australian Anna Wilson (Saturn) who is now in fourth, 1:32 down on leader, Ziliute.

The next seven stages will show whether or not the teams have learned that one must attack to hope to wear down the three-time Olympic medallist. Longo is not resting on her laurels, worrying about the strength of team she commented, There is more than a week and anything can happen. The big teams will not give up.

When asked whether or not she hoped to make up the twenty-some seconds keeping her out of the blue leader's jersey, Longo responded, It is a short time trial. I am not sure I can gain the time back, but I will try. Longo was speaking of the 15 mile Burley South Individual Time Trial presented by Voler Team Apparel the athletes face in the high desert sun of Idaho today, Monday, June 12.

Blood, Sweat and Cheers in Idaho
courtesy Team ELITA

Ulmer and Dunne podium at HP Laserjet Women’s Challenge

The first week of the HP Women’s Challenge is over and Team ELITA has moved aggressively towards achieving its goals. Entering the race, the ELITA girls had the tough task of defending Karen Dunne’s Purple Sprinters Jersey as well as the legacy of Sarah Ulmer’s 1999 stage win. After 3 tough stages, ridden alongside the world’s best women, the ELITA girls successfully took the Purple leader’s jersey for team leader Karen Dunne. This came with strong leadouts from powerhouses Sarah Ulmer and Erin Carter and the diligence of all the ELITA girls in keeping the bunch together.

The first critical stage for the team came on Friday, where the race took the 140 strong field from Lowman to Stanley ID and over a 8000 foot mountain pass. The perennial super climbers came to the fore on this stage as former World Champion Diana Ziliute and Olympic Champion Jeannie Longo, set a torrid pace over the top that couldn’t be matched by anyone. On the run in to Stanley, Longo took the stage from Ziliute, the new race leader, ahead of several Germans and ELITA’s Sarah Ulmer in 5th.

Saturday evenings Elkhorn Circuit Race in Sun Valley ID., would prove to be another deciding moment in the race as once again Longo and Ziliute distinguished themselves from the field. After 14 laps of the brutally hilly 3.5km circuit, the leaders had remained largely intact. With 4 laps to go a strong acceleration by Ziliute split the field and forced Longo to chase hard. The pair stayed 20 seconds clear of the field for 3 laps before ELITA’s Annie Gariepy buried herself on the last lap to bring the pair back and prepare the finish for her leader, Sarah Ulmer. Her effort reduced the gap to just 5 seconds but was too little too late for the stage win, once again her teammate placed a credible 5th.

The ‘etape reine’ or queen stage of the 2000 HP Women’s Challenge was a 100km stretch between Rupert and Pomerelle ID that finished on a 20km climb. This stage would test the luck and fortitude of the entire ELITA team. In the first 20km with a Hot Spot Sprint looming, the ELITA girls lined it up for speedster Karen Dunne. With 2km to go, all 6 girls were on the front and the pace was over 50km an hour. Timing is everything in these sprints and as Karen leapt into gear, Schwab’s Nicole Freedman nipped by her to take maximum points in the first sprint. The standings in the points competition now had Karen a mere 10 points ahead of Nicole heading into the 2nd sprint of the day. Unfortunately Karen would not even make it that far. At the 30km mark, a terrible crash brought Karen to the pavement irreparably damaging her bike as well as severely injuring her left side. After several minutes on the road side and some medical attention Karen managed to climb onto a spare bike and proceed with the remaining 70 km of the stage. Faithfully her teammate Erin Carter waited to escort her for the remainder of this challenging day. Up front ELITA teammates Cybil DiGuistini, Sarah Ulmer and Annie Gariepy were hanging tough in the front group of 30. As the slopes pitched skyward, the group was whittled down but still the ELITA girls hung tough. With 8km to go, Cybil attacked the group and rode ahead to a small advantage that she held until 3km from the line. In the last kilometres, Cybil faltered while Sarah cruised in with the leading group for 13th. Cybil was 21st, Annie 27th and Sophie 52nd. Amazingly, Karen and Erin rode through to the finish with a 30 minute disadvantage and lived to fight again another day.

So far the damaged equipment tally for the last week has been large: 3 frames, 2 forks, 4 wheels, 3 shift levers, 2 handlebars, 6 saddles and 14 rolls of bar tape. It can only get better

1. Jeannie Longo (Fra) Office Depot 2:34:55
2. Jolanta Polikeviciute (Lit) HP Lithuania/France at 2:44
3. Trixi Worrack (Ger) German National 2:44
4. Kimberly Smith (USA) Timex 2:44
5. Diana Ziliute (Lit) HP Lithuania/France 2:44
6. Simone Klewitz (Ger) jane Cosmetics 2:44
7. Mari Holden (USA) Timex 3:01
8. Judith Arndt (Ger) German National 3:01
9. Anna Wilson (Aus) Saturn 3:16
10. Lyne Bessette (Can) Saturn 3:32
11. Juanita Feldhahn (Aus) Jayco Australia 3:36
12. Yvonne McGregor (GBr) British National 3:40
13. Sarah Ulmer (NZl) Elita 4:49
14. Rhonda Quick (USA) Voler 4:52
15. Ceris Gilfillan (GBr) British National 4:52
16. Zita Urbonaite (Lit) HP Lithuania/France 4:52
17. Clara Hughes (Can) Saturn 4:52
18. Julie Young (USA) 4:52
19. Lysle Wilhelmi (USA) 800.COM 4:52
20. Catherine Cardwell (USA) Charles Schwab 5:13
21. Cybil Diguistini (Can) Elita 5:15
22. Rasa Polikeviciute (Lit) HP Lithuania/France 5:15
23. Karen Kurreck (USA) US National 5:15
24. Andrea Ratkovic (USA) 5:15
25. Dede Demet Barry (USA) Saturn 5:22
26. Sandy Espeseth (Can) Boise Cascade Office Products 5:32
27. Annie Gariepy (Can) Elita 5:41

28. Roz Reekie-May (NZl) Office Depo 5:48
29. Karine Dalmais (Fra) Office Depot 5:51
30. Katia Longhin (Ita) Master Team -Carpe Diem 6:07
31. Marcia Eicher-Vouets (Sui) Master Team -Carpe Diem 6:10
32. Jen Dial (USA) Office Depot 6:15
33. Kimberly Bruckner (USA) 6:25
34. Kerry Hellmuth (USA) Master Team -Carpe Diem 6:25
35. Lara Ruthven (USA) US National 6:40
36. Erin Veenstra-Mirabella (USA) US National 6:40
37. Rene Marshman (USA) US National 6:40
38. Margaret Hemsley (Aus) Jayco Australia 6:40
39. Sarah Konrad (USA) Cure/Schwab 6:52
40. Susy Pryde (NZl) Saturn 6:59
41. Leigh Hobson (Can) Charles Schwab 6:59
42. Sue Palmer-Komar (Can) jane Cosmetics 6:59

43. Cheryl Binney (USA) Procter & Gamble 7:03
44. Brenda Black (USA) Cure/Schwab 7:03
45. Odessa Gunn (Can) Timex 7:03
46. Jennifer Eyerman (USA) jane Cosmetics 7:03
47. Pam Schuster (USA) 7:24
48. Tina Mayolo (USA) 7:30
49. Vera Hohlfeld (Ger) German National 7:30
50. Mina Pizzini (USA) Procter & Gamble 7:30
51. Marion Clignet (Fra) HP Lithuania/France 7:45
52. Sophie St. Jacques (Can) Elita 7:48
53. Carmen Richardson (USA) Goldy's 7:54
54. Sigrid Corneo (Ita) Master Team -Carpe Diem 8:08
55. Stacey Peters (USA) 800.COM 8:15
56. Kori Kelly (USA) Procter & Gamble 8:31
57. Nicole Gingles (Can) 800.COM 8:31
58. Alison Bergeson (USA) Goldy's 8:53
59. Sanna Lehtimaki (Fin) Timex 9:14
60. Rebecca McClintock (USA) jane Cosmetics 9:20
61. Sara Symington (GBr) British National 9:31
62. Tracey Gaudry (Aus) Timex 9:31
63. Melanie McQuaid (Can) Office Depot 9:31
64. Katie Mactier (Aus) Jayco Australia 9:57
65. Theresa Korn (USA) Team Anaerobia 9:57
66. Leah Goldstein (Can) 800.COM 0:10:12
67. Gina Hall (USA) US National 0:10:18
68. Liz Tadich (Aus) Jayco Australia 0:10:46
69. Kristin Armstrong (USA) Goldy's 0:10:58
70. Stacey Spencer (Can) jane Cosmetics 0:11:02
71. Erika Nelson-Wong (USA) Cure/Schwab 0:11:24
72. Becky Bjork (USA) Goldy's 0:11:39
73. Liz LaFemina (USA) Team Anaerobia 0:11:39
74. Ann Marie Miller (USA) Voler 0:11:58
75. Emily Thorne (USA) Boise Cascade 0:12:04
76. Megan Hughes (GBr) British National 0:12:04
77. Gail Longenecker (USA) Cure/Schwab 0:12:14
78. Sue Carter (GBr) British National 0:12:24
79. Emma Davies (GBr) British National 0:12:34
80. Anke Wichmann (Ger) German National 0:12:54
81. Jenna Loyd (USA) Procter & Gamble 0:12:57
82. Andrea Foster (USA) 800.COM 0:13:07
83. Elizabeth Emery (USA) Charles Schwab 0:13:07
84. Marie Holjer (Swe) Charles Schwab 0:13:07
85. Maureen Vergara (ESr) 800.COM 0:13:07
86. Sandra Kolb (USA) Voler 0:13:07
87. Daphne Wilhelm (USA) Procter & Gamble 0:13:28
88. Elizabeth Benishen (USA) Team Anaerobia 0:14:11
89. Ljudmila Corneo (Ita) Master Team -Carpe Diem 0:14:39
90. Leah Toffolon (USA) US National 0:15:12
91. Heather Cole (Can) jane Cosmetics 0:15:12
92. Kathleen Lenno (USA) Team Anaerobia 0:16:27
93. Bianca Netzler Samoa Boise Cascade 0:17:06
94. Sue Latshaw (USA) Office Depot 0:18:28
95. Sally Boyden (GBr) Boise Cascade 0:18:41
96. Cindy Carroll (USA) Team Anaerobia 0:19:24
97. Kathleen Scully (USA) Voler 0:19:24
98. Brooke Blackwelder (USA) Goldy's 0:20:49
99. Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Ger) German National 0:22:26
100. Ashley McCullough (USA) Procter & Gamble 0:22:26
101. Weatherly Stroh (USA) Cure/Schwab 0:22:26
102. Nicole Freedman (USA) Charles Schwab 0:22:26
103. Geraldine Denham (Aus) Jayco Australia 0:22:26
104. Samanta Loschi (Ita) Master Team -Carpe Diem 0:22:26
105. Petra Rossner (Ger) Saturn 0:22:26
106. Michele Weidner (USA) Goldy's 0:23:17
107. Annabelle Vowels (Aus) Boise Cascade 0:25:30
108. Laura Shuford (USA) 0:25:30
109. Deirdre Murphy (Ire) Voler 0:28:48
110. Katrina Berger (USA) Charles Schwab 0:28:48
111. Erin Carter (Can) Elita 0:28:48
112. Karen Dunne (USA) Elita 0:28:48
113. Naomi Williams (Aus) Jayco Australia 0:43:12

GC after stage 4
1. Diana Ziliute (Lit) HP Lithuania/France 9:05:37
2. Jeannie Longo (Fra) Office Depot 0:23
3. Kimberly Smith (USA) Timex 1:15
4. Anna Wilson (Aus) Saturn 1:32
5. Ceris Gilfillan (GBr) British National 3:22
6. Clara Hughes (Can) Saturn 3:56
7. Jolanta Polikeviciute (Lit) HP Lithuania/France 4:18
8. Trixi Worrack (Ger) German National 4:23
9. Mari Holden (USA) Timex 4:35
10. Judith Arndt (Ger) German National 4:44
11. Lara Ruthven (USA) US National 5:11
12. Lyne Bessette (Can) Saturn 5:15
13. Juanita Feldhahn (Aus) Jayco Australia 5:19
14. Yvonne McGregor (GBr) British National 5:23
15. Pam Schuster (USA) 5:55
16. Sarah Ulmer (NZl) Elita 6:29
17. Zita Urbonaite (Lit) HP Lithuania/France 6:35
18. Julie Young (USA) 6:35
19. Lysle Wilhelmi (USA) 800.COM 6:35
20. Karen Kurreck (USA) US National 6:54
21. Cybil Diguistini (Can) Elita 6:58
22. Sandy Espeseth (Can) Boise Cascade 7:15
23. Andrea Ratkovic (USA) 7:45
24. Marcia Eicher-Vouets (Sui) Master Team - Carpe Diem 7:53
25. Leigh Hobson (Can) Charles Schwab 8:42
26. Vera Hohlfeld (Ger) German National 9:09
27. Catherine Cardwell (USA) Charles Schwab 9:10
28. Karine Dalmais (Fra) Office Depot 10:11
29. Rasa Polikeviciute (Lit) HP Lithuania/France 13:34
30. Kimberly Bruckner (USA) 16:29
31. Roz Reekie-May (NZl) Office Depot 16:39
32. Simone Klewitz (Ger) jane Cosmetics 16:44
33. Sarah Konrad (USA) Cure/Schwab 16:56
34. Katia Longhin (Ita) Master Team - Carpe Diem 16:57
35. Susy Pryde (NZl) Saturn 17:03
36. Tracey Gaudry (Aus) Timex 17:21
37. Tina Mayolo (USA) 17:34
38. Stacey Peters (USA) 800.COM 19:06
39. Sara Symington (GBr) British National 19:32
40. Sanna Lehtimaki (Fin) Timex 20:47
41. Jennifer Eyerman (USA) jane Cosmetics 21:56
42. Annie Gariepy (Can) Elita 22:25
43. Margaret Hemsley (Aus) Jayco Australia 22:51
44. Erin Veenstra-Mirabella (USA) Timex 22:51
45. Kerry Hellmuth (USA) Master Team - Carpe Diem 23:23
46. Odessa Gunn (Can) Timex 24:01
47. Marion Clignet (Fra) HP Lithuania/France 24:43
48. Rene Marshman (USA) US National 26:47
49. Leah Goldstein (Can) 800.COM 27:10
50. Rhonda Quick (USA) Voler 27:13
51. Alison Bergeson (USA) Goldy's 27:22
52. Megan Hughes (GBr) British National 27:38
53. Becky Bjork (USA) Goldy's 28:37
54. Sigrid Corneo (Ita) Master Team - Carpe Diem 31:16
55. Marie Holjer (Swe) Charles Schwab 31:36
56. Melanie McQuaid (Can) Office Depot 32:22
57. Sophie St. Jacques (Can) Elita 33:09

58. Liz Tadich (Aus) Jayco Australia 33:57
59. Emma Davies (GBr) British National 35:25
60. Cheryl Binney (USA) Procter & Gamble 35:31
61. Brenda Black (USA) Cure/Schwab 36:18
62. Sue Carter (GBr) British National 36:46
63. Jen Dial (USA) Office Depot 37:01
64. Carmen Richardson (USA) Goldy's 37:09
65. Sue Palmer-Komar (Can) jane Cosmetics 37:45
66. Kori Kelly (USA) Procter & Gamble 37:46
67. Nicole Gingles (Can) 800.COM 37:46
68. Katie Mactier (Aus) Jayco Australia 39:12
69. Gina Hall (USA) US National 39:33
70. Stacey Spencer (Can) jane Cosmetics 40:17
71. Mina Pizzini (USA) Procter & Gamble 40:34
72. Theresa Korn (USA) Team Anaerobia 40:43
73. Emily Thorne (USA) Boise Cascade 41:19
75. Elizabeth Emery (USA) Charles Schwab 42:22
76. Maureen Vergara (ESr) 800.COM 42:22
77. Rebecca McClintock (USA) jane Cosmetics 42:24
78. Katrina Berger (USA) Charles Schwab 42:39
79. Daphne Wilhelm (USA) Procter & Gamble 42:43
80. Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Ger) German National 43:32
81. Sandra Kolb (USA) Voler 47:04
82. Jenna Loyd (USA) Procter & Gamble 48:05
83. Andrea Foster (USA) 800.COM 48:15
84. Ann Marie Miller (USA) Voler 48:37
85. Petra Rossner (Ger) Saturn 49:00
86. Anke Wichmann (Ger) German National 49:33
87. Erika Nelson-Wong (USA) Cure/Schwab 50:21
88. Ljudmila Corneo (Ita) Master Team - Carpe Diem 50:53
89. Heather Cole (Can) jane Cosmetics 51:51
90. Karen Dunne (USA) Elita 53:05
91. Leah Toffolon (USA) US National 54:03
92. Gail Longenecker (USA) Cure/Schwab 54:46
93. Kristin Armstrong (USA) Goldy's 56:33
94. Brooke Blackwelder (USA) Goldy's 57:28
95. Kathleen Lenno (USA) Team Anaerobia 57:28
96. Sue Latshaw (USA) Office Depot 1:01:09
97. Sally Boyden (GBr) Boise Cascade 1:01:14
98. Nicole Freedman (USA) Charles Schwab 1:02:42
99. Annabelle Vowels (Aus) Boise Cascade 1:04:27
100. Erin Carter (Can) Elita 1:05:27
101. Liz LaFemina (USA) Team Anaerobia 1:08:05
102. Geraldine Denham (Aus) Jayco Australia 1:08:50
103. Elizabeth Benishen (USA) Team Anaerobia 1:08:59
104. Samanta Loschi (Ita) Master Team - 1:10:02
105. Weatherly Stroh (USA) Cure/Schwab 1:12:10
106. Ashley McCullough (USA) Procter & Gamble 1:14:56
107. Kathleen Scully (USA) Voler 1:15:57
108. Deirdre Murphy (Ire) Voler 1:18:32
109. Bianca Netzler (Sam) Boise Cascade 1:20:05
110. Laura Shuford (USA) 1:21:17
111. Michele Weidner (USA) Goldy's 1:22:40
112. Cindy Carroll (USA) Team Anaerobia 1:41:43


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